Jack, followed by Erica, rushes into the chapel where Greenlee is about to marry David. Greenlee reveals herself, and everyone gasps. Ryan comes in and locks eyes with Greenlee. He says her name and slowly starts walking toward her, saying, "You're alive!" With shaky breaths he asks her how, and why, and then reaches out to touch her. She flinches, and tells Ryan that David is taking care of her - it's what she wants. Greenlee tells Ryan that David found her one year ago - on their wedding day. Ryan can't believe that he never told him she was alive! As Tad, Jake, and Jack begin accusing David of drugging and brainwashing Greenlee, a melee ensues. Jesse hollers at them all to stop! He announces that he is taking David with him, but assures Greenlee he will bring him back if he's broken no laws. David tells Jake to watch Greenlee - he saw the x-rays of her spinal injury! Jack decides to go with Jesse.

Annie bursts in on Adam and Scott who are discussing business. She's dressed to the nines and claims that David is marrying a mystery bride - this is huge and he had the nerve not to invite them! Adam wonders if she's suggesting they crash the wedding. Scott insists they have too much work. Annie slips out on her own!

In Wildwind, David tells Jesse and Jack that he didn't coerce Greenlee whatsoever - they heard her themselves! Jack asks Jesse what about David faking her death using another corpse? Jesse tells Jack he can't deal with the emotional side. David explains that Greenlee was nearly dead all year - he didn't want to give anyone false hope! He reiterates that he had nothing to do with Fusion's troubles either. David tells Jack he did nothing but heal his daughter - and what he doesn't like is that she's making her own decisions! Jesse lets David go, and Jack protests. David snaps, "You're welcome, by the way, for saving your daughter's life!" David walks out and encounters Krystal. She remarks that he didn't invite her because she knows him better than anyone. She admits that she thinks this marriage to Greenlee is different - not his usual selfish way of operating!

Still at the church, Jake takes Ryan aside and says he saw the x-rays, but he didn't know Greenlee was alive. Greenlee insists that they are treating her like a prisoner on her own wedding day. Everyone fills her in on the things David has done since she's been gone. Greenlee announces that one person helped her get there - David fought beside her every step of the way - she knows who David is, and she wants to marry him! She tells anyone who can't support her choice to leave. Ryan shakes his head - he's not going anywhere! He asks to be alone with Greenlee. Marissa says she doesn't want to be a part of this, and leaves. Opal thinks the whole thing is a terrible shame - she and Krystal leave, followed by Liza and Tad. The minister leaves also, telling her to call if they go through with it. Jake tells Greenlee he's her friend, but leaves.

Alone in the chapel, Greenlee tells Ryan that David was there for her when there was no one else. Ryan asks if she's marrying David out of gratitude. She insists they fell in love. Ryan is bewildered - he asks her what is going on? He says he loves her, and he never stopped! He tries to explain how it was living life without her. She says she knows what it's like to lose the person you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with - to see it all go over a cliff! Ryan asks if she is marrying David because they have bonded, or is it because she's never forgiven him?! Just then, Annie walks in! Ryan holds his head. Annie blurts that Greenlee is supposed to be dead, and Greenlee counters that she's supposed to be in the loony bin! Ryan takes Annie out saying she's the last person he's letting near Greenlee! Outside the door, Ryan and Annie bicker, and she asks why they can't be civilized. Ryan says he knows her - outside she's acting brave, but inside she's probably freaking out! Annie insists that Greenlee doesn't bother her anymore. She teases Ryan about Greenlee marrying David Hayward. Ryan tells her to shut up and get out!

Erica meets Jack as he is about to go back into the chapel. She warns him against going in there, saying that Greenlee and Ryan need this time. She convinces him to leave with her.

David returns to the chapel and sighs as he sees Greenlee standing alone and distressed at the front of the church. He asks if she spoke to Ryan. She cries that she wanted him to be crushed and humiliated - the only one humiliated was her! David asks if she really thought Ryan would let her go without a fight. Greenlee tells David that she wants to marry him, but even the minister couldn't get out of there fast enough! David says they can still get married if she wants - but first she needs to take time to discover what she really wants. Ryan comes back in and David leaves. Ryan asks Greenlee to please tell him what this is all about - why is she telling him she's alive by marrying David on the day they would have begun their lives together. He asks if she saw the moon tonight - it's their moon. He notes there is nothing to stop them from being together, and asks her to marry him - tonight!

JR and Marissa get home. She rants about her father's antics, and JR says he can't believe Greenlee is alive. She remarks that he's pale. He tries to fob her off, insisting that he's starving.

Erica and Jack sit down at ConFusion where she urges him to focus on the fact that Greenlee is alive and to forget about David. She realizes that Jack knew she was alive before now - that's who he was planning the celebration for. Jack admits that David called him. They puzzle over why Greenlee would be marrying David instead of Ryan. Erica is sure they will have a happy ending.

Back at the Martin house, Opal, Liza, Tad, Jake, and Amanda discuss Greenlee being alive. Liza wonders if Greenlee had anything to do with what happened to Fusion. Jake begrudgingly admits that David isn't lying about Greenlee's injuries - for the first time in his miserable life David went beyond the extreme - and it's because of him that Greenlee, who should be very dead, is alive!

Annie gets home and announces to Adam and Scott that she went to the wedding, but there wasn't one. She says that Greenlee is alive - David saved her, but Ryan stopped the wedding. She assures them that she couldn't care less that Greenlee is alive - all of those issues are in the past!

Alone in Wildwind, David opens a bottle of champagne and pours, holding his glass up in a silent toast before downing it!

Next on All My Children:

JR’s condition takes a turn for the worse.

Greenlee tells her true feelings.

David drops a bomb on Angie.

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