Liza and Tad are at ConFusion perusing the menu. Liza's healthy appetite turns Tad on. Damon appears and Liza is surprised that he's working there. Damon says he's proving he can take care of his child, and assures her there is nothing between him and Colby but friendship. He tells her to stay out of his business. Liza turns to Tad and says she's lost her appetite. Tad tries to calm her, and gets her laughing by saying he needs a date for David's wedding - he intends to catch the garter! Liza agrees, and Tad's phone rings - it's Krystal saying Kathy has a fever and wants her daddy.

Liza and Tad get back to the Martin house, where Krystal tells Tad that Kathy will feel better once he goes up to give her a hug. She apologizes to Liza for interrupting her date, noting it can't be easy to always be dealing with the ex-wife. Liza says they share children, it's fine. Krystal admits she broke up with Rob. They briefly discuss the pros and cons of dating. Tad comes down, and Liza goes up to say hello. Krystal tells Tad he's the best father around.

Jack arrives at Erica's house, thinking of Greenlee's request not to tell anyone that she's alive. Erica opens the door and thanks him for coming. She tells him he was right - about her and Ryan - and she broke it off. Jack says that's good. She comments that she is free to find who she is meant to be with and Ryan can find the next Greenlee. Jack becomes upset. Erica assures Jack that Ryan will always care for Greenlee. Jack tries to change the subject. Erica talks about the two of them, saying they need to be honest with each other. Jack looks distant, then says she's right, honesty is what the situation calls for - he's got to go! He's about to walk through the door when Opal appears and hugs him. He makes a beeline out of there, and Opal says he ran like a rooster from a hen house fire! Erica fills Opal in on her break-up with Ryan, and Jack's role in it. Opal wonders if Jack is trying to get back with Erica himself. Opal tells Erica about David's wedding. Erica notes that it's crazy - there isn't a woman's name on the invitation. She wonders if there is a connection to Fusion.

Ryan is at Wildwind confronting David about planning his wedding on Valentine's Day. David scoffs that Ryan has moved on. When Fusion comes up, David asks how Greenlee would feel to hear Ryan refer to it as Erica's company. Ryan sucker punches him, and David hits him back. David informs Ryan that he cracks him up - he shows up at his house and attacks him for having the nerve to plan his wedding on a day that only Ryan has a claim on! Greenlee listens as they bicker. Ryan rants that whoever he is marrying is as twisted as he is. He informs David that he will not be attending, and warns him about trying to take another shot at Erica or Fusion. He storms out and Greenlee emerges. She tells David he's ruined everything! David explains that he pushed Ryan, and brought Jack there, so that she would have to examine what she really wants to do. Greenlee says it's obvious Ryan is in love with Erica, but David argues the point, saying Ryan wants to be with her.

Jack bangs at the door of Wildwind demanding to speak to his daughter. David lets him in and he crosses the room to Greenlee. Jack tells her he's staying in Pine Valley. He explains that it's not honest, and besides, she might need him. Greenlee notes that she has David, which doesn't inspire confidence in Jack. They discuss the matter further until Jack gets a call from a client. He tells Greenlee he'll have to hole up in his hotel room for a bit. She urges him to stay there for the weekend. David comes back into the room, where Greenlee says she can't risk having her father at the wedding. David jokes that he could knock him out! Greenlee thanks David for the great lengths he went to in order to protect her - finding a corpse, switching DNA... He thanks her in return, for standing by him.

At Fusion, Randi is telling Madison that Erica is in denial - Fusion is toast! Jesse appears and says she may be wrong - they may have caught a break! He explains that they found an identifying symbol on the virus. They will bring the virus's creator in and find out his story.

Jesse brings in the hacker who created the virus to the station. The hacker admits that Greenlee Smythe and Kendall Hart had him create it. Jesse asks if anyone could use it. The hacker laughs and says it was very sophisticated and had pass codes that only he, Kendall, and Greenlee knew! Jesse steps out of the interrogation room, where Natalia and Brot are discussing a bowling date, and asks Natalia to talk to the guy - she understands computer talk. She and Brot go in, and the hacker offers her information in return for a date! Natalia agrees. Brot rolls his eyes!

Ryan comes to the police station to tell Jesse about his trip over to Wildwind. Natalia, Brot, and the hacker emerge from the interrogation room. Ryan wants to go harass the hacker but Jesse stops him. They can't figure out how David would have got the code to set off the virus. Jesse remarks that they will just have to go to the wedding!

The hacker has been taken to Fusion by Natalia and Brot and is trying to reinstate some of the files. The guy gets the shipping orders back online, but Randi asks about the contact list. The hacker tells Natalia she'll have to throw in dinner - she agrees. Brot takes her aside and asks her why she'll date this hacker and not him.

Ryan shows up at the Martin house, and Tad admires his black eye. Ryan says he wants to figure out what David is up to with this wedding. They wonder if Nurse Gayle is David's sidekick. Tad and Ryan decide to go to Gloucester. Ryan heads out and Tad books a flight. Liza comes downstairs and Tad fills her in. She isn't happy about him going to Gloucester - he has a restraining order! She insists on going with him, but he refuses, saying he'll call her. Krystal looks away as they kiss.

Ryan arrives at home and sees his invitation to David's wedding laying on the floor. He opens the envelope and a butterfly falls out!

Next on All My Children:

Ryan senses Greenlee’s presence.

Greenlee goes through with her master plan.

Everyone gathers for David’s wedding.

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