At the Chandler Mansion, Scott teases Annie by asking her what she would do if she was her old self and wanted to manipulate the merit trust. She says she would get Colby to fall for the wrong guy, keep JR out of the house, and seduce Scott. He murmurs that then they'd both be out of the trust. She whispers that it could be worth it. As they kiss, Colby watches from the window and holds up her cell phone to get a picture. It rings. When Colby goes inside, Annie and Scott act nonchalant. Colby goes up to her room to call Damon back. Annie tells Scott that Colby must have seen them - they need to focus on damage control!

Adam is with JR at his house. They share an embrace when JR admits his cancer is back. Adam wonders why he didn't tell him sooner. JR replies, "I didn't want you to look at me like that!" Marissa comes in as Adam tells JR that he understands him not wanting to be pitied. Adam offers to help JR fight, but JR turns against him, saying nothing has changed between them - Adam made his choice when he married Annie! JR gets too worked up and collapses! Adam calls the house looking for Colby, but Annie tells him she hasn't seen her!

Colby meets Damon at ConFusion where he is working. She fills him in on her Jerry Springer type family. Her cell phone rings and she tells Damon it's her stepmonster - she'll let her sweat a little bit!

At the hospital, JR tells Marissa that he's fine - he just got dizzy. Adam barks that he's not fine - he has cancer! When Adam starts asking for second and third opinions, JR asks him to leave the room. Adam walks into the hall as Marissa tells JR his father is just trying to help - he's worried. Annie and Scott arrive and Adam glares at Annie when she alludes to JR being drunk again. He informs them that JR has cancer. Scott is consumed with guilt for the times he rode JR about being drunk or hungover. Colby arrives and Adam tells her JR had a bad reaction to his chemo. Colby is relieved that the secret is out.

Colby goes in to see JR in his hospital room. They compare notes on Adam finding out that JR has cancer. She tells him she loves him and walks out to talk to Scott. Colby lets him know that she saw him kissing Annie. He assures her that he's not playing along with her plan. Colby isn't fazed - she tells him she has them on video, and if he doesn't help her get rid of Annie, she will really, really miss him! Adam and Annie are up the hall. She says he wanted JR back in the house because he was worried the cancer would come back. She hugs Adam, and Colby watches, sneering. She gets Annie alone when Adam walks off, and assures her that her time is limited with Adam. Annie guesses that she saw her and Scott kissing. Colby shows her the video on her phone, and Annie grabs it and breaks it. Colby assures her that won't stop her, then hugs Annie when Adam nears again! Scott talks to Marissa, expressing regret over the way he has treated JR. She suggests that he go tell him. They look in at JR, and Scott ventures to his bedside. JR cracks a joke, then admits to Scott that he trusts him more than anyone to take care of his family. Scott gives him his word.

At Erica's house, she tells Ryan that it isn't right to stay together when the people they are really meant to be with are out there. Ryan admires her honesty, and tells her it wishes it had been her. They agree that they're both a little sad, and even a little bit devastated. Ryan asks about their friendship. Erica says they're still friends, only closer, and still business partners. Ryan admits he doesn't believe he'll find another love like the one he shared with Greenlee. They talk about Greenlee for a bit. Ryan gets a call from Jesse, and Erica tells him to go. He kisses her hand and cheek before leaving. Once alone, Erica thinks back to her conversation with Jackson.

In the chapel at Wildwind, Jack lays eyes on Greenlee. He walks toward her and reaches out to touch her, saying, "You're alive?" Still in shock, he embraces her. Jack wonders if he's dreaming, and then asks how this happened. Greenlee doesn't want to offer up details right now, but says that someone found her and she was in a coma. Jack asks why the person who found her didn't call to let them know she was alive. He says, "What kind of a monster would let your family believe you were dead?!" David appears silently at the back of the chapel as Greenlee leads Jack to sit down. She tells her father that she decided not to make contact until she knew that she would be okay. Jack asks if Ryan knows. She tells Jack that he is the first. Jack wonders who he has to thank for returning his daughter to him. Greenlee says that luckily, he's here. David steps out in the open. Jack says, "You." Jack turns on David, asking how he enjoyed his secret, and enjoyed being in control?! David says he wanted to tell him, but she was barely alive - he didn't want to tell him only to have her die again. Greenlee backs David up. Jack still wants to know what David's angle is, but Greenlee says he should be thanking him! Jack starts to call the police, but Greenlee warns that if he goes through with it, she really will be dead to him! Jack backs down, and Greenlee asks David for a moment alone with her father. She tells Jack she doesn't want Ryan to know she's alive. Jack is confused - he wants to shout it from the rooftops! Greenlee says she needs to let people know in her own way. Jack agrees, and asks her to come stay with him. She says she has to stay here for now, and presses him to go back to his clients for just a week. Jack reluctantly agrees as Greenlee leaves. His phone rings - Erica wants to see him.

Greenlee is back in the house with David discussing Jack's reaction. They hear tires squeal outside, and Greenlee runs to hide. Ryan bursts into the house and demands to know why David is getting married on Valentine's Day - it's his anniversary with Greenlee! David says it's the most romantic day of the year! Ryan asks about Fusion, and David wonders how Greenlee would feel about Ryan taking over her company with Erica. Ryan punches him, telling him never to talk to him about Greenlee!

Next on All My Children:

David assures Greenlee that Ryan will play right into their hands.

Jesse suspects David’s bride to be could also be his partner in crime.

Liza feels left out when she witnesses the bond between Tad and Krystal.

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