At the Chandler Mansion, Adam takes a call from JR saying that he won't be able to help with the audits - he's under the weather. Colby comes into the room as he hangs up and comments that JR sounds half dead! Colby growls at him to not even joke like that! Adam tells her not to be so dramatic, but she tells him she knows about the cancer. Adam notes that JR is in remission. Colby plays along, asking what Adam would do if the cancer came back. Adam admits he would have to rethink a whole bunch of things. Colby wonders about the trust, and Adam accuses her of manipulating him. Colby tells him not everything is about manipulation.

Ryan is at the Chandler Mansion dropping off Emma. He and Annie get into it about his relationship with Erica. As he leaves, Scott comes downstairs. Annie tells him that the only woman Ryan ever made it work with is the one who drove her to the rubber room - Greenlee!

Marissa checks on JR at home. She notes that she has what appears to be an early Valentine. She opens it, then says she shouldn't have - it's an invitation to David's wedding! She tells JR she's so sick of all David's machinations - she is going over there to confront him. JR advises her to ignore it. Colby comes over and tells JR he should tell their father that the cancer is back - maybe then he'd take a look at his own life. JR wonders if she means Annie. He warns Colby that Adam has made his choice, and she needs to accept that. He doesn't want to waste time on needless drama - if she wants to roll in the mud, he won't help her!

David is meeting with a wedding planner at Wildwind. He tells her it will have to be one that no one will want to miss! Greenlee listens from the other room, and texts David regarding choices for flowers and so on. When the planner leaves, Greenlee comes into the room and they gloat about their plan. There is a knock at the door - it's Marissa. She asks if the wedding is a ploy to lure her there - apparently he can only communicate with her via invitations! She asks if he would pull this junk on Babe! David explains that he wants her in his life, but it's complicated right now. She sneers that's just an excuse not to be honest. David tells her the marriage gives him hope that he can stay in town and be a real father to her. Marissa says her real father is dead, and leaves. Greenlee comes out of the shadows and reassures David about Marissa. David strongly urges Greenlee to tell Jack she's alive - he says she should go check the chapel!

At Fusion, Erica orders Val to work with Madison to hire a reformed hacker to help get Fusion back on track. She then goes into the office and phones Kendall - she says they need to talk about Ryan. Kendall reiterates that she doesn't have a problem with it, but Erica says she now wants the truth. Kendall admits she finds it weird and uncomfortable, and just wrong on every level. However, she feels she can't judge her. She does ask Erica if she thinks, deep down, that Ryan is the one she is meant to be with. They sign-off, with Kendall saying they'll be out of touch for quite some time.

As Opal arrives at Fusion, Madison is accepting a Valentine for Erica from a messenger and puts it in a pile. Opal goes into Erica's office. Erica tells Opal she has to break-up with Ryan! She explains that Ryan has been an escape for her, but when escapism becomes a way of life, it's avoidance. She can't let it go on. Opal pronounces it 'horse hockey'. Erica finally admits that Jack came to her house and opened her eyes to the truth! Opal wonders if Jack is her forever man. Erica says she doesn't mean that - just that she has to let Ryan go.

Down at the police station, Brot and Natalia bicker about a case. He sees a note she wrote that is complimentary regarding him. Brot reads it aloud, and Natalia puts him down on the desk! Everyone is stunned. Soon, Natalia notices some Hershey's Kisses on her desk and teases Brot that he put them there. She realizes after that it was Jesse. Brot chuckles.

At the Chandler Mansion, Adam tells Annie that his blow-up with Colby was about control. He asks if she understands why he set up the trust. Annie admits she didn't at first, but does now. Adam muses that Colby will come around, but he misses JR and wishes they were closer. Adam tells her he's going out. Scott comes in and Annie informs him that Colby is trying to get her conditions dropped and screw them both! Scott is dubious, but Annie insists it's true. They sit down and work. Scott tells Annie that the security cameras have been removed, so he wants to hear what she would do if she was the old Annie and wanted to use the trust to her advantage. She tells him she would cut out Colby and JR. Scott asks what she would do to him. She gets close and says, "Guess."

Ryan arrives at his house and makes phone calls to arrange for him and Erica to leave on their vacation. He calls Erica and asks why he isn't getting through on her line. She tells him she isn't going away with him!

Ryan makes his way over to Erica's house. They discuss their relationship, and Erica tells him they have to face reality - they can't do this anymore! Ryan cajoles, saying they deserve to be happy. Erica insists they can't be together.

Adam goes to JR's house and says he spoke to Colby. JR curses, saying he told her not to say anything. Adam realizes that JR is no longer in remission. JR tries to act tough, but Adam pulls him into an embrace.

Colby meets up with Damon at ConFusion. He tells her that Bailey went back to her parents to figure things out. They discuss his need for a job, and her father. Damon asks what her father did to irritate her. She says he married Annie Lavery! She vents about the trust conditions, and he teases her. Colby informs him that he's a jerk, and storms off as he apologizes!

Greenlee walks into the chapel and looks at her father's back. He is talking, assuming it's David who came in. Jack asks what he could possibly want him there for. He turns and Greenlee says, "Hi Dad." Jack is shocked!

Next on All My Children:

Jack can’t believe that Greenlee’s alive.

David pushes Ryan’s buttons.

Colby gets the goods on Annie.

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