Colby is waiting for Liza when she gets home. She pleads Damon's case, asking her to keep him out of jail. Liza can't promise anything - they have a lot of circumstantial evidence against him! Liza questions Damon hanging out with Colby instead of spending time with Bailey and Stuart. Colby says she shouldn't have come here - she thinks the worst of Damon just like everyone else!

At the police station, Brot and Natalia are going over reports from break-ins around Fusion. Natalia tells Brot how upset she is that she's not out in the field with Jesse. Brot scoffs at her, saying her ego is something else - she thinks she should be leading every investigation! Damon is brought in, and the officer with him says Jesse wanted him there for questioning. Natalia decides to take over and catch Damon in a lie. Brot warns she's close to loose cannon territory. Bailey arrives and Brot urges her to call Damon's lawyer fast. Natalia asks Damon about the break-in at the Chandler Mansion. He says he was with his friend - Colby Chandler! Natalia tells him that she already asked Colby, and she said she was at a party. Liza walks in and stops the questioning. Damon reiterates that he was with Colby - he spent the night in her room! Liza sends Natalia out of the room, and confronts Damon about using her daughter!

JR is at home and seems really ill. Marissa comes in ranting about David being back in town, but stops when she sees him. He asks her to just hold him. She apologizes for being selfish, but JR tells her he's cheering her on - she needs to express her anger if that's how she feels! Marissa admits that after fighting with David, she feels like an orphan again. Colby comes to the door and walks in asking JR to help her find Damon a lawyer. She realizes he's sick, and asks him about having the flu. He admits he doesn't have the flu, and says, "I have cancer, Colby!" JR explains why he kept it from everyone, and warns that Adam thinks he's in remission. Colby cries, and tells him he can't be sick - she needs him! JR assures her that she won't lose him. Colby runs out!

Colby arrives at the police station and walks past Natalia, Brot, and Bailey to where Liza and Damon are standing. She backs Damon up, saying he spent the night with her in her room. Bailey is horrified, and as she's leaving, tells Damon she never wants to see him again! He stops her and asks how they can have a relationship if she won't believe him. Bailey notes it's the third time they've been in the police station - she's had it! Damon says he loves her, but she still goes. He follows her. Colby tells Liza that she just wants Damon to go to jail so she can get Stuart back - and maybe Bailey too! Colby starts to break down, and Liza asks what is wrong. Colby blurts, "JR." She then decides not to tell Liza about his illness, and informs her mother that she won't stay away from Damon, before leaving!

Erica has Madison, Randi and the staff working on things at Fusion. Madison is full of ideas about how to get work done without the computer system. Randi feels that Madison made her look bad and is upset. Erica leaves a message for Ryan asking where he has disappeared to. Madison gives Erica a message of support from the CEO of Macy's. Erica announces that they're going to survive and come out stronger. Randi looks put out at Madison's latest triumph.

At Wildwind, Ryan knocks on the door and hears the smoke alarm going off. Greenlee wakes up and begins to cough from the smoke. Ryan hollers, "David! I know you're in there! Open up the door!" Firemen arrive and Ryan tells them he heard someone coughing inside! The firemen burst inside and Ryan follows. He finds the IV pole and looks around, puzzled.

Jesse stops David in the hospital and asks how his fingerprints got on a flash drive at Fusion. David claims to have an explanation - he says things were stolen from his briefcase when Wildwind was broken into - the thief could have taken his flash drives and used one to sabotage Fusion's computer system. David gets a call that his house is on fire, and leaves.

David arrives at Wildwind, and Ryan asks him who the IV was for. David says it's none of his business. Jesse appears, and says he'd like to know. David tells him the medical equipment was for a woman he had planned to fly down there. Ryan insists he heard someone in there and demands to know who it was - he adds that he saw a woman's sweater in there earlier! David tells Jesse that Ryan just admitted to breaking into his home! Ryan leaves, frustrated, and Jesse follows. David rushes to find Greenlee. She's fine, and informs him that she has decided not to go anywhere - she needs to stay in Pine Valley! Greenlee explains that Erica is going to use what happened to leave her mark on Fusion for good - she made a mistake. David assures her that Fusion is in a mess. Greenlee says it's not enough - Erica dared whoever is responsible to go one-on-one with her - so that's what she's going to do! David tries to clarify what Greenlee is feeling for Ryan. She says she doesn't care about him - she just wants Erica's claws out of her company. Greenlee wonders if she will be doing it alone - or if he's going to stay and fight with her? David agrees to help her, and asks what her plan is. She smiles, and says, "You're going to marry me!"

Ryan is at home. Jesse comes in and asks why he called him over there. Ryan tells him that David was at his house and was messing with the ornament on his wall. He shows him that something was taped behind it. Ryan also tells Jesse that a man matching David's description was seen driving away from Fusion. Jesse shares that David's prints were found on the flash drive, and says he didn't believe David's explanation.

Jesse and Ryan go to Fusion where they fill Erica in on the latest. Ryan thinks that Greenlee must have hid the flash drive in his apartment a long time ago and confided in David - he then stole it and used it to sabotage the company!

Next on All My Children:

Greenlee puts her plan in motion.

Erica catches a glimpse of Greenlee.

Ryan wants Erica to keep her distance from David.

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