Jamie and Tad are upset to find David's cabin emptyuntil Jamie finds David's laptop, with a recorded message from the doctor. Blame yourself Tad, and your family, he says. He blames the Martins for the loss of his daughter. "Abandon all hope," he says. "I hope you never find your way out."

Tad tells Jamie that they were entirely set up by Davidlike a bunch of lab rats. He's overcome with guilt at letting this happen to himself and his family. Not true, says Jamie. Everything he did was out of lovenow they have to track down David. Suddenly, Ryan shows up. Tad sends Jamie off to begin the David search, and Ryan tells Tad the news about Emma. Ryan signs on to help them find David.

Annie and Ryan rush off to the hospital to get an emergency DNA test. Annie is close to hysteria. Jeff says he'll do the test and all he can do to help. Jeff draws blood and personally takes the samples to the lab. Julia comes in and admits that she's the one who gave the DNA results to Tad. Annie is speechless.

Julia leaves and walks into an examining room, where she breaks down. Jamie comes in to comfort herbut she rebuffs him. He urges her to let him help her.

Erin explains to Jonathan what's happened. He wants her to use the Miranda Center computer to find the foster home where Emma isso that he can kidnap Emma and return her to Annie. She tells him this is a crazy idea and begs him not to do thatand he agrees. Amanda overhears their conversation. After Erin leaves, she comes in and says that he's a liarand is going to get Emma. She tries to stop him, but he's determined to proceed. Amanda asks him why he doesn't care about his own future any more. Amanda begs him to fight for himself as hard as he does for other people, and to keep her promise to Erin.

Ryan's called Jack to come to the hospital tonight, and asks for his help.

Jack thinks the DNA test shows that Annie isn't Emma's mother. Ryan angrily wants to know why Jack always thinks everything he says is a lie. He urges Jack to file a motion tonight, and Jack agrees.

When Jack returns a few hours later, it's without Emma. She's in a good foster home, and he'll get her out--but not tonight.

Babe is at the Fusion office, and announces to Kendall and Bianca that she leaving, and signing her Fusion shares over to them. She's cleaning out her desk. Bianca points out that signing over her shares won't solve anything; Kendall strongly disagrees and wants her out of her life.

A compassionate Bianca tries to convince her that JR's accident is not her fault. Kendall's not buying it, and wants her to leave. Babe accepts guilt for ruining JR's relationship with the Kane family, and says she really wants to make things right. Will Kendall help her?

Kendall is taken aback by the requestand Babe can understand that. She admits that she's made a huge number of mistakes, due to her own selfishness. Kendall says Babe is once again taking the easy way out. Eventually, she accepts Babe's apology. Tad shows up and has to talk to Babe immediately. Bianca tells Kendall that she loves her and is a wonderful person.

Babe tells Tad that she's just like her fatherbut Tad tells her that's not true. He tells her that David planned every detail to cause the most pain he could. She's differentand doing her best to make things right.


Julia admits her love to Jamie.
Krystal tells Babe that her baby's father is Tad.