Adam comes into Colby's bedroom, and seeing a form under the covers, starts pleading with Colby to talk to him about this whole trust thing. Just then, Colby walks in carrying a tray. Adam looks under the covers - it's Damon! Colby orders Adam out of her room, telling him not to barge in again! Adam says she's just doing this to get back at him, but he goes. Damon laughs, and tells Colby that the guy who falls for her is in for it! She gives him aspirin, and he thanks her for believing him. Damon prepares to leave, but Colby asks where he's going - wondering if he will talk to Bailey. Damon says it's pretty obvious Bailey doesn't trust him. Colby insists that he stay with her.

Scott is at the computer doing Chandler work in the den when Annie comes up behind him. She whispers silkily in his ear that she wants him to teach her everything. Scott tries to dissuade her of the idea of working at Chandler, but Annie is adamant, telling him that she can crunch numbers in her sleep. They argue back and forth as Annie declares that they would make a great team! Adam comes in and Annie tells him Scott is afraid to work with her! Annie makes her case for working at Chandler. Adam says she's right, and tells Scott he'd like to give her a chance. Adam walks away, and Annie asks Scott not to be angry. He says he doesn't have time, and tells her to get to work. When Annie catches something in the accounting that he missed, Scott is forced to apologize. He tells her he wants to trust her, but also wants to trust himself when he's with her. She takes his hand.

Colby is at ConFusion, where she finds Bailey. She tells her that she doesn't think Damon did the things he's been accused of doing. Bailey asks if she's seen him, and if he broke into her house too? Damon steps out and says, "See! I told you she wouldn't believe me!" Bailey asks him where he's been. Damon tells her he's been at the Chandler Mansion, and he got hit on the head. He takes off to find out who is doing this before he gets the blame for it! Bailey and Colby follow!

Tad, Liza, Jake, and Amanda are meeting at Jake's place regarding the lawsuit against David. Tad gets a call from Jesse who lets him know that David didn't come back alone! Tad shares with the others that three people got off Hayward's plane, one being the pilot. Tad wants to head over to see if they can shake David's partner out of the tree. Jake tags along. Amanda is exasperated, and tells Liza she is going to talk to David herself - she can get through to him!

At Ryan's penthouse, Greenlee gapes at the sight of Erica making love with Ryan. She closes the door, and David appears. She tells him to just get her out of there!

Back at Wildwind, Greenlee asks David how long Ryan has been with Erica. David says a few months, he thinks. She fights to hold in her tears, saying she won't let them do this to her! David assures her that Ryan mourned her. Greenlee wishes she had gone in there and let Ryan know what he was doing to her! David talks her out of going back over to Ryan's house. Greenlee's next idea is to get away - to start a new life somewhere else. They get ready to go, and David asks if she's sure. She gets on the subject of Ryan again, saying he trashed everything they had. She wishes she could get back at them. Suddenly, she has an idea - she asks David to go do her a favor. Once alone she looks at a tabloid cover about Ryan and Erica. There's a knock - Greenlee hides. Amanda and Liza let themselves in. They see the mangled cover and Liza muses that someone isn't happy about Erica and Ryan being together! Amanda is puzzled - she never heard David mention Erica. Suddenly they hear Greenlee.

Erica and Ryan dress after making love, and Erica laughs at a tabloid headline. There is a knock at the door - it's Opal! She is thrilled that they went public. Ryan thanks her for the surprise - the wine and grapes. Opal says she can't take credit for it. When she leaves, Ryan is on edge about who set up the wine and food for them. Erica still thinks it was Opal, but Ryan's not convinced. He leaves the room to call Emma, and there is a knock on the door - it's David. He tells Erica he needed to see her about Kendall, and asks for a pen and paper to write down a referral for a heart doctor. Erica leaves the room and David rushes to take an ornament off the wall - there is a computer flash drive hidden underneath. He has just put the ornament back into place when Ryan asks what he's doing there! Erica reappears and says he's giving her a referral for Kendall. She takes a call, and David asks Ryan if he loves Erica - has she taken the place of Greenlee? Ryan urges him to get going. Ryan then tells Erica that he doesn't feel right about Hayward having been there. He goes to the ornament David was looking at, and notices tape on the back - whatever was there, David took it!

Tad and Jake go to ConFusion. Jake stays out of the way while Tad orders a beer and strikes up a conversation with David's pilot. They chat for a minute before the man tells Tad he knows who he is - his boss warned him about him and his brother. The man leaves, and Tad joins Jake at a table. He tells Tad he intercepted the box the pilot was waiting for.

David gets back to Wildwind, and finds Amanda and Liza in the living room. He says if they want him to get out of town, why don't they stay out of the way and let him tie up his loose ends. Liza and Amanda leave. Greenlee comes out and says she needs a pain pill. He checks her back, and asks what's on the flash drive she had him get. Greenlee remarks that she can't tell him - it would ruin the surprise.

Greenlee and David are at Fusion. She gets into the computer system, and tells David that there is a worm on the flash drive - she and Kendall made a deal that if anyone ever tried to take over Fusion they could crash the system. When it doesn't seem to work, Greenlee has a fit and pulls something in her back! David rushes to get her out of the chair, but she tells him to look - it's working - all the files in the Fusion system are being deleted!

Jake and Tad arrive back at Jake's place and show Amanda and Liza what was in the box - steroids and immuno-suppressant drugs!

Erica and Ryan arrive at Wildwind and find evidence that someone else has been there with David - it's Greenlee's sweater.

Next on All My Children:

Ryan and Erica set out to catch a saboteur.

Jake isn’t buying David’s story.

Tad turns to Marissa for help.

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