The Miranda Center party is underway at ConFusion. Jesse tells Randi he's thinking of leaving - it's not really his scene. Tad and Liza come in and he notices that Krystal is there with her 'pet' architect! Colby is with Adam and Annie and notices that the guy her father was trying to set her up with is there. She is angry with Adam, but it's he who is surprised when the young man announces that he's there with his girlfriend. Adam decides that Colby should apologize to him, but she won't. Liza and Tad have made their way over to Krystal and Rob, and they wonder where Erica is. Liza and Tad head off for a drink, and Angie comes in dressed to the nines and walks over to Jesse. Randi and Frankie watch them talk, but Frankie doesn't think they seem very 'together'.

At Ryan's place, he asks Erica what her real reason is for not wanting to go public with their relationship. Erica tells him that the vultures in the tabloids will chronicle their every move - and splash their heartache on the front pages! Ryan wonders why she acts like they're destined to fail! Erica muses that none of her relationships have lasted so far! He notes that they have to get real at some point. Erica says not tonight - it's such a big night for Fusion and the Miranda Center. He sighs, but agrees. She thinks they should arrive separately, so goes ahead.

Greenlee arrives at Ryan's penthouse and finds the hidden key under a plant. She lets herself in, and then says, "Hello?" No one is there. She turns on the lights and moves through the room, smiling as she recognizes familiar things. She finds a dress that belonged to her and marvels that he kept it. She puts it on and turns on the television, where she hears about the big party. She dozes off on Ryan's sofa briefly, then awakens. She goes to look out at the moon and seems thoughtful.

Erica has arrived at ConFusion, and Ryan comes soon after, asking Madison if Erica is there yet. Jesse is talking to Frankie - he admits that things are tense between him and Angie, but they'll survive. Randi greets Angie, and suggests that she and Jesse go home and pick up where they left off earlier. Tad and Liza stop Colby, who is rushing out. She tells them about Adam's merit trust and him trying to set her up in an arranged marriage. Liza is shocked, and tells her she'll look into her legal options. Liza spots Adam and asks Tad to excuse her for a moment. Tad agrees, noting that this is going to get ugly. Liza approaches Adam and confronts him about the trust. He informs her that there is a no-contest clause - if she takes legal action, Colby will wind up with nothing, and that will be on her! Annie gives Liza a superior look as they walk away! Krystal and Angie chat nearby. Krystal says she and Rob are comfortable together - just like her and Jesse. Angie says she might want to emulate another couple! Tad is speaking with Jesse, who admits they're going through a rough patch. Tad advises him that it's fine they arrived separately, as long as they don't go home that way.

Erica has taken the microphone at the ConFusion party to introduce the new line and explain that the profits will go to the Miranda Center. She opens the floor to questions - all the reporters ask about Erica's relationship with Ryan. She tells them to stick to the non-profit line. Randi walks over to Madison and says that went pretty well. Madison asks if she's crazy - they didn't ask a single question about the non-profit line or the Miranda Center!

Still at the party, Tad sits down with Krystal and relates to her how he won Liza over at the police station. They marvel at the fact that they've come far enough that she's giving him romantic advice. Jess stands with Angie at the bar. He asks her to go home with him. She smiles, and they leave. Annie and Adam are sitting on a sofa gloating about besting Liza. He gets a call that someone broke into the house. Liza and Rob speak at the bar. He notes that he's always finding himself on the outside of Tad and Krystal. Liza tells him to watch and learn. She goes over and takes Tad by the hand, then plants a passionate kiss on him! Rob asks Krystal if she's alright. She says, "Not really," and asks him to take her back to his place.

At the Chandler Mansion, the alarm is going off. The security guards search the house. As they leave Colby's room, Damon steps out of the shadows and watches them go. Colby arrives home, where the security men tell her there's been a breach. She goes up to her room and finds Damon there - he insists it wasn't him who broke in! He explains that he was already there - it doesn't make sense. He tells her about the guy who did break in - he hit him on the head. Damon implores her to believe him! Colby offers him a place to stay for the night. He wonders if that means she believes him. She just says if he snores, she'll kill him.

Adam and Annie arrive at the Chandler Mansion. Adam gets briefed on the security breach - they've decided it's a glitch in the new system. He is about to go up and check on Colby, but Annie suggests he let her sleep on it and talk to her tomorrow.

Erica has gone up to Fusion, where she finds Ryan waiting. He feels that they need to go public with their relationship. Erica doesn't want to discuss it anymore, but he says they need to figure it out - or he doesn't know where they go from here! Erica admits that she's afraid. Ryan takes her hand and says that he is too, but if they tell the world, then they'll be accountable. Erica says, "Like an insurance policy." Ryan says what they have is worth fighting for, and kisses her.

Greenlee arrives outside of ConFusion and asks a reporter about Ryan Lavery. He says he went upstairs to Fusion and won't answer any of their questions. Greenlee smiles and goes in. She creeps up to the door of Fusion, where Erica and Ryan are kissing inside!

At home, Jesse gives Angie a romantic foot rub and tells her he's going to make more of an effort to spend time with her from now on. He turns to look at her - she's out like a light!

Next on All My Children:

Greenlee gets an unexpected surprise when she finally finds Ryan.

Erica goes public with her and Ryan’s relationship.

Tad assures Liza there’s nothing going on between him and Krystal.

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