Tad and Dixie are at Annie's, waiting for the DNA lab results. Tad tells her that if the results show him to be Emma's father, he wants some sort of visitation. Annie and Ryan are angry and shocked at his request. They explain the medical condition of "chimera" and how Annie's DNA might not match Emma's.

The results arriveDixie is not Emma's mother. Tad is so sorry for Dixie, and promises to help her find her little girl, and thanks Annie for giving them the truth.

Annie is exultant that this experience is really over and that she's Emma's mother. When she gives Ryan a thank-you kiss on the cheek, it's obvious that there's chemistry between these two.

A sad Dixie goes home alone, and looks at all the wrapped birthday presents she's been saving for Kate.

Adam is still keeping vigil at the hospital, and Krystal refuses to go home, despite his suggestion she do so. She's afraid he'll do something to Babe. He tells her he loves her, but still believes Babe is responsible for JR's accident. His plan is to "reach out" to Babe to help heal their family.

Babe is sitting at JR's bedside, when a tearful Colby arrives with Jamie. Jamie tells Babe that she doesn't belong at JR's bedside, and Colby says she blames Babe for all that has happened. Adam arrives and tells Jamie and Colby to "stop bullying Babe."

Babe can't figure out why he's suddenly her defender. It's because she's "JR's only hope", explains Adam. They could only hurt each other as badly as they do unless they truly loved each other. And he doesn't want to lose or hurt Krystal.

Adam suggests to Babe that the best way for her to help JR is to leave Pine Valley, giving JR time and space to focus on his mental and physical recovery. He'll make his jet available to hershe can go anywhere in the world she wants. Babe doesn't want to leave him, but Adam promises it's only temporary. Oh, and she'll have to leave Little A as well, mentions Adam.

Amanda arrives to offer support to Babe, and
suddenly Babe realizes that Adam is playing her, and announces there's no way she's leaving JR or Pine Valley. If JR wants her to leave, she wants to hear it from his lips!

Babe is at JR's bedside, urging him to "come back to me." He opens his eyes and seems to recognize herthen suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. Babe yells for help.

Back at home, Colby and Krystal are having breakfast, and Colby accuses Krystal of being only interested in the Chandler money. It turns out that JR almost died because of her, claims Colby, since she was the one who told him about Josh and Babe. She wants Babe out of JR's life, insisting she's bad for JR. Why does she stir up so much trouble, asks Krystal? If she wants to make things better, ask. Colby admits she wants JR and Adam to "love her again."

Josh is shooting baskets, and Amanda comes over to blame him for JR's accidentuntil he clues her in on the truth about JR's leap out the window. Then she's mad at him for leaving Babe alone. He admits that he thought about letting him die but that JR has "nine lives" and that Babe will be spending all her time at his bedside.

Jamie leaves the hospital and goes to tell Josh to get off his high horse and leave Babe alone. Face it, he tells him, Babe loves JR!


JR has taken a turn for the worse.
Josh announces to Bianca and Kendall that he's "over Babe."