Everyone's waiting at the hospital for news. Tad is anguished; Bianca is still full of guilt.

Jack wants to know the truth about Jeff and Erica. She claims he's "dead wrong" and suspicious. Jeff says he's seen the way they look at each other. He wants her back in their homewill she return? Erica tells him she doesn't respond well to "ultimatums"! He says that's not so, and Erica accuses him of beginning the trouble, and brings up the problems with Lily and Jonathan.

Brooke walks in as they're arguing, and Jack stalks away. Erica and Brooke get into it, and Erica accuses Brooke of trolling for Brooke. Jack comes back and demands that they go back to the Inn and pack her things. Erica refuses, and stomps off. . Brooke tells Jack she's there for himand admits she's attracted to him.

Back at the Valley Inn, Erica runs into Jack in the corridor and invites him in for tea. They discuss Josh, and then Erica apologizes for lashing out at himand admits that she did want him to kiss her. She also says she loves Jack and will fight for her marriage with everything she has.

Julia is shocked to hear that Jamie wants her backDavid eavesdrops. But what about their age differences and priorities, asks Julia?

Later, David mentions that to her, and she tells him she doesn't want his advice.

Jamie asks for her answer. She's sorry, but it's not going to happen.

Adam's already on the phone, asking her attorney to find the best child-custody attorney on the east coast. Krystal walks in, and begs him to not go after Babe. Adam is scared JR is going to diebut doesn't respond to her request.

An exultant David approaches Krystal, convinced Babe's marriage to JR is over. She calls David evil, and the source of all their problems.

Krystal tells Adam that she loves himbut that she also loves her daughter. JR is going to make itand so will they.

"I hate you," yells Babe to Josh. He doesn't carehe not leaving her. And she's done nothing wrongif JR dies, it's his fault, not hers. She saw him covered with JR's blood and thinks the worstbut Bianca interrupts and tells her that it's Josh who saved JR, when he did surgery on him in the alley. Babe is shocked by that news, and later comes back to thank Josh.

"You're free now, Babetake your son and leave that house," advises Josh.

Kendall and Bianca have a heart-to-heart about Maggie. Kendall suggests she "forget about her." Bianca's says she'll do that when Kendall does the same with Zach. They both agree that when you love someone, you can forgive the "unforgivable."

Jeff warns Tad that he will not let JR destroy his son. "Your son is lost, and you've got to find him. Let him know how much you love him," says Jeff. Tad goes to Dixie and tells her that they have to help JR get betterin a rehab center.

Kendall tells Tad that he lied to her about Dixie and Zach. He tells her he hated lying to her, but that he had to do it.

Kendall gives Adam a "one time pass" on hitting Josh, but if he comes after Josh again, he's attacked all of the Kanes. He replies by saying he wants Babe out of his house and life.

JR is out of surgery and is stable. He has multiple fractures and internal bleeding. Dixie goes in to see him; later Babe sneaks into his room, and Josh sees her go in.


The DNA results are in!

Adam tells Babe that she's JR's only hope.