At the hospital, Adam is barking out orders; Bianca is telling Jack what happenedand feeling guilt-stricken. Jack tells her not to feel that wayJR brought his troubles on himself. Bianca believes that JR, while self-destructive, would never have hurt her and Erica.

Krystal arrives to comfort Adam, who says "your daughter has destroyed my son!" Adam lashes out at Babe, and says she's responsible for what happened to JR, and that her expressions of grief are fake. He threatens to fight for custody of Little A. Krystal begs him to stop. She insists it was JR's alcoholism that caused the accidentnot Babe. If he takes Little Adam away from Babe, then she will take his child away from him!

Adam can't believe she's seriousbut she is. He means the world to her, but if he won't back off Babe, she has no choice. She walks away from Adam and goes to comfort Babe.

Dixie rushes into the waiting room, and enraged at Babe, accuses her of hurting JR. Babe just sits there, saying nothing. Dixie walks off, and collapses into tears. Is she being punished, and faced with losing all her children, she asks Tad? If Emma is Kate, then he will get her back. But she promised Annie, says Dixie. But he made not promises, says Tad.

Josh, still covered in JR's blood, comes to Kendall's door to tell her that JR may be dead. Her first reaction is that he killed JR, and she begins to plan his "escape."

He tells her the real story. Josh wonders why he stays in Pine Valleyit's only Babe. He admits he doesn't want to be alone tonightthat's why he came here. Kendall wants him to be happy, but she doesn't believe that Babe is the right woman for him. She points out that he helped keep JR alive. Whatever the reason, she says, if JR lives, it'll be because of Josh. A still-angry Josh rushes off to the hospital.

Erica is searching for Josh. and Jeff finds her in Josh's room. He tells her that her marriage doesn't work, and that he wants a future with her. He says he's falling back in love with her; it's not about Mary, or a way to form an instant family. He's in love with this Erica, not trying to recapture the Erica he married so long ago,

Jamie and Di are in the waiting room, with Jamie sorry he didn't break JR's hands to stop him from drinking. Erica and Jeff rush in, and there's an awkward moment when Jack sees them.

Josh arrives at the hospital, walks directly to Babe and asks "How is JR?" Adam rushes towards him, and without a word, punches him in the face. A melee ensues, and then Adam punches Jeff.

Erica steps in to defend Josh and blame Babe for what happened. Dixie chimes in and says it's Babe's fault. Adam agrees. Finally Babe speaks, and says everyone is rightshe's responsible for her ruined marriage. She wanders off, and Josh rushes after her, angrily warning everyone to stay away. When he finds Babe, sitting alone and crying, she tells him to go away, and that she never wants to see his face again.

Julia brings Jamie a cup of coffee, and he admits how angry he is with his brother for drinking again. He wants Josh out of all of their lives forever. And he wants Julia back.

Kendall goes over to comfort Bianca, thinking she's upset over Joshbut discovers she's feeling that she's weak. She stood up to JR, why couldn't she stand up and fight for Maggie?

Jack asks Erica if she is ready to move home. She claims she still has a lot to do with the show. Or is it Jeff Martin, asks Jack?


Babe asks if Josh worked JR's fall to his advantage.

Erica admits to Jeff that she wanted him to kiss her.

Kendall warns Adam that if he takes on Josh, he takes on all the Kanes.