David asks Amanda if she is working him or if the blowout with Jake was real. They are interrupted when they see Adam collapse.

As Adam lies on the dance floor, Adam thinks he sees Stuart talking to him, but realizes Annie is the one asking him if he is okay. Ryan asks if he can help, but Annie orders Ryan to get lost.

David examines Adam and informs him his heart is fine. Adam asks Scott to take over for him in the competition and dance with Annie.

Madison taunts Randi, "You look so angry, is that how you looked when you killed my husband?" Randi takes the brick from Madison and raises her arm to throw it, but Brot interrupts and tells Randi not to do it and that Madison isn't worth it. Randi tearfully drops the brick and runs away. Brot tells Madison she should leave. Frankie arrives looking for Randi and Madison coyly tells Frankie he has wonderful hands before exiting. Brot fills Frankie in on what happened.

Brot and Frankie meet Jesse in ConFusion. Brot thinks that there is a gap in time on the night of the murder and Madison had time to come in and kill Henry herself. Jesse admits they believe it is a possibility, too. Brot thinks Madison isn't acting out of grief, but out of fear. Natalia interrupts and pulls Brot back to the dance floor.

Ryan wonders if Adam knows that Annie killed Stuart. Erica doesn't think Adam would stay with Annie if he knew she killed his brother. Ryan wants to make Adam remember what he is suppressing, but Erica points out they have to keep Annie away.

Amanda sees Jake holding Trevor in ConFusion, but tells him she doesn't have long because David thinks she is playing him. Jake thinks Amanda is letting David play her! Amanda is disgusted that he would think she could fall for David and thinks David really wants them all to get along for Trevor's sake. Jake asserts David wants her and asks where her wedding ring is. She claims she thinks of him every time she looks at her hand. David interrupts and asks for Amanda to come back to the dance floor.

Randi cries to Angie, "I almost killed Madison like I did to Henry!" Angie reminds Randi what she did was self-defense but Randi thinks she is a murderer. Angie reminds her that Henry North attacked her and she would have done the same thing. Angie gently tells her if she continues to doubt herself, Henry will have won and she will be no better than the life she left behind.

In ConFusion, Annie asks Adam why he said Stuart's name. A disoriented Adam doesn't know, and Annie wants to go home and relax. He begs her to stay and dance while he goes home to nap.

Tad is happy Jake hasn't fallen for David's latest change of heart. Tad promises to talk with Amanda. Jake is tempted to just leave and walk away like he did with Krystal. Tad thinks his situation was different because Amanda truly loves him. Tad plays with Trevor and makes baby noises at him as he bounces him on his knee.

As David and Amanda dance, he asks her what Jake told her. She admits she was working him to see what he was planning. David claims he is just living and enjoying his son and son's mother. Amanda asserts that she loves Jake and nothing will ever change that. David suggests quitting the dance and her leaving to spend the night with Jake and Trevor.

Natalia asks Brot what he was talking about with her dad. Jesse and Angie dance by and Jesse tells him, "Great police work." Brot admits he happened to break up Madison and Randi. She is depressed she couldn't do the same. She then dares Brot to join the police academy!

Scott twirls Annie on the dance floor. He boasts once she is in the will, she won't care so much about keeping Adam alive. She taunts him and claims he wants her for himself and is jealous! She pulls him in close and as she gyrates on his leg, she tells him, "Don't tell me this doesn't turn you on!" Scott tells her he would do anything for her and if they work together, they can take all of Adam's money. He kisses her neck and tells her he knows she wants wild monkey sex! She tries to run away, but he grabs her and sternly tells her that her seduction act worked once, but won't work again!

As Krystal applies lipstick in the ladies room, Erica enters and tells her that Annie is going to be the death of Adam. Krystal can't believe Adam is going to marry Annie, but presumes it is probably for her perky ta-tas. Erica claims she is worried for Adam. Krystal wonders why she cares, but Erica points out that some people are part of your life forever. Erica tells her she saw her with Tad and it looked like more than just dancing. Krystal claims parenting bonds them, but she slept with David and lied to Tad. Krystal thinks it is too much forgetting and forgiving to ask for from Tad. Krystal worries she has hurt Tad so badly, he'll never be able to move on.

Ryan finds Adam at the ConFusion bar and tells him he heard Adam say Stuart's name. Adam thinks Ryan just wants to get Kendall out of prison. Ryan asserts that Adam knows Annie had something to do with Stuart's murder and wonders why he is protecting her! Ryan asks what kind of mother would pin a murder on her own child. Adam thinks Ryan would say anything to ruin what he has with Annie. Ryan orders Adam to question Annie and boasts that he is worried he is living with the woman who killed his brother!

Randi and Frankie head back to the dance floor. Randi wonders what is happening to her, but Frankie tells her Madison is poison. Randi admits she wanted to kill Madison and feels out of control. Randi wants to go home to get into bed, but sleep later. They happily leave.

Ryan and Erica return to the dance floor and he tells her he is happy to have her in his arms.

Tad finds Krystal on the roof. He tells her he needs her to dance with him. She tells him she can't until he can forgive her for everything she has done. He remains silent and she leaves.

A disoriented Adam sits alone at the bar and flashes back to asking Annie if she killed Stuart.

Amanda returns to Jake and Trevor. She tells him David gave them permission to spend the night together. Amanda is relieved she leveled with David, but Jake thinks it sounds like a trap of some sort. Jake sadly tells her she can't see that David is playing her and hands Trevor over. He tells her he can't do this anymore and leaves! David looks on as a tearful Amanda stands alone.

Next On All My Children:

Adam tells Annie about Ryan’s accusations.

Scott won’t help Ryan take Annie down.

Amanda suspects David’s up to something.

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