David continues to deliver his speech on the dance floor. Krystal tells Tad to keep David busy - Jake needs some time with Amanda. Tad rushes over and tries to ask David some questions on air. David finally gets away from Tad and Krystal stops him. She tells him there are calls just pouring in from his old heart patients - he should man the phones! He asks what she's up to! He finds the nanny who tells him Jake Martin took the baby!

Jake has the baby in his arms in ConFusion. He tells Amanda that he's taking the baby. She asks where? He says anywhere away from David! He declares that they need to head to an airport or a bus station. Amanda says it will never work! Jake gets angry at her, saying she's going just a little too much undercover! David rushes up and asks what's going on. Jake says he was going to take the baby, and he's still taking the baby - and there's nothing he can do about it. Jake tells David he shouldn't have a child - no matter what the law says. David points out that it's not his call. A police officer appears, and David tells him everything is fine. Jake looks at him questioningly. David says the fighting over Trevor has to stop. Jake mocks the idea of a truce, but David says he knows what it feels like to have a baby you love ripped away. He promises not to take Trevor away, saying that Jake can visit the baby at Wildwind. As David and Amanda head back to the dance floor, Jake tells Krystal that David is reeling her in, and she's falling for it.

In the Fusion office, Randi tells Frankie to go ahead and divorce her if that's what Madison wants - she's in control! Frankie has no intention of giving Madison what she wants. He kisses Randi and assures her that Madison cannot break them!

Natalia corners Madison in the ladies room, and breaks the mirror where Madison's face is. Madison tells her that was very dramatic, but warns her it would be foolish to jeopardize her career when she's just starting out. Natalia says she's the fool if she thinks she can mess with her family! Madison grabs a shard of glass and points it at Natalia. Natalia laughs and dares her to try to use that shard on her. Madison says she won't rise to the bait that easily. Natalia tells Madison that the truth is that she hates herself more than anyone else!

At the bar in ConFusion, Adam taunts Erica about 'practically rutting' with Ryan on the dance floor. Adam tells Erica that Annie feels nothing but hatred for Ryan Lavery. They continue to bicker, and Adam laughs at the idea of Erica as Emma's stepmother. Erica tells Adam he is Annie's fool - she never got over Ryan! Condescendingly, she says there's always hope that Annie might someday fall in love with him.

On the roof, Ryan assures Annie that he doesn't hate her, and promises to protect her - but she has to tell him what she needs protecting from! Annie remembers how caring he was before. She tells him she can't tell him the truth - she's afraid of what she might lose. He asks what that is - Adam? Emma? Annie looks at Ryan and says, "You want me to admit that I killed Stuart, don't you?" As her mood turns, Adam appears. She tells him to get her away from Ryan!

Liza makes a declaration of her feelings for Zach in ConFusion. When she says that she would never turn to another man, and never break her promise, he kisses her deeply! Liza says, "Let's go somewhere." Zach says it wouldn't be right - she wants a future and he can't give her that - she needs a man who's free without baggage. Zach follows Liza as she walks away and tears up. She asks to be by herself, and says, "This is the last time I cry for a man." She lets the tears fall.

On the dance floor, Brot offers Jesse and Angie help - whatever they need, whenever they need it. Tad spots Erica lingering and asks where Ryan has gone. She says he is dealing with a knife-wielding psycho! Ryan shows up and they head to Erica's office to talk. Adam and Annie return to the dance floor. Annie says she won't be chased off, she wants to stay! Natalia returns to the dance floor where Brot, Angie, and Jesse listen to what happened in the ladies room. She is weak and shaken. Jesse is angry. Frankie and Randi appear and explain that Madison wants them to get a divorce. Jesse is summoned by an officer to the ladies room.

In the washroom, Madison is acting as though she is hurt. Another woman summons help. Madison stands in front of the mirror, hiding her face, and saying, "Help me. Please help me." Jesse arrives and tells the officer he'll take it from here. Madison turns around - she has a cut on her face. She says Natalia did this to her and she wants her arrested! Jesse scoffs, and she says she'll go to get the other officer. Jesse grabs her just as Frankie comes in. Frankie tells his dad to let her go. He sends Jesse out while he examines Madison. He says the cut is superficial and fusses over it. Madison purrs that Henry was never this good to her. She decides not to pursue Natalia - it's him she wants anyway. Frankie says he won't divorce Randi. Madison makes threats, urging him to make the right choice. He says he already has!

Liza returns to the dance area. Tad says she took too long a break - they're disqualified. Liza sighs, and says that he warned her to stay away from Zach - he's unavailable. Tad muses that he didn't look unavailable a few minutes ago! Tad takes Liza up to the roof to talk. Zach watches from across the room. He then turns his gaze to Annie and Adam. Annie is telling a tale about how Ryan followed her up to the roof and tried to trick her. Adam soothes her, and then gets jiggy - saying he wants to help her show up everybody in this room!

In Fusion, Ryan tells Erica that Annie was just about to confess to killing Stuart when Adam showed up. Zach appears and says he pushed too hard. They start to bicker, and Erica intervenes, saying this isn't helping anyone. Ryan leaves Erica, who confronts him about Liza. He walks out on her.

On the roof, Liza asks Tad to remind her how she got over him so completely. Tad jokes that no one gets over him. He advises her to be honest with herself about Zach. She tells Tad she never really had him. Liza and Tad go back down to ConFusion, where she rejoins Zach and tells him that she can't be Kendall's lawyer any longer. He asks her not to be mad. She says she's just trying to maintain her dignity. Liza wishes him good luck and leaves.

Erica and Ryan return to dancing, as Randi tells Angie she isn't going to let Madison get to her, and Natalia admits to Brot that she lost control down in the ladies room in spite of all her training. Brot reassures her. Jesse comes back and tells Natalia to stay away from Madison. Natalia says she didn't cut her. David and Amanda dance nearby. He pats himself on the back for cutting Jake so much slack - for her sake, and for their son's sake. Amanda tells him she wants to believe that he's not working them. David asks if she's been working him. Tad asks Krystal to dance. She agrees. Frankie and Madison reappear and she announces she isn't pressing charges. Angie asks her to just leave! Nearby, Adam collapses. He suddenly sees Stuart, who asks him what he's doing on the floor - did someone shoot him too?!

On another break in Fusion, Erica tells Ryan he hasn't been honest about everything - he hasn't told her how he feels about her! They dance around the issue, with neither one of them wanting to actually admit how they feel. Erica says if they talk about it, it will ruin what they have. They share a laugh.

Madison has gone up to the roof. She is followed by Randi. Madison asks her if she came up here to kill her, just like she did her husband! Madison picks up the brick that is holding the door open and tells Randi to hit her with her best shot!

Next on All My Children:

Jake doesn’t buy David’s act.

Adam questions Annie’s innocence.

Annie accuses Scott of wanting her.

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