Erica, Jeff and Bianca are happy about how well the New Beginnings party turned out, and that Lily is fine. Bianca leaves, and Erica tells him "Erica Kane is backI guess the party's over."

"Not if you don't want it to be," replies Jeff. They sit together, and review the evening, and are about to kisswhen Adam walks in and accuses them and their family of depravity, and trashes Erica's mothering skill. Jeff tells Adam to shut up and take care of his sonJR is on a rampage!

Erica tells Adam that he's a curse on his children, and has "doomed them all"!

Jack is sitting at Lily's bedside, looks up, and sees Jonathan at the window. When he comes out of Lily's room, they talk briefly.

Jonathan thanks Amanda for calling him about Lily. Amanda is horrified about making Lily upset and contributing to her accident. It's clear there cannot be any friendship between her and Jonathan.

Brooke is at the hospital, and they discuss Jack "bolting on the queen" [leaving the New Beginnings party.] Jack insists his marriage is "fine."

Later, Jack goes back into the room. Lily's awake, and he explains to her what happened.

Krystal is waiting anxiously at by the phone. Sydney and Colby come in. Sydney's discovered that Colby's hidden the missing Faberge egg in Sydney's backpack in order to make her look like a thief. Krystal finally loses her patience with Colby, yells at her and wants to know why she's so bent on hurting everyone.

She assures Colby that she doesn't have to act out to get Adam's attention. An unrepentant Colby replies that she knows more secretsincluding one about Krystal and Tad Martin. Colby isn't capable of feeling anythingeven about the people she loves, says Krystal.

Josh and Babe are on the roofand he realizes JR finally knows the truth. He thinks this is the moment when the JR/Babe marriage is finally over, and their relationship can begin.

Babe is enraged over Josh "stabbing her in the back" and revealing the truth. She insists she still wants her marriagebut Josh won't listen. Babe says she has a future with JRhe can't believe her. Babe tells him to listen to her"JR is her life"!

Josh admits that he was eavesdropping around the Chandler house and overheard her conversation with JR. Babe is angry and appalled, and tells Josh that her relationship with him is over. She doesn't want to see anyone hurt or JR behind bars. Josh walks away.

Bianca tells him she has to leave and get back to Miranda. JR is going on and on about lost love and innocence and that "someone has to pay." He asks her if she knew about Babe and Josheven accuses her of setting Josh up to doing it, to get revenge from him. He grabs a bottle and cuts his palm. Bianca says she's not afraid of JR, and threatens to scream and get him thrown into jail. "What if it's too late?"

Bianca reminds him about the time they spoke about making better choices and avoiding their parent's mistakes. He says he's sorry for hurting her and Kendall, once his best friends. She admits she misses their friendship as wellbut not to play "innocent victim" with her. He never learns from his mistakesstop ranting and ravinglearn to deal with life being unfair. If Babe leaves him, it'll be because of himnot Josh! She tells him that Babe loves him, and told her he'd changed.

Erica enters and demands that JR "stay away from her daughter!" She doesn't care what his problem isbut he'll never hurt her children. She won't let him out the door to hurt other people. Fine, says, JRand runs toward the window and dives through the glass.


JR is lying bloody and broken outside the Valley Inn.