Annie refuses to agree to a DNA testeven when Dixie points out that she could have done one when she had Emma. Dixie's desperate, reminds Tad. Just one test, begs Dixie. Annie's upset and says that she feels like she's losing her mind. Ryan shows Tad and Dixie the door.

Why won't they leave us alone, Annie asks Ryan? She says she won't respond to Dixie or Tad. But she realizes that the look she saw in Dixie's eyes is the same one she had when she thought she'd lose her child.

Dixie tells Tad that she thought she'd be with Kate at the end of this day. He insists that David is evil and that she has to cut him off completely. He tells Dixie that without a DNA test he may never know whether Emma is Kate.

Dixie is distraught over everything that's happened, and especially sorry for the role she played in keeping Tad from his daughter. She pulls Kate's baby cap out of her purse, and offers it to Tad.

Jonathan watches Sean and Amanda flirting at JB's, and reacts angrily. Amanda wants to leave, but Sean convinces her to stay. She tells Jonathan never to act like that again. She says she realizes that Lily owns a huge piece of his heart, something she'll never have. And she doesn't want him as a bodyguard.

Myrtle is in Zach's office, discussing his marriage. She says Kendall loves him, but isn't in love with him. She advises him that he has to give Kendall "time to breathe."

Babe has found her dream houseunfortunately, Kendall's bought it first. Babe's not willing to accept that, and asks Marian what she can do. Marian gets out, fearing their disagreement.

Josh and JR are speaking angrily in his office. Josh says he may be a liar, but the truth is "I had sex with your wife. Now that you know, Babe can finally be free." JR is disbelieving, but Josh insists Babe loves him. JR is upset and tries to figure out what's nextand calls Babe a profane name. Josh is enraged, and tells JR that she's a "walking miracle."

Babe calls at that moment, asking JR to come to see their "dream house." He tells Josh that he will never have Babeand that he's fired!

Bianca comes in at that momentand she tells Josh that Babe loves JRand not because she wants to maintain custody of Little A. He signed that over to her months ago. He's sure that his confession to JR will turn the tables, but Bianca doesn't agree, and reminds him that marriages don't automatically break up because of an affair.

She confides to Josh that the reason she's in Pine Valley is because Maggie had an affairbut if she walked through the door right nowshe'd take her back. She explains that Maggie isn't willing to be monogamous right now.

JR shows up and the property, as requested. Babe takes one look at his face and asks what's wrong. He tells her that Josh is out of Chandler Industries. Kendall is there, and they disagree over whose house this is going to be.

Kendall rushes over to Zach's office and tells him about the house, and needs to know exactly how much money they have.

After they get home, Babe can tell that JR has something on his mind. When she asks him, he tells her what Josh said.

Annie and Ryan show up at Tad's front door. She announces she's willing to allow the DNA testnow.


JR asks Babe if he should ask her flat out about her affair.

The fur is flying at the New Beginnings party!