Tad is asleep on the Martin sofa and dreams about being present the night that Stuart died. Liza accidentally awakens him, and asks if he's alright. He says he had a bad dream, then talks to her about the baby. Tad assures her that she'll do just great with the baby. Colby comes in and Liza takes her downstairs to see her brother. Emma and Kathy run through the room and Tad tells them he needs to nap. As soon as he lays down, Tad's mind goes back to the night of the murder - he saw Emma looking for her mother - and remembers a woman in heels.

Ryan arrives at Zach and Kendall's place and blurts out that he thinks he knows who killed Stuart! He describes the scene from Adam's house with the gun. Ryan says he wants to go to the D.A., but Zach says, "No you're not!" Zach explains that the D.A. has an agenda - he's not even considering other suspects. Ryan wants to follow up on this themselves, but Zach wants to focus on strong-arming the D.A. Suddenly, Zach takes a call saying that Madison North is back at the casino - he leaves immediately.

At the Chandler Mansion, Adam watches, unseen, as Annie goes into the drawer looking for the gun. He says he got rid of it. Annie asks if he thought she was going to shoot him with it. Adam denies it, but she is skeptical. He admits he considered the possibility that she killed Stuart - she claims she is innocent. Adam says he believes her. JR comes in as they hug and asks when the wedding is! Scott is with him, and Annie expresses her condolences to him for the loss of his father. Annie leaves them to business. JR tells Adam that Annie is working him. Adam won't hear any of it.

Amanda shows up at the hospital where Jake is working. She can't sleep - she can only think about her baby. She wonders how Jake seems so relaxed - is it easier for him since it wasn't his baby. Jake says he thinks about the baby all the time and asks what he can do to make it better for her. Amanda blurts, "You really have to ask?"

Just as Annie finishes telling the help that she and Mr. Chandler will be dining on the terrace, Kendall rings the doorbell of the Chandler house. Annie asks her what she wants. Kendall says she needs her help! She tells Annie she wants to go over all the details from the night of the murder - maybe together they can come up with something that will get her exonerated! Kendall tells Annie that she had a gun, but couldn't pull the trigger. She asks Annie if she saw her. Annie says she didn't. Kendall wonders if Annie struggled with JR over a gun. Annie glares and says that she did, but she gave that one up for another gun she found on the terrace - that's the one she used to kill Stuart! Annie asks, "Does that help you, Kendall?" Kendall thinks she's serious, but Annie scoffs, saying that Kendall didn't really want her help - she just wanted to see if she was guilty!

Ryan arrives to pick up Emma at Tad's house. Emma wants to stay and runs off with Kathy to play. Tad flinches at his headache and tells Ryan he's starting to remember things from the night of the murder. Tad mentions seeing Emma, and a figure running. Ryan wonders if it could have been Annie. Tad gets another flash and says it was a woman with long hair - it could have been Annie!

Downstairs at the Martin's, Liza is feeding the baby and asks Colby to grab a diaper - she finds the pregnancy pad! Liza fobs her off with an excuse, and then the pair looks up as Amanda and Jake come down the stairs. Amanda asks to feed the baby - she takes him, sits down, and gives him a bottle, as Jake and Liza exchange looks! Amanda chokes up and hands the baby back to Liza. Colby follows, and Liza asks Jake what he was thinking bringing her there?! Amanda comes back and she and Jake leave. Colby then makes Liza's day by telling her that she has decided to move in with her - they discuss getting a house, and Liza cries with happiness!

Zach arrives at the casino and greets Madison, who says he keeps showing up when she's there because he's trying to further a vendetta against her husband. Zach tells her that Henry is gunning for Kendall - probably because of some grudge he's harboring toward good-looking rich women! Madison says he won't get a rise out of her, and nothing can help his wife now! Madison claims that Henry seems to have the ability to push his agendas unchallenged - the defense doesn't stand a chance! Madison also warns that if Henry gets Kendall on the stand, he'll tear her apart!

At Chandler Enterprises, JR is still harping about Annie - Adam tells him to give it up. Scott begins a presentation about the new direction of the company - to care about people and to give back! Adam informs him that all they need to focus on is making more money! Scott is outraged that Stuart's death didn't make an impact on Adam! Scott promised Stuart that he would make changes at the company - and if he can't do that, he can't work there. He walks out. Adam tells JR that he'll have to bring the company back to health, and asks him to go after Scott and placate him.

Ryan and Tad arrive at Henry North's office. Ryan explains that Tad's memory is coming back - he remembers seeing Annie the night of the murder, running from the scene. Tad takes a seat and tells Henry what he recalled. Since there are still holes in Tad's memories, Henry is skeptical. Tad does say that he saw the woman's hair - it was long and brown. North says Annie and Kendall both have long, brown hair - it could have been either of them! Ryan becomes angry, saying North is twisting it to suit his case against Kendall. North says Ryan's just trying to save his lover. Suddenly, Zach appears in the doorway!

JR catches up with Scott outside at the Yacht Club - he says he will resign by morning, and will likely leave Pine Valley too! He accuses JR of getting what he wants - the power at Chandler. JR says he's family, and he doesn't want him to leave the company - neither does Adam. Scott agrees to mend fences, and they embrace!

Amanda and Jake are eating at Confusion. Amanda's not hungry. Jake wishes he could make her feel better. She says he can - by telling her who he gave her baby to!

Next on All My Children:

Tad wants Jake to 'fess up!

Things go from bad to worse for Kendall!

Randi makes a threat against Henry!

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