At Babe's gravesite, Krystal tells David that God doesn't kill babies. He asks, "Then why am I forever burying my children?" They embrace, then kiss. When they pull apart, they see Marissa looking at them in shock! She confronts Krystal, asking why she is kissing the man she warned her away from! Krystal says she and David have been through a lot - they were just trying to lessen the pain - they buried the baby's ashes just now. JR also shows up, and Krystal asks if he has an issue with the baby being buried there. He doesn't. David then asks Marissa if she's gotten involved with this drunken train wreck?!

As Amanda comes down the stairs at the Martin house, Jake frantically tells her that Liza only wants him there for the delivery. Amanda reassures them that the paramedics Colby called are on the way! Once she's gone, Liza asks Jake what they're going to do?! They curse Tad for not showing up yet!

Tad has been pulled over by the police, who ask if he's been drinking and whether or not the baby in the back belongs to him! He is asked to step out of the car and follow the cop's finger with his eyes! Tad says he was just driving around to soothe the baby's colic. The cop lets him go. Tad gets in the car and hears Jake's message on his phone, warning that the house is full of people!

Annie pulls the gun from the drawer at the Chandler Mansion. She remembers holding the gun there before and watching Stuart's body fall to the ground. Adam comes in and startles her - she turns and points the gun at him! Erica and Ryan bust in shouting, "Don't!" Annie drops the gun and it fires! Erica says that she doesn't understand why Adam is doing any of this - they just found Annie holding him at gunpoint in the very same room where Stuart was murdered! Adam orders them out, and Annie says to him, "Oh my God! It almost happened again!" Adam notes that when he first saw her, she was staring at the place where Stuart was lying when he was shot - is there anything she wants to tell him? Annie is outraged that he's suggesting that she shot Stuart - why would she have helped him if she had done that? Adam carefully says he didn't accuse her of anything except staring at the spot where he was laying on the floor. Adam's memory is spotty, and he decides to believe her innocence. Aidan, who bugged the house, listens to this entire conversation from outside!

As Tad arrives at the Martin household and passes the baby in to Jake through the downstairs window, Amanda bangs on the door, hollering at Jake to unlock it and let the paramedics in! Just as Petey is about to break the door down, they hear the sound of the baby crying! Jake comes upstairs, and Tad comes in through the front door. The paramedics want to go down to examine Liza and the baby, so Tad pretends to be unable to breathe! Jake insists that the paramedics rush his brother to the ER! He then goes down to tell Liza that Colby wants to see the baby. Liza warns Jake that he'll have to dissuade Amanda from looking at the child!

Back at Ryan's house, he and Erica discuss the look he saw in Annie's eyes when they mentioned Stuart. He admits that to him, it appears there is a very strong chance that Annie is the one who killed Stuart! Erica asks why Annie would have rescued Adam that night if she had just killed Stuart. Ryan says it would have taken the focus off of her as a suspect, as well as secure Adam's loyalty. Erica worries that she could kill Adam!

Still at Babe's grave, David warns JR that he doesn't intend to lose another child to him. Marissa says she's not his to lose! JR and David trade barbs and Marissa defends him vociferously! Krystal says this isn't doing anyone any good and asks David to take her home. Marissa tells JR they should talk. She refers to their kiss on the boardwalk - he pulled away and left. He admits that he was thinking of Babe! He explains that with the light behind her, just for a moment, he saw Babe in her eyes - and wanted to know what it was like to kiss her one last time. She asks him not to be so hard on himself - they are twins after all. Marissa just wishes that he'd kissed her because he wanted to - not because she's Babe's sister. She then walks off.

At the hospital, Angie takes Tad in, barking orders for blood tests, as he hollers that he's really not having a heart attack. Taylor hears the ruckus and asks Petey what's wrong with Tad. Petey says, "Heart attack."

Colby visits Liza and the baby downstairs, asking to hold him. She wonders if her mother has thought of a name for the child. Liza says that she will name him Stuart.

Upstairs at the Martin house, Amanda tells Jake that she would like to see Liza's son. Jake doesn't think that is the best idea, all things considered. Amanda hears the baby cry and asks her husband if it will always be this difficult. Jake takes her in his arms.

Aidan shows up at Ryan's and tells him that Adam confronted Annie after he and Erica left. Aidan wonders why Ryan didn't call the police. Ryan says he and Erica would have been in trouble for being there, besides, he's hoping that Annie will make a much bigger mistake! Ryan confides about the look in Annie's eyes when she was holding the gun. Aidan appears angry, but then surprises Ryan by saying that ever since Stuart was killed he has thought it was Annie - they need to prove it!

Erica is back at the Chandler Mansion, telling Adam that she is truly concerned - and it has nothing to do with jealousy. She points out that he has thrown out his son and grandson for a person who could slit his throat in his sleep! Adam says his reasons for having Annie there are none of her business! Erica hisses that Annie killed Stuart, and when she's ready - she'll kill him too! Erica leaves, but looks in through the window as Adam puts the gun from the drawer in his jacket pocket! Annie comes into the room and tells Adam it's so nice to have someone believe her - then kisses and hugs him!

David and Krystal arrive at the Martin residence, where they discover Amanda tearfully sitting on the sofa listening to Liza's baby cry. David notes that this must not be easy for her, Amanda says it's killing her! Krystal rushes to take her in her arms, while David turns away and sighs. Jake comes in and Amanda asks if there has been any news about Tad. Krystal is dismayed to hear that he may have had heart trouble. David says he'll take her to the hospital. Amanda, meanwhile, walks down the stairs before Jake can stop her and asks Liza to see the baby. Since his eyes are closed, Liza lets her peek. Amanda congratulates her.

Alone at Babe's grave, JR tells her how much he misses her - he'd give anything to have her back! Suddenly, she appears to him! JR tells her his regrets, and that she should have been able to meet her sister, Marissa. JR says he doesn't think he'll ever be able to love anyone as much as he loves her. She reaches out to touch his face before disappearing.

Angie tells Tad, at the hospital, that he likely had heartburn. He walks out into the waiting room, reassures Petey, and speaks to Taylor, who tells him that she returned Brot's ring. Tad asks her to go out to dinner!

Next on All My Children:

Ryan inadvertently messes up Kendall's case!

Zach presses Madison for information!

Jake finds himself being questioned by Amanda!

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