Taylor tells Tad, in Confusion, that she just isn't sure of her feelings for Brot anymore. Just then, Brot walks in and waves. He joins them, and Tad offers congratulations before excusing himself. Taylor wants to order drinks, but Brot says they should talk. They discuss their engagement, and Taylor wonders if he asked her because they were fighting. Brot wants to know if she loves him. She says the proposal was sudden, but he reminds her that she has been asking him when it was going to happen since Iraq. Brot says he thought if he made a commitment to their future, they might get back what they had over there. Now they keep misunderstanding each other. He deduces that she loves him, but isn't in love with him. They dance poignantly to a slow song. Taylor cries as she places her head on Brot's shoulder.

Erica arrives at Confusion, and Colby and Adam also come in. Erica says that no one is leaving the table until the two of them talk! Adam tells Colby that he hid the letters from her mother out of love. Colby blurts that must also be why he's got her mother defending his whack-job girlfriend! Adam accuses Erica of using Colby to further her agenda against Annie, but Colby tells Adam that Annie is using him! She says he worked so hard to bring them all together, then blow them all off for a criminal. Adam stands up and leaves. Erica apologizes to Colby, who tells her she doesn't need her help - she's not her mother!

At the front of the church, David goes on with his apology to Amanda. She jumps up and says it's all a sham! Jake quickly stands up and blurts that it's a sham for David to stand up there and apologize after all he's done. David asks Amanda if that's what she meant, but before Amanda can reply, Liza screams, "The baby! He's coming!" Making a huge scene, Liza is taken out by Jake and Tad, who made a late appearance.

Annie is meeting with an evaluator at the Chandler Mansion. The man asks about Greenlee, and also why she followed through on some threats, such as the one against her brother, but not others. Annie explains about Richie, and the man seemingly satisfied, leaves. Aidan appears and says, "Nice job!" Annie asks how long he's been there! Ryan, meanwhile, is taking all of this in from outside the window! Annie says she has Adam now, but Aidan says Adam doesn't have this - he produces a jammer that will allow her to remove her ankle bracelet. She is certain this is a test - what happens, she uses this device and goes to see Emma, and then winds up back in prison. Aidan tells her he's sincere, urging her to use the device and go to see Emma - no one will ever know. Ryan continues to watch as Aidan leaves.

In the car, Tad, Jake, and Liza yell and scream at one another about what will happen next. Liza says she had to do something - Amanda was about to ruin everything! They head to the Martin house to regroup. Jake pours him and Liza a stiff drink. Suddenly, Colby and Petey walk in! Jake swiftly dumps the drinks into a plant and Liza starts labor up again! Chaos ensues as they try to make Liza comfortable! Colby coaches her mother, and finally tells her she loves her! Liza huffs and puffs and says she's going to have her two babies! Jake realizes he has to get Colby out of the room - he tells her he thinks something is wrong and she should wait upstairs. When she clears out, Jake hisses at Liza to slow down her contractions, and shouts, "Where's Tad?!"

Back in the church, David asks Amanda where they were. She says they were in the middle of a funeral for their baby. Amanda goes up to speak and tells David that it's too late for his apologies - she lost her baby because of him! She says that wherever her baby is, she thanks God that he will never know the pain of being David's son. A tear rolls down David's cheek. As Amanda is about to leave, David stops her and asks if she would consider allowing him to bury the urn beside Babe. Krystal says she thinks that would be appropriate.

Outside the Chandler Mansion, Ryan gets a call from Erica. He tells her to stall Adam longer. She says it's too late, he left! As Ryan hangs up, Aidan appears and asks, "What? Erica's in on this now too?" They discuss waiting to see if Annie will take the bait, and Ryan asks Aidan if he planted the bug - he says he did. Ryan goes back to watching Annie, saying that if she makes a move toward Emma, he wants to know right away! Erica shows up, and Ryan fills her in on what Aidan did. Erica hopes Annie takes the bait.

At the cemetery, David asks Amanda if she had given the baby a name. Amanda says, "Trevor. After my dad." She then cries, "I can't believe he's gone!" David tells Krystal that he would like to be alone. Krystal asks if losing another child has changed him. David says he doesn't know. He says he made Amanda's life a living hell - this is his punishment. Krystal says God doesn't do that, but David asks why then, is he always burying his children. Krystal embraces him.

Tad picks up the baby from where he was being kept and puts him in the car. He tells the infant that he'll always have his back, and then says, "Come on. Let's go and get you delivered." Tad drives to the Martin residence, telling the baby the only way to keep him safe is to let him go - the only thing they have to figure out is how he's going to make his grand entrance! Tad tells the baby how awful this is for his real mother, Amanda, he doesn't know how he's going to keep this secret! Tad tells the baby when it's time for the truth to come out, though, he'll be right there. A siren cuts through the night.

Inside the Chandler Mansion, Annie takes a gun from the drawer and flashes back to a memory of the last time she held one - when she shot Stuart! She hears a noise and turns around, pointing the gun at Adam, who has just come in!

At the Martin house, Colby is wondering where the paramedics are that she called for her mother! Jake hears someone coming downstairs - he and Liza gape - it's Amanda!

Next on All My Children:

Tad works with Jake to keep the ruse going!

Liza is worried that Amanda will figure things out!

Someone thinks Annie is the killer - Ryan!

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