In the hospital, a nurse brings Randi flowers. She assumes they're for Frankie, but they are for her - from North! Just as she crumples up the card, Frankie appears! He shows her that he can move his fingers and she exclaims, "It worked!" They embrace.

Taylor and Brot run into one another in the hospital corridor. They both express a desire not to fight anymore. He surprises her by pulling out a ring! She asks if that is because of the fight they had - he says he loves her, and needs to know if she feels the same way! Taylor gasps that she certainly loves him. Brot drops to one knee and proposes. Tears come into her eyes as she accepts. Frankie and Randi appear and applause is heard as they kiss! A champagne toast is thrown together before Brot has to run off. Taylor looks at her ring and seems stunned!

In a restaurant, JR is with Marissa and his son. Scott comes in and asks him to sign some papers. Marissa takes the little boy as Scott and JR sit down together. Scott tells JR that Marissa seems happy - and so does he! They discuss Adam having Annie living at the mansion. JR admits the Yacht Club hasn't been bad - especially with Aunt Marissa so close! JR starts raving about Marissa and notices a change go over Scott's face. JR asks, "Wait a second. You're into Marissa?" Scott demures, as Marissa comes over and asks JR to take Little Adam to the restroom. Scott tells Marissa she has a beautiful smile! JR rejoins them and Scott excuses himself. Marissa, JR and Little Adam go to the beach.

Amanda is dreaming about the baby at home. She awakens to see David standing there, saying he has been thinking about their child too! She says Jake is helping her to move on. David says it was their child - they made it together - no one else can know what they are going through. Amanda warns that stuff may have worked on Krystal, but it's not going to work on her! David insists he came to say he is sorry - the constant stress may have played a role. Amanda shouts at him to shut up! David says if he had seen the baby was happy with her and Jake he might have backed off! Amanda is livid - she calls him a liar, shouting, "You were going to take this baby!"

Jake meets Liza outside the Yacht Club and asks what the big emergency is - she rants at him about his decision to show Amanda the baby, saying that she will recognize her son and want him back! Jake admits that he blew it, and suggests that Liza find herself another kid! Liza says they've both made mistakes, but they've come too far to abandon the plan. Jake suggests she take Colby and go back to where she was living before. She can't - her life is here now!

Tad and Krystal sit on the Martin sofa and she brings up the fact that David lost a child and she knows that he's in a great deal of pain. Tad suggests going out to get sandwiches. Krystal is taken aback - a baby is dead, so let's go to the beach? Tad says he feels for the baby like it was a part of the family - in fact, it's like he's not even gone!

Krystal comes in while David and Amanda are arguing at the penthouse. She has a little urn with her - supposedly containing the baby's ashes. Amanda turns away, and David takes it, saying that they will all grieve at the memorial service.

Colby greets Liza outside the Yacht Club after Jake has left. When Liza starts talking about change, Colby asks what is going on. Liza says she's thinking about leaving Pine Valley and wonders if she would come with her. Colby asks what happened to making this work? She points out that this makes no sense, and says she's not going anywhere. Colby accuses Liza of lying when she said she was the most important thing to her.

Jake arrives at the Martin household to find Tad ranting and raving about this crazy plan - it's insane! He says Amanda is going to recognize the baby! Jake yells that it will be fine, but Tad insists that she will know the baby, and realize what Jake has done - and she'll never forgive him for it!

Jake comes home and Amanda throws the urn contents on him! She says she was blindsided by the urn. Jake asks if David bought the whole thing. Amanda says he did - he's even planning a memorial service! Amanda mentions that David suggested he might have backed off about the baby, but Jake tells her he wouldn't have - and she knows it!

Krystal gets back to Tad at the Martin house. He is still cracking jokes and acting inappropriately. She tells him he has to let himself grieve. Tad rolls his eyes and says he's not going to any memorial service - this is too sad!

Outside, JR and Marissa watch Little Adam play on the beach. JR remembers a happy time with Babe. They discuss their fathers, and Marissa finds JR to be very sincere - she asks if this is the real JR. He admits he's been in some dark places, but doesn't want to go back. They share a deep look, and then kiss. JR pulls away, though, and says he needs to get his son.

Krystal arrives at the memorial service and tells Jake and Amanda that Tad won't be coming. Liza comes in and Jake warns her it's not good for her to be here. David comes in and mutters to Liza that she has no idea how lucky she is! Jake says she's playing with fire. As the service begins, David takes Amanda's hand! Soon, David gets up and speaks, saying he has to come to terms with the fact that he may have played a role in his son's death - he publicly apologizes to Amanda. She jumps up and says, "Stop! I can't. This whole thing is a sham!"

Taylor comes into Confusion to find Tad sitting there. He says he has a migraine and is keeping a secret. She has a secret too. He urges her to tell him. Taylor holds up her hand with the ring on, and says, "I'm not so sure I love Brot anymore!" Tad is taken aback, but she explains that they're different people. Tad can't give her advice - he thinks Pine Valley has gone crazy! Suddenly, Brot walks in.

Randi runs into North in the hospital. She tells him that he shouldn't have sent the flowers! He is trying to encourage her to join him in Washington this weekend, when Frankie comes over. Henry says he's the D.A.

Colby chats with Scott in his office. He says this is all he has left. She confides to Scott that Liza asked her to leave town with her. He warns that the people you love can be taken from you at any moment!

Next on All My Children:

Liza springs into action to keep her plan alive.

Aidan is in cahoots with Ryan.

Brot and Taylor call it quits.

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