At the casino, Madison tells Zach that if Kendall is smart, she'll take whatever deal Henry offers her! Zach asks what deal they made when they got married - she says they married for love! Zach continues to press about the state of her marriage - she counters by saying she knows the reason he remarried Kendall. He nods. They play some more blackjack.

At Kendall's house, Henry says that his trying to put her behind bars is about one thing only - someone is dead, and she's the culprit! Kendall says justice doesn't include taking an innocent mother away from her children. Henry points out that Zach confessed when he didn't do it - because he was protecting her - she did it! Kendall says he'll need more than theories to convince a jury. Henry points out that the jury will see what he wants them to - he also warns that he knows she's just buying time right now so her husband can work his wife at the casino! Kendall kicks him out!

Erica makes Adam laugh in the boutique by telling him that she intends to invite Ryan Lavery to join her for dinner at the Chandler Mansion. He says her and Kendall vying for the same man gives the saying 'keeping it in the family' new meaning! Erica says she's never had to spar for a man's attention, besides, she and Ryan are merely friends. Erica accuses Adam of being jealous. She then tells him he'd better get home and warn the help that he's having company for dinner - be careful about the knives around Annie! Adam shakes his head and grins.

At the Chandler Mansion, Ryan notices Annie's interest in the fireplace poker - he asks why she doesn't go ahead and use it on him - it worked with Richie! She says she now has something that he just lost - control! They bicker about whether or not she's healthy now as she claims. Annie suggests that Ryan talk to someone about his anger - she'd hate for Emma to lose another parent. Ryan calls her demeanor a good act, but says she can't keep it up!

Frankie starts to wake up from surgery in the hospital as Randi watches. He realizes there is still no sensation or movement in his hands. Angie and Jesse appear - Angie tells him to give it time, and is very optimistic. Randi pops out of the room after Angie, and Frankie tells Jesse he's worried that Randi is listening to Angie and buying into a dream that may never happen, asking his father to tell mom to dial it down a notch!

Annie throws a fit at the Chandler Mansion when Adam tells her Erica and Ryan are coming to dinner. She says she'll be like an exhibit at the zoo - throw pellets at crazy Annie and see what happens next! Adam asks her what the worst that can happen would be? She looks warily at the fireplace poker!

Erica arrives at Ryan's house and tells him to get ready to go to dinner at the Chandler Mansion. He's taken aback, but when Erica says that by the end of dinner Annie will no longer be an issue for either him or Emma, Ryan chirps, "When do we eat?!"

North gets to the casino and warns Zach that the murder case is going to trial! They watch as Madison exclaims over winning at blackjack. Henry says she has a problem with gambling and he doesn't need him making it worse! Zach looks amused as they leave. He phones Kendall, who tells him that she totally blew it with North. Zach says it's okay - he thinks he found a way to get to him!

Jesse and Angie canoodle in the hospital corridor. Jesse puts a damper on things by bringing up the fact that her idea that Frankie will regain the use of his hands might be a bit out there. She stops Dr. Wexler and asks him about it - he says it's not outside of the realm of possibility. Jesse and Angie beam.

Ryan and Erica arrive at Adam's for dinner. Adam lies that Annie was thrilled to hear they'd be joining them tonight! Annie appears and Erica tells her the dress goes wonderfully with her ankle bracelet! Erica and Annie disagree on whether Adam should be drinking. Adam announces he's reclaiming his life since being drugged by David - Annie's ready to do the same. Erica makes a remark about Annie going to jail, and Adam asks Erica about her prison experience! Erica says she was only in for four months - Annie's looking at twenty to life! Annie breaks the glass she's holding. Erica simpers, "Was it something I said?" Adam says it was merely faulty manufacturing. Erica suggests a plastic cup, as Ryan takes a call from his sitter about Emma. Annie looks anxious, and Erica assures Annie that she and Ryan are taking very good care of Emma! Annie maintains that Emma wants to grow up to be just like her. Erica asks, "A homicidal maniac?" Erica mentions that Emma now wants to be a talk show host like her! Annie goes wild, just as Ryan walks back into the room! After Erica and Ryan leave, Adam reassures Annie about her outburst, saying she was provoked. They kiss.

Kendall and Zach corner Jesse at the hospital and ask him to look into Henry North's background - he seems like he might be abusive. Jesse is appalled that Kendall was alone with him - this will work against her! Zach reminds him that North is trying to nail Kendall for something she didn't do! Jesse sighs, and warns Kendall not to do anything else - the odds are still in her favor! Jesse walks off and encounters North. They get into another bickering match about Kendall and Zach. North wants Zach locked up again - Jesse tells him to forget it! Jesse says he has a vendetta against Zach because he's up in his personal life - he warns him about Zach's connections.

In Frankie's hospital room, he still has no feeling in his hands and does the self-pity routine again. Angie blurts, "Franklin Hubbard!" as he carries on, and Randi asks her to excuse them. She tries to tell Frankie it will take time, but he wants her to leave him alone. Once he is by himself, he moves his fingers - but there is no one to share it with!

Randi walks out into the corridor as Jesse and Henry North are angrily parting ways. She stops short, then asks Jesse about it. He says it nothing that concerns her.

Kendall and Zach compare notes about the Norths at home. He calls them a 'campaign couple'. Kendall asks if he thinks Madison would turn on her husband. Kendall reminds him that Jesse warned about pushing North too far. Zach says he needs to worry about pushing him too far. Zach's phone rings - it's Madison - she's crying, but doesn't speak. Zach realizes who it is, and Kendall suggests he call Jesse. Zach refuses.

Randi catches up with North in an empty hospital room. She asks about his beef with Jesse. North says he thinks he's a cold, unfeeling man - she's the only one who ever saw good in him!

Ryan and Erica regroup at his place. She says that all they have to do is get Annie to show that violent side of herself in public - then Emma will be safe! Ryan thanks her, then suggests they have dinner again sometime. He gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and they share a significant look!

Next on All My Children:

Jake’s day goes from bad to worse.

JR and Marissa end up sharing a kiss.

Amanda reaches her breaking point.

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