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Outside at the Yacht Club, Amanda and Jake kiss. He tells her how much he loves her and she returns the sentiment. He shares the news with her that he has acquired Greenlee's old penthouse for them to live in. When he remarks on how great everything will be, she tells him to stop lying! She is tired of hearing that it will all be fine - she held her baby, and now she's never going to get to see him or hold him again! Jake embraces her.

Erica encounters Adam at the boutique. After teasing him about dress shopping, she asks him what size he wants. When Adam hesitates, Erica offers up a blouse, saying it would look good on Annie! Adam wonders what she's up to, accusing her of playing up to him so she can position herself to sabotage his relationship with Annie. Adam then stuns Erica by inviting her to a celebratory dinner at his home for Annie that night! They discuss who she might bring as a guest - she slyly admits she has someone other than Jackson in mind - an entertaining friend!

Ryan is visiting Annie. He questions her as to why she suddenly doesn't want to see Emma. Annie says it wouldn't be good for her daughter - she hadn't thought of that before. Ryan accuses her of doing this to look good for her evaluation. She denies it. Ryan remarks that she appears very sane - and more dangerous than ever! Annie continues to press her sincerity, but Ryan isn't buying it - she can work the system, but not him! Annie says he's paranoid! When Ryan hisses that she will not take his daughter, she has to control herself from grabbing the fireplace poker and hitting him!

Zach chats with Henry North's wife, Madison, at the casino. She places a big bet, saying she feels lucky - she loses, then says that Henry will kill her! Zach tells her that it never happened - don't worry about it. The woman is amazed and thanks him profusely! Madison then challenges Zach - she knows what he's doing - trying to make nice with her to influence her husband. Zach denies it. Madison then tells him that she saw the caller I.D. on the phone earlier - Kendall set up a rendezvous with her husband! North's wife assures Zach that if Henry thinks she's guilty - a secret meeting won't help her!

Henry North and Kendall banter at her place. She tempts him with the support of her mother and family if he lets her off the hook. He expected a bribe early in the game! Kendall says it's merely an offer of friendship - with benefits! Henry advises her to accept a plea or go to trial. Kendall throws her hands up - she's not the killer! She tells him he doesn't know who he's dealing with, but North feels that he does - he married one of her - a rich girl! Kendall sees that he has wife issues! She gets the added bonus - if he puts her away, it's like putting his wife away! Looking like she hit a nerve, North tells Kendall to take the deal - she's going to prison!

At the Martin house, Tad and Liza debate the wisdom of her planning to raise Amanda's baby in Pine Valley. Tad advises her to move away, but she doesn't intend to leave Colby. As they talk, Tad passes on the information that Amanda actually held the baby - Liza is stunned - she can't believe Jake let her see the baby and hold him!

Next on All My Children:

Zach thinks he might have uncovered North’s weak spot.

Frankie pushes his family away.

Annie holds her own against Erica.

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