In the elevator, Randi tells North that she doesn't do that anymore - she has a husband now! He says it doesn't have to limit her choices! He reminds her that he was much more than a client - he wants her to meet him at the room he keeps at the Yacht Club in an hour - she owes him! As they step out of the elevator, Jesse appears and introduces them. They pretend not to know one another. After Randi walks away, North presses Jesse about the murder case again.

Erica asks JR, at the Yacht Club, what has gotten into Adam?! JR says, "You tell me, then we'll both know!" JR scoffs that with Annie, Adam can be the all-powerful man he likes to be. Erica says that JR has a lot of patience with Adam. Marissa returns with Little Adam. Erica excuses herself to rejoin Ryan. At the table, Ryan warns Erica not to be going over to the Chandler Mansion tonight before leaving.

Liza and Adam are interrupted at the Chandler house by Colby, who informs them that she's an adult and she doesn't have to answer to either of them anymore! She accuses Adam of offering her as payment for services rendered because he needs Liza to defend Annie! Liza says she's only doing this to be close to her. Colby assures Liza she'll be around as her baby grows up - the child will need someone to tell them that when their mother's mouth is open - she's lying! Colby then storms out!

Outside the Chandler Mansion, Annie pushes Aidan away and says that she doesn't need him anymore - she has Adam now! She says it's not that she doesn't care about him, and she owes him a lot. Aidan wonders what she's doing there. Annie says this is her way to be truly free. She tells him Adam believes in her. Aidan reminds her that he does too, but Adam can put millions of dollars behind it! Annie says, "Goodbye Aidan."

Taylor approaches Brot in the hospital and asks why he didn't come home last night - and why he's avoiding her. He tells her they'll talk after he clocks out.

Randi joins Frankie in his hospital room. She sees that he has the papers for surgery - he wants her help to sign them. Frankie thanks her for standing by him - she means everything to him! Randi thinks back to being in bed with North - he said the same thing to her! She remembers that he wanted to marry her, but she told him she was a woman who charges by the hour! Back in the present, she tells Frankie that she will always be there for him! Frankie suggests that after the surgery, they go on their honeymoon. Randi thinks back to making plans with North, who said that he loved her. Jesse comes in and seems on edge - he says he sure doesn't like this guy, North! He calls him a pompous jerk and says something is off about him.

In their room at the Yacht Club, JR and Little Adam sit with Marissa. The boy asks to hear a story about his mama. JR talks about the first time he saw Babe, and how she looked like a princess. He describes how they talked all through the night and his whole life changed forever. Marissa is impressed. JR notes that Little Adam is getting attached to his Aunt Marissa. She says she is getting attached too, and leaves, saying she'll see them soon.

Annie and Adam discuss Stuart, and how much Adam misses him, in the living room. Adam remarks how Stuart once pulled him out of a business meeting to see a butterfly come out of its cocoon! Erica arrives and acts rude toward Annie, who excuses herself. Erica confronts Adam about throwing out JR and his grandson. Adam says the Yacht Club is hardly skid row! He then accuses her of being jealous. Erica denies it, and warns Adam that he needs to open his eyes where Annie is concerned! She is certain Annie will make a fool out of him. He threatens to have security throw her out! Erica heads for the door, where Annie appears and says that Adam doesn't need her anymore - she can take care of him in a way she can't! Erica says she won't be in the house for long, and leaves. Adam assures Annie that Erica isn't in love with him - she just likes to be the center of everything! Annie flirtatiously says she's going to take a bath!

Liza arrives at Ryan's place. He is bitter that she helped get Annie out. Liza understands that he doesn't trust Annie, but she does love Emma. Liza says Annie will have to be evaluated. Ryan says if she knew Annie like he does, she would know she can fool any shrink. Ryan wonders if Liza came to ask him to go easy on Annie. He assures Liza that she is helping a dangerous, unstable woman come after his daughter - he won't let that happen! Ryan says his priority is to protect Emma, and thinks Liza is projecting her feelings about Colby on to the situation with Annie and Emma. He tells her that Annie is sick and needs help - he won't change his testimony! Ryan orders Liza out!

Taylor and Brot are at Confusion. He admits that he saw her laughing and enjoying herself with Tad Martin the night before - the way she doesn't with him! Brot says he's just trying to figure out what he's going to do with his life. Taylor points out that he's been walking around with an engagement ring in his pocket, but always has an excuse as to why it's not the right time to pop the question. Brot says they've been going in circles since he came back - things aren't as good as they used to be. Taylor gets teary-eyed and walks out.

Randi meets Henry North at the room. He asks why she didn't show up at the railroad station that day - to run away with him. Randi replies that it would never have worked - she was a hooker and he was a hot, new lawyer! He wonders if he was just a get out of jail free card to her. She assures him it was much more than that - and he knows it! He asks why she disappeared then? She feels that she would have ruined his life. He says she did that by running. Randi points out that he's married and has a great career. Henry admits he only married his wife because she had money - not because she makes him laugh - he loved Randi more than anyone! Randi urges him to forget about her - she loves her husband! North says if she wants, they'll act like strangers.

Erica arrives at Ryan's house just as Emma is asking him whether or not Annie loves her - she's at Little Adam's house but she hasn't seen her! Erica assures her that it's just up to the judge when it's time for her to see her mother. Emma goes upstairs and Ryan realizes that Erica went to Adam's house! Ryan tells Erica that Liza is going to help Annie get access to Emma. Erica says they'll prove that Annie is still dangerous!

Frankie meets Brot at Confusion. Frankie is upbeat, saying that he is having surgery and planning his honeymoon. A downcast Brot says that he and Taylor are in a bad place - he doesn't know if they can fix it.

Liza catches up with Colby at the Yacht Club and tells her that she needs her in her life, and even if she decides to hate her, she'll be incredibly proud of the young woman she's become - she'll even give Adam the credit he is due for that! Liza says she hopes that someday Colby will choose to share her life with her.

Annie comes downstairs in one of Erica's robes to find that Adam has had a meal set out for her in the living room. She eats enthusiastically and he pours champagne!

Next on All My Children:

Zach and Kendall put their plan in motion.

Erica and Ryan conspire against Adam and Annie.

Amanda is overwhelmed by recent events.

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