Marissa arrives at JR's place, saying that she got his text message. He tells her he wanted to ask her for a play date! Little Adam appears and is happy to see Marissa. She agrees to stay, and they head outside.

As Zach plays with the boys in the living room at home, Kendall appears and says they have to get Ian ready to see the doctor. They turn on the television and see a report on the murder case. Henry North appears and says that they have a solid case against Kendall Hart Slater, and they'll prosecute her to the full extent of the law! Jack turns up at the house, and says that this will all blow up in Henry North's face - no judge likes a grand-standing D.A.! Zach wants to go tell North what he thinks of him, but Jack stops him - that's exactly what he wants, a confrontation in a public place!

Jesse is at the hospital, when he gets an angry call from Henry North. He rants about Jesse fooling around with footprints when they're supposed to be building a case against Kendall Hart! Jesse says he thought they were after the truth. North tells Jesse to get his priorities straight - if this case falls through he'll be sure to blame it on sloppy police work!

In court, Ryan is on the witness stand as Annie makes an attempt to be released from custody. Ryan testifies that if they release Annie now they may be putting Emma's life in grave danger! Ryan wants her locked up until she gets the help she needs. Liza, representing Annie, asks if Annie is as dangerous as he says, then why has he let Emma have any contact with her at all? They debate about whether or not Annie was at the mansion on the night of the murder to take Emma, or to rescue her. Liza calls Adam to the stand. He says Annie was like an angel from heaven. He also says she was clear-headed and very protective of her daughter the night of the murder. Ryan tells Erica that he has no idea why Adam is doing this! Aidan turns around and says to them that Annie needs help, not a trial! Erica says they are in agreement that Annie shouldn't be let out! As the judge leans toward siding with Liza, and letting Annie out, Ryan and Erica both jump to their feet in protest. Adam offers to put up bail and allow Annie to reside with him. The judge agrees, but Annie must wear an ankle monitor and stay on the Chandler premises - also, Little Adam must move out! Erica feels that Adam would never ask JR and Little Adam to move out for Annie - they go for a celebratory drink. Aidan leaves as he overhears Annie thanking Liza, and saying that she and Adam are her only supporters left!

At the hospital, Frankie wryly tells Randi and Jesse that his examination went well - he might actually be able to point at something down the road sometime! Angie brings in an orthopedic surgeon to meet Frankie, who rejects the gesture. Outside the room, Jesse says she shouldn't have sprung that on him - she'll push him away! North appears and tells Jesse that they need to talk - now! In the hospital room, Randi pleads with Frankie to stop treating everyone like an enemy and start dreaming with her again. She urges him to listen to what the doctor has to say - maybe he is a miracle worker! Randi reminds him that either way, she won't leave him!

Jesse continues to argue with North in the hospital corridor. North presses him relentlessly to focus on digging up more evidence against Kendall Hart Slater! Just then, Kendall appears holding Ian! North says Ian is an adorable baby - too bad he'll be growing up without a mother! Jesse tells him to back off, but he doesn't. He says Zach will raise the boy fine, if he survives the investigation he's launching into the casino! Zach hears and is about to retaliate, but Jesse pulls Zach and Kendall aside and warns them to stay cool - North doesn't have a slam dunk case! Jesse walks back to North and says that he warned Kendall and Zach that he'd lock them up if they made anymore threats!

As Marissa and JR play outside with Little Adam, they are interrupted by Adam, who tells JR that they need to talk! As Marissa chats with the little boy, Adam takes JR inside and explains to him that he and Little Adam need to relocate temporarily. JR mocks him, and then angrily says they will leave - but Adam shouldn't expect them to come back when he snaps his fingers! Adam calls Liza and tells her to have Annie sent over. JR goes outside and tells Little A that they're going on an adventure - he tells Marissa that they just got kicked out of the house!

Erica and Ryan arrive at the Yacht Club. She tells him to watch how many people look at her as they are shown to their seats in the restaurant. Everyone turns to stare. She smiles at Ryan and says she hasn't lost her touch - and she's right about Adam too - he won't ask his grandson to leave the house - she knows Adam better than anyone! They discuss how he will focus on protecting Emma - Ryan still doesn't understand what Adam is up to. Erica says there is more to it than meets the eye, and she'll find out. She then asks him to slow dance. Jack appears in the doorway. Erica waves him over, and he asks if they've seen Kendall, he has some papers for her to sign. They say they haven't, and Erica asks him if Kendall will be alright. He says she's innocent - they have that on their side. As he walks off, Erica gasps as JR, Marissa, and Little Adam appear with suitcases! JR tells Erica that they got bounced out of the mansion!

In the courtroom, Liza tells Annie that she can go to live with Adam. She is excited, saying the only thing that's missing - is Emma!

The orthopedic surgeon comes back and looks at Frankie's x-rays - he says he thinks he can help him regain significant movement in his hands. Randi is so excited that she runs out into the corridor to tell Jesse. She stops short when she sees who he is talking to - Henry North! Randi asks Jesse to get back to them when he's done and abruptly walks away! Jesse goes back to Frankie's room, where Frankie says that he's going to have the surgery - for Randi's sake.

Annie stands at the Chandler Mansion and breathes deeply, smiling. Adam comes up behind her and welcomes her home. She thanks him and they hug. Liza arrives and talks to Adam alone, asking what the truth is - why would he ask JR and his grandson to move out for Annie. Adam tells her just to hold up her end of the bargain. Colby appears and asks, "What bargain?"

Back at home, Zach tells Kendall that if need be, they'll take care of Henry North themselves! They discuss how difficult it will be to find something to use against North. Kendall says everyone has a weakness. Zach says he'll find it.

Outside the Chandler Mansion, Aidan appears and says to Annie, "You're playing it beautifully!" He then plants a kiss on her!

North catches up with Randi in the hospital elevator and says it's been a long time, but he's never stopped thinking about her. He kisses her!

Next on All My Children:

Annie tosses Aidan aside in favor of Adam.

Randi shares a past with Henry North.

Erica and Ryan are determined to stop Annie in her tracks.

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