Tad catches Krystal as she collapses in the hospital corridor. Angie rushes over to help! Angie examines her and tells Tad that everything David touches winds up like this - she doesn't know what's wrong with Krystal yet. She confides in Tad about Frankie, saying he's home, and she has no idea how to help him!

In the police station, David drunkenly tells Liza she doesn't want him around her - he's been known to steal babies! Jesse takes a call from Angie telling him that Krystal has collapsed. Jesse tells David who struggles with him - he needs to get to her! Liza intercedes on David's behalf. Jesse reluctantly releases David with a warning.

JR and Marissa talk about Babe at Confusion. Marissa marvels that she had a twin all these years. Tad calls and tells her that there was an accident and she needs to come to the hospital. Marissa tells JR that it's happening all over again!

Zach and Kendall arrive home with Ian. They are surprised to see Ryan come out of the back room. Kendall asks Ryan what he's doing there, and then takes the kids to read stories. Ryan tells Zach he's sorry he interrupted their homecoming. Ryan tells Zach that he and Kendall aren't together anymore. Zach says he doesn't care about that, but he has a problem with Ryan showing up there whenever he likes! Ryan says he came because Emma wanted to see Spike and Ian - he's trying to do the right thing here! He and Zach continue to argue about who should back off, when Kendall comes out and stops them! She says she wishes Greenlee were here - she'd have put them both in their place! Kendall reminds them that they all have to work together to get her off this murder charge. They agree. Ryan calls Emma and they leave. Kendall and Zach discuss Henry North, the D.A., and Zach says he just needs to 'get to him'! Kendall asks him not to lose his head, and he agrees.

At home, Frankie tells Brot he wants everyone to leave him alone. Brot smirks and says it won't happen - the Hubbards are as tight as they come! Brot admits that Jesse sent him over - he's worried. Frankie says he doesn't care about anything anymore! Brot remarks that Frankie probably feels lost right now, and so did he, but he let people in and it got better. Frankie laments the loss of his career as a surgeon. Brot says he had even less than that, but they're both alive, and have families - some soldiers aren't that lucky! He tells Frankie not to dishonor their memory by squandering what he has!

Taylor asks Randi, at Confusion, how Frankie's doing. Randi says she's exasperated. Taylor urges her not to give up on him. She reminds Randi that Frankie was there for her - he needs his wife! Brot arrives at Confusion to meet Taylor as Randi leaves. She asks if everything is okay with him - she never heard from him the whole two weeks he was in Germany, and at the Hubbards she didn't even get a hello. He can't believe she's making this about her! She doesn't know who they are anymore - it feels different now. They can't go back, so Taylor wonders what they should do now. Brot leaves.

Marissa and JR arrive at the hospital. Tad reassures a frantic Marissa, who thinks that someone died! They go into Krystal's room as she awakens. Angie joins them and tells Krystal that she has a concussion. Tad heads out into the hallway, where he encounters David with Liza. Tad grits his teeth and informs David that he could have killed Krystal, but she's okay. David heads into the room and tells Krystal he is sorry. Marissa reads him the riot act, and even turns on Krystal for getting in the car with him! She says she's not ready to lose another set of parents and stalks out of the room! She passes Tad and Liza, who are discussing Krystal asking for David as soon as she opened her eyes. Liza wonders if he wants Krystal back, telling him that in spite of the hammerhead big toe - he's quite a catch!

Randi gets home and greets Jesse as he is leaving. She finds Frankie on the terrace and he doesn't speak to her. She says that's fine, she's going to start cooking dinner. He watches as she works in the kitchen and sets the table. When she sits down to eat, he joins her at the table, saying, "I can't hold the fork." Randi silently picks it up and feeds him. They look at one another across the table. Randi reaches out her hand to caress Frankie's face and is rewarded with a smile.

Jesse arrives at the hospital with some food for Angie. She expresses how worried she is about Frankie. Jesse says that he'll find something else to do with his life - right now they just need to be there for Frankie and Randi!

Liza visits Ryan at home, saying it's business. She asks him to tell her everything about his relationship with Annie. He won't help her get Annie released. Liza says Annie claims she did everything for Emma - Ryan wonders how killing people helped Emma? Ryan says he doesn't know how Annie got to where she is, and when Liza brings up Greenlee's name, Ryan explodes - saying he won't let her drag Greenlee's name through the mud to keep Annie out of jail!

Still in the hospital, JR catches up with Marissa, who is blaming herself for letting Krystal go with David instead of her. She says the same thing happened with her parents who died - she didn't go with them to the function and they died when her tired father went off the road - if she'd gone with them, she could have drove - it's her fault they died! JR says this reminds him of Babe, always blaming herself for other's bad choices - especially David's! Marissa tells him he is a good friend and they hug.

David sits with Krystal in her room. She says that he just lost his fourth child, and then bashes herself for having given Marissa away as a baby. He tells her she did what she thought was right. Krystal asks how he does it - makes it impossible for her to hate him! He wants to reconcile, but she can't do it again - she tells him to just go.

Tad meets up with Taylor at Confusion and puzzles her by saying that he guesses 'Tad the Cad' is finally gone. They share a few laughs as he explains. They drink to not being alone! As they continue to drink and laugh, Brot returns with a huge bouquet of roses! He watches them, unseen, for a moment before leaving.

Next on All My Children:

Adam goes all out to help Annie!

Things are not as they seem where Aidan is concerned.

Zach and Kendall come up with a scheme!

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