At Confusion, Marissa finds David drowning his sorrows. He tells her he found Jake and Amanda and his baby is dead! Marissa is horrified, and asks what he did?! He blames Jake, but she points out that they were running from him! David says all he wanted to do was love the baby - if she just wants to tell him how he's screwed up, she should just leave him alone! Marissa says he's not alone, and asks what happened to the baby. David tells her, and once again, says Jake is to blame. When Marissa remarks that it's not fair, David lists all the bad things that have happened to him. He then gets angry and bitter toward Marissa, asking what this is - a pathetic attempt to get him to care about her?! She says, "Yep. That's what this is."

Jake and Amanda arrive home and he impresses on her the importance of convincing everyone that they lost the baby. Amanda says it's not so difficult - she does feel like he's gone! They go in and Tad embraces Jake, whispering that Liza told him everything - he knows all about their little plan! They head outside to get the bags, while Krystal tells Amanda that her husband will help her get through this. She tells her she understands.

At Adam's house, he tries to convince Liza to take on Annie's case. She wants to know the real reason he wants her to defend Ryan's ex-wife! Adam explains that Annie risked losing everything to help him. Liza says it's quite a spin job. Adam says Annie has been hurt by a lot of people and no one seems willing to give her a second chance. He says he needs a woman to speak on Annie's behalf. Liza says people will line up out the door to testify against Annie - she's got better things to do! Adam points out that Annie is being kept from seeing her child by Ryan - she knows what that's like! Liza says if she were to do this, Adam would have to help her get back a real relationship with Colby. Adam says Annie deserves this. JR walks in and says that's crazy! He asks Liza if she is really going to do this. Liza says it is highly irregular, but gives Adam a list of things to do to get started. JR asks Adam why he's spending the last of their money to keep a killer out of jail - what's wrong with him? Adam says not a thing! JR offers to get him a shrink - all he cares about is Annie! Adam says he made a pledge on his brother's grave that he would help others - Annie will be the first of many.

Erica arrives at Ryan's place, where he tells her that he's over Kendall - in fact, he's already fallen in love with another woman - her! Ryan kisses Erica passionately! They both laugh, and she says she's glad to see that he still has his sense of humor! Ryan says he's not worried about Kendall staying with Zach, and assures her that he's really okay - it was a complicated situation, and this is better for everybody! He gets a call - Annie is due to go back to jail today!

Outside the Martin house, Tad tells Jake that Liza had no choice but to tell him - he hit her in the stomach with a dart and he almost had a heart attack! Tad wearily asks if Amanda is okay, and wonders if Jake still loves her. Jake says this is his life - she's his wife.

Back inside the Martin house, Amanda tells Jake that when she looked into her son's eyes, she will never forget what they looked like - if she ever saw those eyes again, she would know him! They discuss how they can't slip up even once - or David will go after the baby! Jake tells her not to worry about the baby - he's got it all covered!

At the hospital, Liza goes into Annie's room and tells her that she's been hired to represent her. Annie says she is supposed to be going back to jail. Liza says they'll get that changed - she was stabbed there. Liza tells her that Adam hired her, and asks about Annie's past. She tells Liza all about Richie, and then says she thinks she's better now. Anything else she did was for Emma - Liza can understand that, can't she? Annie says she feels sane, but then she did when she put on a wedding dress and stabbed Erica too! Liza says she seems comfortable with all of this. Annie says her sanity has been a hot topic for a while now! Liza says she thinks she can help her.

Marissa continues to try and get through to David at Confusion. He continues to be rude - telling her she's nothing but a stranger! She says she can understand some of what he's going through. David stands up and says he should just leave. As Marissa wrestles with him to try and take his keys away, Tad and Krystal appear. Krystal says, "Hey! Get your hands off my daughter?" Marissa tells Krystal that the baby died. She says she knows, and turns her attention to David. He apologizes for his behavior, but soon ramps up to being angry again when she tries to offer sympathy. Krystal says it's understandable for him to lash out, but not to do it to Marissa - do it to her! David says Krystal is the only one who understands. He needs to go home, so she offers him a lift. Tad stays with Marissa.

Ryan encounters Liza in the hospital corridor. She informs him that she is representing Annie. He says she kidnapped his daughter a couple of times! Liza says that Adam hired her. Ryan warns that every chance she gets she hurts Emma - she's handing an innocent seven year-old over to a crazy woman! He thinks she wants revenge on dads because of what Adam did, keeping Colby from her. Liza excuses herself. Ryan spots Adam and warns him that he can spend all the money he wants helping Annie, but he doesn't stand a chance! Just then, Adam gets a call that makes him angry. He spots Erica and yells her name! He confronts her about being the person pulling the strings to get Annie taken back to jail. Erica confirms it!

Tad arrives home to find a police officer waiting outside the house. He tells Tad that there's been an accident - Krystal Carey is in the hospital!

JR arrives at Confusion and sits down with Marissa, who tells him about Amanda's baby dying. He says Amanda was nothing but a victim in all of this - a victim of Marissa's father, David! He says he's watched David destroy families - it's karma that something like this would happen to him! Marissa says she hopes karma doesn't come back on him, then! She then warns that since David lost his son, he might come after Little A again!

Liza arrives at the police station. Jesse is dubious when he discovers that she's taken on Annie's case. She replies, "A girl's gotta' eat!" The police bring David in, who drove into a pole after drinking. The officer says that the woman who was with him is in the hospital. David hisses that his baby is dead, and Liza still has hers! Liza tells him to go sleep it off, and David laughs, saying she doesn't want him around her anyway - he's been known to steal babies!

Tad arrives at the hospital and Krystal tells him it was just a little bump on the head. As she is describing how David took the wheel, she suddenly collapses - Tad catches her!

Next on All My Children:

Krystal stops short of being sucked in by David again.

Zach and Ryan go head-to-head regarding Kendall!

Randi won't give up on her husband.

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