As Randi stands in the hospital telling Angie and Jesse that she couldn't get Frankie to come home with her, Taylor comes in and announces that Brot called - he and Frankie are on their way home! Taylor insists that it was Frankie's decision - it must have had to do with Randi. Angie wants to plan a coming home party - she goes off to prepare. Jesse asks Randi what's wrong? She says Frankie wants nothing to do with her. Taylor says it will be alright - Brot was that way with her too!

At Confusion, Frankie downs drinks while Brot tells him he has to face up to his feelings. Frankie says he's afraid he'll hurt Randi - he's got so much built up anger! Frankie just wants more whiskey. He tells Brot to tell his family he just can't be with them right now. Brot hisses that he's a coward! Frankie sits alone for awhile, then throws his glass and smashes it before leaving.

Adam stands in Annie's hospital room pleading with Joe Martin to find a way to keep her there! Joe is puzzled. Ryan strides in and says he knows why Adam is asking this! Ryan confronts Adam about what he's trying to do - Annie needs psychiatric care. Adam says he is going to provide understanding. Ryan says he sounds just like Aidan did a few weeks ago. Adam says Aidan is useless. Ryan wonders if he'll try to buy her freedom. Adam says he won't let her down.

Zach and Kendall are in with Ian. They are told he is ready to go home. Kendall tells Zach she wants to move in with him and Ian and Spike - so they can all be a family again! She says it's not for them, just for the boys. Zach gets a call to attend a meeting at the casino. Kendall tells him she can't wait for them to go home - he says neither can he!

Liza works to convince Tad, in the Martin living room, that he must keep her secret - she'll give the baby a good life! She tells him it's the only way to protect the child. Tad says five people have to live with a lie for the rest of their lives! Liza explains that she's tried to conceive - she can't. Tad calls Jake the village idiot and stresses that nothing about this could be legal. Liza doesn't care, she considers Amanda's baby to be her son!

In the hospital in Barbados, David hollers that he wants to see his son! Jake comes out and tells David to calm down. David tells Jake he killed the baby - they shouldn't have been traveling! David sits down, deflated, and moans that he's lost another child! Amanda listens from around the corner as David sniffles and asks why this happens to him. When he gets up and heads down the hall saying he must see his son, Amanda grabs Jake and asks what they're going to do?! Jake calls Liza, who is still at the Martin's house, and warns her that David has thrown a monkey wrench into their plans - he's insisting on seeing the baby's body. Jake tells Liza to prepare herself - she may not get this baby! Behind Jake in the hospital, Amanda tells David he can't see the baby - he's gone! She sits down beside David and tells him that when the baby was born she waited for him to cry, but that moment didn't come. She cries and says she held him, though, and that he was perfect. She insists that David doesn't want to see him in the morgue - he's in heaven with Babe, he must hold on to that! Jake watches as Amanda pats David's back. David gets up and says that Tad called, and he gathered that they came here for more than a honeymoon - it had something to do with the baby! He warns that no one can fool him forever!

After the call from Jake, Liza rants to Tad that they can't take her baby! They hear Colby pull up outside the Martin house. She and Petey come in as Tad whispers for Liza to fix her 'bump'. Petey compliments Liza's glow, and Colby reaches out to see if the baby is kicking, but Liza tensely tells her not to do that! Colby is taken aback. Liza says she's late and has to go. Petey tries to soothe an upset Colby. He asks her if she wants lots of kids - he does! Colby walks out in disgust, telling him they're only friends! Tad sits Petey down and tells him he might have to prepare himself for the possibility that he won't win Colby's heart!

Adam encounters Kendall in the hospital corridor and accuses her of being the killer of his brother. He says he hopes she rots in hell! Annie calls him back into the room. She says she saw the truth in Kendall's eyes - she's not a killer. She didn't kill Stuart! Adam promises Annie he will get her out of prison and reunite her with her daughter - it's as good as done. They kiss joyfully!

Ryan arrives home to find a gift outside the door. It's a handwritten card and a set of champagne flutes saying, "Will you marry me?" They're from Greenlee. Kendall arrives to pick up some things, saying that she will be staying at Zach's for a bit to be there for Ian. She notices the flutes, and Ryan explains that they were a Christmas gift from Greenlee. Kendall says she's sorry. She also says he's better off without her, even though she's not back together with Zach, it was too soon when she ended up in Ryan's bed. She feels she made a mess of his and Zach's lives. Kendall leaves, asking Ryan not to try to comfort her. Ryan answers his phone, but no one seems to be on the other end. He does hear someone say, "I thought I told you no calls!"

Liza turns up at the casino office and pulls off her padding in front of Zach. She downs a drink and tells him that she's barren! She laments the demise of the plan, saying it's all blown to pieces because of David Hayward! Zach asks what he has to do with it? Liza tells him everything, ending by saying she's lost her child! Zach brings her pregnancy pad over to her, and assures her that she'll have another one. Liza laughs at how nice he is, wondering whether he's just being that way to make sure she says the right thing about Kendall. Zach says Kendall is innocent - Liza knows it. Suddenly Liza gets a call from Jake telling her that the baby is coming. Liza is thrilled and shares the news with Zach! In Barbados, Jake hangs up and tells the baby he'll see him real soon!

Brot arrives at Angie and Jesse's place and tells them all that Frankie wouldn't come with him. Taylor says she'll go talk to him - it may be easier for him to talk to her since she was over there too. Angie worries to Jesse that Frankie will just take off like he did the last time! Randi gets up and stomps to the door, saying, "Obviously my marriage is over!" She opens the door and runs smack into Frankie's hands - he collapses on the floor in agony! They drag him inside, where Frankie lies on the sofa laughing drunkenly. Angie asks him to stop it - they are all uncomfortable.

Tad goes to Confusion and orders a lightening bolt from Josh the bartender. His eyes grow large as he notices Taylor walk in! She sees him too, and smiles.

Next on All My Children:

Krystal and Marissa reach out to David.

Erica has it in for Annie!

Adam wants Liza to be Annie's lawyer!

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