In the hospital, Annie tells Emma that she has a guardian angel. Ryan sends Emma out, then asks Annie what they were whispering about. Annie says they were planning a takeover of the government - Ryan warns her not to play games with him! Annie says that maybe Emma wouldn't pretend to have tummyaches if he'd let her see her mother! Ryan says Emma learned to lie from her! Annie tells him she's getting better - she could have escaped, but she didn't, she stayed for Emma!

At the Martin house, Liza gets Tad to come around - he fainted after getting a dart in her baby bump! She tells him that she's not pregnant - it's a fake! She reveals the pad, and Tad prods it curiously with his finger. Liza says she's missed having a family since Colby left, but she's through with relationships. She says Colby wants a family too. Tad says Colby will figure out her sister or brother is part of the sofa! Liza turns away as she says she hasn't figured it out yet. Tad realizes what's going on - accusing her of planning to steal Amanda's baby! Liza, exasperated, says Jake was going to give it to her! She tells Tad the plan, admitting that Amanda doesn't actually know the baby is going to her! Tad says she's out of her red-headed mind - and they're underestimating David!

Marissa tracks Krystal down at the restaurant. She tells her she couldn't stop David - he's gone on a plane to find Amanda and Jake! Krystal says he's obsessed. Marissa remarks that she was naive to think that she'd be enough for him! Krystal explains about Leora, the baby David lost long ago - he's still looking for a way to put her to rest. Marissa suggests that Krystal tell Tad to warn Jake!

Jake tells Amanda, in the Barbados hospital room, that it's time to get the adoption plan moving. Amanda says she can't do it - she can't give up her baby! Jake says she doesn't have to, if she doesn't want to. Amanda brings up David - she can't live with the fear that he would steal the baby at any moment. Jake says the three of them could hide out, but Amanda says it wouldn't work - he'd find them. Jake then suggests that they go home and fight David. Amanda says that even if they won, David would keep hammering at them - he did it to JR! The baby deserves better. Jake supports her decision. Amanda cries and asks him to give her a minute to say goodbye. She talks to the baby tearfully, saying she will always love him. Jake comes in and takes the baby away. Amanda curls up in the bed and sobs.

Emma finds Aidan out in the hospital corridor. He asks what mommy's secret is, but she won't tell him - or it wouldn't be a secret anymore! Aidan says they should play 'hot and cold'. He'll try to guess mommy's secret and she'll tell him if he's hot or cold. He asks if mommy's secret is about her - she says warm. Just then, Ryan appears and says it's time for them to leave!

Krystal calls Tad at the Martin house and warns him that David is on Jake and Amanda's tail. Tad asks Liza to tell him where they are - she says Barbados. Tad calls Jake, but David is in Jake's room and picks up the phone. He listens as Tad warns him to abandon the plan and come home - David Hayward is on his way there! David hangs up then asks the maid where Dr. Martin is - she points him to the clinic, saying Mrs. Martin went into labor!

At home, Ryan talks to Emma about her tummyache, and the importance of not lying - especially to him. She promises not to do it again and they hug. Ryan then asks what mommy was whispering about. She says she can't tell him or she'll lose the game she's playing with Aidan! Emma finally tells Ryan that the secret is about him - mommy said she has a guardian angel who is going to help her get out of the hospital so they can be a family again!

Annie thanks Aidan for getting Emma in to see her, however, she asks him why he used her daughter to try and get information - why doesn't he trust her? Aidan asks what it is that she came so 'close' to?! Annie asks if he still thinks she's crazy and should be having her mind dissected? She informs him that she's not going back there. Aidan wonders how Adam figures into this - he's been by her side constantly. Annie says that Adam left, and he should do the same!

Marissa and Krystal continue to discuss what David will do, as they sit at the restaurant. Marissa wonders if he'll follow Amanda and Jake everywhere they go. Krystal says she tried to warn Marissa about him. Marissa remarks that maybe the only children David wants are the ones he can't have! Marissa says she misses her parents, and she really wanted to matter to David. Krystal feels bad for her. They embrace.

As Amanda lies in the bed crying, "I want my baby," a voice says, "So do I." She turns to see David. He asks where his son has gone! Amanda screams at him to get out! Jake comes in and tells David that the baby is dead - and it's all because of him! Jake says he tortured Amanda mentally until she went into premature labor. Jake says the cord prolapsed and they couldn't get to the clinic on time, so the baby died. David throws Jake up against the wall, shouting, "You killed my son! You killed him!" Another doctor pulls him off and David huffs and puffs out in the hallway. Amanda thinks they should call the police on David, but Jake says they don't want to get them involved - David's anger just means the plan is working. Suddenly, Jake hears David out in the hallway demanding to see his son's body!

Tad and Liza continue to bicker about the plan. Tad is beside himself trying to figure out the implications of what she's told him. He is upset that Amanda wouldn't know that Liza is raising her child. He says that the knowledge of the secret he is keeping will eat Jake up! Liza says it's necessary to keep the baby away from David! Tad admits he wouldn't want him raising Jenny. It still doesn't sit well with Tad that they'll tell David his son is dead - he doesn't deserve that! Tad warns that the kid will be a casualty in all this - and Liza will hate herself for it! Liza maintains that putting a baby with David would be a crime. Tad says there's not a whole lot he wouldn't do for her - but he can't do this! Liza says she can't lose her baby. Tad says it's not hers - it's Amanda's!

Aidan arrives at Ryan's door. Ryan rails at him for using Emma in a game. Aidan tells him that he needed to find out what Annie is up to. Ryan tells Aidan what Emma told him, thinking that Aidan is the guardian angel. Aidan says it's not him!

Next on All My Children:

Ryan wants to know why Adam is helping Annie!

Kendall is torn between two men!

Ryan gets a strange phone call!

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