David arrives at the hospital and asks at the desk about Amanda having an ultrasound scheduled for that morning. The nurse tells him she canceled it!

Liza comes to the Martin house looking for Jake. She is stunned when Tad tells her that Jake got married and has gone on his honeymoon! Krystal tells Liza that Tad got ordained online and married them - it was silly! Tad says it wasn't silly, it was heartfelt! Liza is stunned to hear that David turned up and watched the ceremony tied up with a garter shoved in his mouth! David suddenly appears, and says no matter where Jake and Amanda are - he'll track them down. When David leaves, Liza tells Tad that Jake can't be warned about David - he's not answering his phone - she's called a dozen times. Tad looks suspicious and asks exactly what her role is in all this! Liza says she tried to represent David and throw him under the train, but it didn't work. Tad is skeptical that all of this is out of her great concern for his brother and his bride. Liza says Jake is a friend of hers! Tad tells her to stick to her story - he wouldn't expect less.

Jake and Amanda kiss and luxuriate in the Barbados on their honeymoon! Amanda wonders how she can be so happy, but feel so heartbroken at the same time. Jake says she loves the baby too, because he loves her, and that love will conquer all. They kiss. Jake checks his phone and sees all the missed calls from Krystal, Tad, David, and Liza. He doesn't tell Amanda that Liza called. She asks him not to return any phone calls. Amanda then goes back to lamenting how unfair it all is - Jake would make such a great dad to this baby. He says they'll have lots of babies. She cries, then goes to apply sunscreen. Jake calls Liza back and tells her that everything is going according to plan. She tells him that David is on their trail! Amanda comes back into the room, where she and Jake realize that she is in labor!

Marissa goes to Babe's gravesite, and is interrupted by JR, who demands to know what she's after there! She says she comes there a lot. JR wonders if David will be showing up. He also tells her that she and Babe aren't much alike, except for their penchant for taking lowlifes under their wing. Marissa says she sees David for who he is - he is dark, but there is light streaming through. JR is amazed that she thinks she can straighten David out. She says she's not a quitter. Little Adam is there and asks if she knew his mommy. JR watches as Marissa kneels at the gravestone with his son. She tells Little Adam how to listen for Babe, before leaving. The boy tells JR he likes her!

Ryan arrives at the hospital with Emma who has a tummyache. As she goes off with Angie, who takes her to see the nurse, Ryan speaks to Zach about Ian. Zach asks where Kendall is, and Ryan is surprised that she's not there with him! He says he saw her at Greenlee's place the night before. They exchange pleasantries about Ian and Emma and Ryan walks away. Jack approaches, also looking for Kendall. Zach says that's the question of the day!

Kendall awakens after dreaming about being with Zach. Spike comes in and joins her on the bed. She tells him she's happy because soon his brother will be getting better and will be coming home!

Annie tells Aidan that the minute she gets better, that's when she'll have to go back to jail! He walks out into the hall, where he spots Emma with the nurse. He asks where Ryan is - Emma says he's visiting Ian. Aidan wants Emma to go with him to tell her mommy a secret. Ryan appears and asks where Aidan is taking her! Aidan says that Emma wants to see her mommy. Ryan asks about her tummyache - she says it would feel better if she could see mommy. Ryan says she can't! Aidan goes into Annie's room, telling her that if she wants to see Emma she'll have to hurry! Ryan continues to argue with Emma in the hall, when Annie appears! Emma runs into her mother's arms. She tells Annie that she doesn't really have a tummyache. Annie tells Emma that a guardian angel is going to bring her home to her!

Jack and Zach discuss Stuart's murder case in the hospital. Jack says that Kendall could always say that she was totally distraught and grief-stricken thinking that her son was dying. Kendall walks in and asks what they're talking about! They tell her, with Zach saying that they'll have to come up with another way. Kendall says that she wanted to kill Adam, but she didn't do anything - she will fight this! Jack is pleased to hear her say that. After he leaves, Kendall discusses a plea again with Zach - she could be out in five years! Zach says she can't do that to the boys - or to him. Kendall brings up the kiss they shared. Zach says it was a mistake. She says it took her back to a loving place of comfort. Zach says he doesn't want to do this right now - she shouldn't make him!

Krystal catches up with Marissa at the restaurant and fills her in on David tracking Jake and Amanda down. Marissa realizes that Krystal wants her to try and stop him!

Liza goes back to the Martin house to apologize to Tad for leaving on a negative note. He blames it on David's influence. When Tad says that he's not sure he, or Jake, or Amanda, should be denying David access to his kid, Liza is taken aback - David's a horrible man! Tad says he did things he didn't know he was capable of when he was looking for Jenny - but she's right, David is a disaster! Tad throws darts as they chat about the difference in him since the shooting. Suddenly, a dart hits Liza in the stomach!

At home, David makes calls trying to find out where Jake and Amanda might have flown! Marissa arrives and gets into it with him about Jake, Amanda, and his threats to take the baby. He says he guesses she's there to stop him. Marissa confirms it! She tries to convince him that Jake and Amanda can give his child a happy life with picnics, family, and pony rides. She points out that a child growing up with him would turn out lonely and angry - and would blame him! David gets a call telling him Jake and Amanda's whereabouts. Marissa says it's the moment of truth!

Jake gets Amanda to the hospital. He phones someone and says that the baby is on the way. He then tells the doctor that Amanda doesn't want to see this baby. The doctor says she's going to see it! As Amanda labors, there are difficulties, she gasps, "Is my baby dying?" Jake reassures her, and soon the baby is born and crying. Amanda demands to see him right away. She cradles him and says, "My beautiful baby boy." When Jake says it's time for the baby to go, Amanda tells him she can't give her baby away!

Next on All My Children:

Tad figures out what is going on with Liza!

Amanda must make a tough choice.

Krystal and Marissa are afraid of what David will do next!

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