David interrupts Jake and Amanda's wedding in the Martin living room. He says some bogus wedding ceremony isn't going to give Jake the right to step in and play daddy to his child! It quickly becomes a free for all as Jake attacks David. Krystal comes rushing in to help break it up. She is surprised to hear that Tad is an ordained minister! She tells David to leave, and he makes a rude remark to her. Tad punches him! When he comes around, David says that Tad should go ahead and pronounce them man and wife - it won't make any difference! They shove Amanda's garter in David's mouth and continue!

Kendall and Zach embrace in Ian's hospital room after the surgeon comes in and tells them the surgery was a success. The embrace leads to kissing! When they pull apart, awkwardness ensues.

As Aidan stands over the feverish Annie in her hospital room, Angie comes in and says the fever will break soon and she'll be back to her old self! Annie continues to puzzle Aidan with her mutterings about feeling so close. When he asks questions, she says she's feeling tired.

Henry North tells Liza, in the interrogation room, that she'll have to go on record about Kendall again, otherwise, he'll have to look at other suspects! Liza says she's already given a statement, and walks out. Jesse follows her and asks if she wants to help Kendall and Zach, why she offered to represent David?! She says that everyone deserves representation, but Marissa approaches and accuses her of taking David's case so she could throw it on purpose! She says if David gets arrested again, she'll make sure Liza's not his lawyer! Liza notes that her emotions are getting away from her!

Erica shows up at Ryan's wanting to discuss Annie. Erica shares her theories about Annie's motivations in getting close to Adam. Ryan tries to dismiss her concerns, saying Annie is his ex-wife and he is only interested in protecting Emma. Erica says she thinks Annie killed Stuart! Suddenly, Erica gets a phone call saying that Ian is out of surgery and doing well! Ryan is pleased.

Erica arrives in Ian's hospital room, beaming. Kendall excuses herself to get some air, and Erica asks Zach if they were fighting. He stutters that, no, they weren't fighting. Erica says she is so happy about Ian! Erica ventures out into the corridor and finds Aidan rubbing his brow. She says it must be exhausting helping Annie plan another escape! He says Annie has her own ideas now. Erica says that's Adam! She tells Aidan that she thinks Annie is planning to use Adam's power. Aidan agrees, saying he wants Annie right where Erica does - in prison! Erica is shocked. Aidan explains that his efforts haven't helped Annie, and she needs to be where she can get help! They disagree over whether Annie is vulnerable and Adam is the one who is dangerous, or the other way around! She warns Aidan to keep Annie away from Adam, and he warns Erica to tell Adam to back off!

Jesse arrives at the hospital to tell Zach that David has been released. He also breaks the news that Liza volunteered to be his attorney. Zach is angry. Suddenly, Liza appears and says it's not what he thinks it is! She admits she was going to throw David's case, but then he placed her on the scene and blew it all up. Zach says as long as she doesn't place Kendall on that terrace, she'll continue to have his silence about the fake pregnancy!

In the Martin living room, Jake expresses his love and devotion to Amanda, for as long as they're both on the planet. This causes Tad to grimace. Amanda says heartfelt vows to Jake too, promising to learn to cook! A choked-up Tad pronounces them man and wife! Tad, Opal, and Krystal congratulate the pair. Jake and Krystal make nice. David kicks up a stink, wanting to be untied and unmuzzled. Tad pulls out the garter, and David calls the wedding a farce! Krystal tells him that this is love - he should walk away. David says she's the expert on that! They are arguing about their past when Marissa comes in and tells Krystal she never even gave them a chance to be a family! She shouts at them all for ganging up on David. David leaves and the Martin clan tries to explain to Marissa what her father is capable of! Krystal asks to speak to her alone. She tells her that David can draw you in when you're vulnerable - he drugged her and made her lose everything. Marissa says she has nothing to lose, and David seems to care for her. Krystal says she'll be hurt! Marissa continues to lobby for David as they all shake their heads. Marissa leaves and Tad says maybe she can save David - maybe she can save them all!

Kendall goes to Greenlee's house. Jack is there packing things up. He says he is having a really hard time with this. Jack then tells Kendall that David was brought in for questioning, but was released. She realizes she is still the main suspect. Jack leaves, and Kendall looks at a photo of herself and Greenlee. She talks to the picture about the plans they once made together. Kendall talks about getting together with Ryan after she was gone, but admits that something is in the way, and it might be Greenlee! Kendall then says that she kissed Zach today - and it felt good. She wishes Greenlee was there to give advice. She asks for a sign that it's okay. Just then, Ryan walks in! He says it's a full moon, and sometimes Greenlee just creeps into his mind. He notes that it's the same with her and Zach - isn't it?

David catches up with Liza at the hospital and accuses her of trying to get him thrown in jail, so she could be the hero. He manhandles her, and she nearly falls. He asks if she is alright - if the baby is okay. Liza pulls away, saying, "You leave me alone, leave my baby alone!" David watches her suspiciously as she goes off.

Erica goes in to see Annie, who informs her that she's getting better - lots of people say she is getting better - Ryan even let her talk to Emma on the phone! Erica says Adam won't be enough to help her - she's going back to prison where she belongs!

Next on All My Children:

Amanda gives birth!

Tad wants to know what Liza is up to!

An estranged couple grows closer.

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