Jake and Amanda, after his proposal in the restaurant, decide to get married as soon as possible! They head home to find Opal and Tad watching static on the TV. Tad makes a remark about needing to get the digital box set up by Friday. Jake says they have good news and holds up a marriage license! Opal claps and jumps up and down. Jake asks Tad to perform the ceremony! As Amanda and Opal watch a soap opera, Tad gets ordained online!

When Jesse asks David questions at the police station, Liza tells him not to answer, but he surprises everyone by saying it's time his story came out! David says he had the gun and intended to shoot Adam, but thought of his children and couldn't do it. He hid in the tunnels and made his way back outside - where Kendall tripped over him - that's why they found his footprint. Liza insists they let David go, but the D.A. thinks his story is a lie! Jesse thinks David hid in the bushes and watched Kendall trip, before heading back to the house. He picks up the gun that Kendall dropped and lines up a shot at who he thinks is Adam - but kills Stuart! David says they don't care about the truth - they just want to lynch him! David says he did not shoot Stuart, but he also hasn't been completely honest! He not only saw Kendall that night, but when he made his way to the terrace, standing over Stuart's dead body was - Liza! Jesse and Liza look stunned!

Ryan watches as Zach and Kendall embrace after Angie and Dr. Sloan tell them Ian is ready for surgery - they can fix his heart! He slips out as Erica comes in. The doctor explains that the valves will need to be replaced as Ian grows. Angie tells them that Ian is in good hands, before leaving. Kendall notices Ryan is gone. Erica says she'll find him. Once alone, Zach and Kendall imagine planning a birthday party for their son. Kendall hopes she's around for it - Zach says she will be.

In the hospital, Annie wakes up the police guard and tells him she needs a doctor as she cries out in pain! Aidan rushes over and says she'll be okay! Angie appears on the scene and Annie again asks for Aidan to leave - he is escorted away.

At the Chandler Mansion, JR questions Adam about his new 'bff', Annie! He accuses Adam of having the hots for a psycho! Adam says she's just ill, but JR scoffs, saying she needs to go back to the looney bin! Adam tells JR that Annie took care of him when David had him hopped up on drugs - he remembers that she saved him - gave him CPR! JR says he needs to concentrate on getting better, not on Annie. Adam gets a call from the hospital about Annie and rushes out the door. JR calls out wondering why they're calling him?!

Erica finds Ryan in the corridor and asks him how Spike is doing. He tells her he knows what she's doing - trying to make him think that Kendall wants him to go look after Spike, so as to give Zach and Kendall time to bond! Erica denies it. Ryan says he admires her creativity and persistence. He says he will take Spike to the penthouse tonight because it's what he needs - not because it's what she wants!

Ian is taken up the hallway to surgery as Kendall and Zach watch. Kendall sees Erica, who tells her that Ryan has gone to be with Spike. Kendall feels she hasn't been there for her other son at all lately. Erica then spots Adam and JR. She thanks him for showing up to support Ian, but he says he's there to see Annie! Kendall gets antsy about Ian being in surgery and asks Zach to distract her - what happened with the D.A.? Zach admits he still wants to pin the murder on Kendall. She thinks the D.A. is determined to do this because they got married and tried to thwart him. Zach thinks it's because she's Erica Kane's daughter. Zach confirms that he doesn't think she killed Stuart, and he'll do everything he can to protect her - she needs to concentrate on Ian!

As Angie and Aidan discuss Annie having an infection in her wound, Adam appears and asks to see Annie, saying he'll be pressing charges against the animal that did this to her! JR tells Aidan that Adam has decided that his psycho girlfriend is the key to his salvation - he is worried that she will take advantage of him! Angie follows Adam in to Annie's room with antibiotics. He wants to be sure that Annie is getting the best possible treatment. Angie sighs, and Annie thanks him. Adam strides back out into the hall and calls for Joe Martin, telling JR that Annie needs better care! Erica asks JR what is going on - he says Adam is obsessed with Annie Lavery! JR points out that Adam would never have gotten through the last few months without Erica. She agrees that Adam's new focus on Annie isn't healthy, but she doesn't know what he's looking for with Annie. Erica says anyone who hangs on to Annie gets hurt!

Aidan catches up with Ryan before he leaves the hospital. He mentions that he may have to let her go the way Ryan did, and also says she had a chance to escape today and didn't take it! Ryan realizes that Annie dumped Aidan. Aidan tells him that she took advantage of him, and now is preparing to take advantage of Adam - she is crazier than ever! Aidan is worried that Adam will help Annie disappear with Emma if that's what she wants! Ryan is puzzled as to why Aidan has turned on Annie. Aidan says he's not her enemy, but Ryan thinks he's just sour because she doesn't need him anymore.

Amanda dresses for her wedding upstairs at the Martin house, as Opal comes in with flowers. Amanda laments having a shotgun wedding to a man who is not even the father of her child - not exactly how she imagined it. She wishes her parents could be there too. Opal says she's marrying a Martin and her parents would be thrilled! Jake comes in and remarks, "Wow." Opal leaves them alone. Jake says Reverend Thaddeus is ready. Amanda tells him she is very sure about wanting to spend the rest of her life with him. They kiss. Tad comes in and breaks it up.

Angie confronts Adam for delaying Annie's treatment with his posturing! She says she is going in to start Annie's antibiotics and he'd better be gone when she comes out. JR asks his father if he's satisfied, or would he like to call in the Surgeon General?! JR says they need to leave. Erica approaches and says she wants to talk to Adam. She warns him about Annie, but he defends her. Erica says she thought it was the medication dulling his senses - but he's just a fool!

In Annie's room, she is burning up with fever. Aidan is in with her and she apologizes if she hurt him. She tosses and turns and asks, "Why is this happening to me? I was so close!"

Jesse and Henry North quiz Liza about what David said in the interrogation room. Liza explains about the letters. Jesse asks the D.A. if she needs to stay for further questioning - he says she doesn't, as long as she is willing to reconfirm her original statement that she saw Kendall at the scene!

In the Martin living room, Tad begins the wedding ceremony between Jake and Amanda. At the part where he asks if anyone has a reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, David Hayward appears, saying, "That would be me!"

Next on All My Children:

Liza makes certain that her secret is kept!

Aiden works with someone to protect Annie!

When David shows up somewhere he isn't welcome, Tad deals with him!

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