Amanda is reading a book about the dangers of childbirth when Jake joins her in the restaurant. He reassures her - the baby is not going to die! He jokes that the baby is so strong that they could deliver him right now! Amanda worries about saying goodbye to the baby.

Liza and Colby meet up in the restaurant as well. Colby admits she still hasn't talked to Adam, and tells Liza that she wants to move out of the mansion immediately. Assuming she wants to move in with her, Liza is thrilled! Colby says she already has a roommate - she just needs help with the deposit! Liza cuts her a check, but it comes with a condition - Colby has to talk to Adam. Liza heads over to Amanda and Jake's table and sees the book. She reassures Amanda, who goes to the restroom. Liza and Jake chat.

Aidan arrives in Annie's hospital room and tells Adam he can take it from here. Adam says he's not going anywhere - Annie called him! They argue when Adam accuses Aidan of enabling Annie by helping her escape - she deserves a chance to get better! Annie wakes up and asks them to stop arguing, and she wants to talk to Aidan. Adam goes out, and Annie apologizes to Aidan for not calling him. He says he'll always be there for her - she says that scares her - he can't put his life on hold for her! He says it's up to him, but Annie calls the police officer to remove Aidan from her room! She dozes off, but awakens in pain. Getting out of bed, Annie stops short when she sees the police guard is asleep. She eyes his gun!

At the hospital, Krystal tells Angie that she left David and she's staying with Tad! They discuss David offering to buy Amanda's baby. Krystal says she finally woke up, and walked out. Angie asks if there is anything she can do. Krystal tells her to pray that she has the strength to stay away from David!

Jesse asks Scott to get JR out of Wildwind so he can question David. Marissa wants to know about what - Jesse says he's asking about the night of Stuart's murder! JR, who still hasn't left, says he saw David at the gate with a loaded gun. David says it's true, but JR knocked him out and stole it! Jesse sends JR home, and grabs David to go down to the station!

In Ian's hospital room, Kendall upsets Zach and Ryan by pointing out that she could be facing the death penalty unless the police find out who really killed Stuart! They both reassure her it will never come to that. Zach encourages her to go home for a while. She and Ryan leave. Out in the hallway, they overhear Krystal talking to Marissa on the phone, who has called to tell her David has gone in for questioning. Krystal is saying that David rarely pays for his crimes - why should the murder of Stuart turn out any different?! Ryan and Kendall go back in and tell Zach about the new development. Zach and Ryan decide to go to the police station, saying something about going over Jesse's head!

At the police station, Jesse orders a search done on Wildwind, before turning back to David, who tells him that the people in this town want his head on a stick - and he's leading the charge! David wants a lawyer. Marissa is there trying to get through to David's attorney. Scott and JR arrive and wonder why she cares anyway - she hardly even knows David! Scott asks JR to back off Marissa, but she says Scott shouldn't defend her - for all they know David killed his father. Scott remembers how Stuart found beauty in everything, but is interrupted by Liza coming in - she's going to act as David's lawyer! Liza introduces herself to Marissa and asks to see David. Jesse says, "Knock yourself out. With a baseball bat!"

Krystal turns up at the restaurant and tells Amanda and Jake that David's been taken in for questioning in Stuart's murder. Amanda says if he goes to prison he won't be able to take her baby! Amanda is tickled at the idea of David going to prison, but Jake warns that he always finds a way to slither out of trouble. Amanda says they could actually consider keeping the baby. Jake points out that she said 'we'. She nods. Jake proposes to her on the spot - she says 'yes'!

As Colby moves boxes out of her father's house, she is emotional, thinking about how Adam never told her that Liza was trying to contact her. Adam appears and asks where she's going - she says anywhere that's away from him! Adam says he can explain about the letters, but she says he let her believe her mother didn't care! Adam wants to work things out, but Colby says the last few years have been a lie - she's leaving - and it's all on him! JR comes home and encourages Colby to leave. Adam is outraged. He and JR get into it over Adam's need to control his children's lives. Adam acquiesces, and Colby leaves. JR then asks Adam what's up with he and Annie becoming best buddies. Adam says this might be his shot at redemption!

Zach and Ryan find the D.A. and press him to drop the charges against Kendall since they have David in custody. He doesn't want them to tell him how to do his job! He also tells Zach that even though he married Kendall - the damage has already been done, and he intends to prove that Kendall killed Stuart Chandler! They realize that the D.A. won't pursue the David angle because it will make him look like a jerk if he's wrong about Kendall. They agree not to worry Kendall just yet.

Angie goes into Ian's room to talk to Kendall. They discuss the case and Kendall says that she remembered tripping over someone, possibly David. If the footprint is a match he might be out of their lives! Angie is thrilled! Dr. Sloan comes in - a new doctor for Ian's case. Kendall is relieved, but still worries whether any evidence will materialize against David!

Liza finds David in the interrogation area. He chuckles at her wanting to defend him. He warns that Colby and Adam won't understand. She says she'll make Colby understand - she's not losing her again. David agrees, and Liza asks if Jesse will find anything at his house. Just then, Jesse and the D.A. appear with a shoe in a baggy - it's a match for the footprint! Out in the waiting area, Krystal arrives and tells Marissa she is only helping David because she wants to get close to him. Back in the interrogation room, Liza blocks Jesse and Henry's attempts to question David.

In Ian's hospital room, Kendall asks Ryan and Zach how things went with the D.A. Before Zach can answer, Angie and Dr. Sloan come in and announce that they will be able to fix Ian's heart! Kendall and Zach spontaneously embrace. Ryan watches thoughtfully.

Next on All My Children:

Ryan is optimistic about Annie.

David talks!

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