Ryan questions Annie about how David reminds her of what happened the night of Stuart's death, when Adam comes in and tells him to back off - Annie is the only person who was in the house who didn't want to kill him! Annie wonders if Kendall did it, but Ryan insists she didn't. Annie tells them how David ties in - she saw him in the house with Little Adam!

Scott and JR discuss the heart valve situation at the restaurant. JR has an idea to pull the company back from the brink - they'll turn the spotlight on the man who is really responsible for everyone's misery! Marissa walks up and asks who that would be? JR replies, "Your father!" Marissa defends David, and they trade barbs. JR reminds her of the terrible things David did to him, and tells her she's lucky Krystal kept her away from him! She doesn't think it was lucky - she never knew her own twin sister! She informs him that her parents died, and now she's just as alone as David! After she leaves, Scott points out that she has a point - JR doesn't really know what it's like to feel alone. JR reminds him her dad might have killed his dad - he shouldn't be so quick to defend her!

In Ian's hospital room, David tells Kendall she won't be pinning Stuart's murder on him. Zach walks in and says there is no way he's letting his wife take the fall for him! David says Kendall shot at Adam, but it was Stuart. David tells them he didn't even have a gun - JR knocked him out with a rock! Kendall suddenly says that David was the one she tripped over when she was running away - he must have been on his way back to the terrace to kill Stuart! David says that her memory would never stand up in court - they can try to pin it on him all they want, but it's not going to work! He says he won't handle Ian's case anymore. After he leaves, Ryan comes in. He tells them that they have another witness - Annie saw David in the nursery that night. Kendall feels that Annie is not a reliable witness. Ryan says maybe not, but Jake witnessed it earlier when David was standing over Annie's bed in a threatening way.

In Germany, Randi expresses doubt to Brot that she'll be able to get through to Frankie. She says he doesn't even want to see her right now. Brot urges her to keep pushing until he's too tired to fight her anymore, or give up - but either way, Frankie will resent her! Randi goes in to see her husband, but he rejects her. She confronts him, saying she guesses this means they only work when he could save her! She tells him she thought that they could make it through anything - but obviously love isn't enough! She says she's done begging and pleading with him to let her in. With that, she leaves the room. Brot comes over to her. She says if Frankie doesn't get out of bed by the count of ten - she's going home! She counts, but Frankie doesn't move. As she runs down the corridor, Brot shakes his head.

Jack and Jesse are doing another sweep of the grounds looking for clues. Jesse hopes they can exonerate Kendall! They find some footprints, but they belong to Ryan and Kendall. JR appears, and Jesse asks him what size shoe he wears!

Adam and Annie chat in her hospital room. She says she's sorry about his brother. They discuss how David was drugging him - he says he's much clearer now. Annie wonders if he can remember things - he says he knows he promised to do everything he can to get her charges dropped and help her get her daughter back! She smiles and thanks him. As she dozes off, Aiden comes in. Adam tells him she's in very good hands!

JR and Scott are at home. JR is ranting about how David has been coming after their family for years and the cops have done nothing about it! Scott says all they can do is wait, but JR stalks out saying that's not true! Scott follows.

Marissa arrives at David's place and confronts him about the things JR told her. He says it's all true, but he didn't kill Stuart. He is certain, however, that everyone wants to pin it on him, and that they are manufacturing evidence against him as they speak! David admits to Marissa that what he did to JR was nothing compared to some of the other things he's done - the law is not on his side. He invites her to leave if she likes. Marissa says she's not going anywhere! David says he feels he cannot defend himself in Pine Valley, but Marissa presses him to stay and help her prove his innocence. He tells her to call 911 after he leaves - he doesn't want anyone to think she is on his side. They embrace and she tells him to be careful. He wishes things had been different. As he opens the door, JR approaches, hollering, "Going somewhere?" David throws him against the wall and runs. As Marissa runs to JR, Scott appears and asks what happened?!

Jack and Jesse arrive at the hospital and ask Ryan and Zach about their shoe sizes. They announce that everyone is eliminated except one person - David Hayward! Zach prepares to leave, but Jesse stops him, saying he will be doing this his way! Ryan uses the opportunity to promote his theory about David. Jesse says that none of the evidence proves that David killed Stuart! He tells them to let him do his job and leaves. Ryan, Zach, and Kendall hope Jesse can prove something, otherwise Kendall will still be the prime suspect!

Brot ventures into Frankie's hospital room and asks him what's wrong with him - he's pushed Randi out the door! Brot urges him to get out of bed and go after her, but Frankie says, "Let her go." Brot warns him not to go down the self-pity road again! Frankie says he warned her that he would be different if he came back. Brot says everyone who goes there comes back different one way or another - who is he to say that Randi can't handle it?! Frankie says he's just repeating the things he said to him about Taylor, but it's different - Taylor was there, Randi wasn't! Brot says if he doesn't stop Randi he'll regret it for the rest of his life! Brot says when he first was injured, he blamed Frankie for saving him - but he did the right thing - and he's returning the favor by stopping him from making this mistake - can he live without Randi?

Jesse arrives at David's house. JR tells him he just took off carrying a bag. As Jesse is putting out an APB on him, David suddenly reappears! David tells Marissa that he let them run him out of Babe's life - he refuses to let them do the same thing with her!

Next on All My Children:

Liza and David cut a deal!

Annie and Aiden argue about what is best for her.

Liza wants Colby to move in.

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