At home, Jesse tells Angie it's not too late to scratch this mission. Angie says they haven't heard anything - she needs to go! Just then, Brot contacts them on the computer. He says Frankie is recovering from the surgery, but they don't know anything yet. In Frankie's hospital room, Randi listens as the surgeon tells her that he won't be able to use his hands for surgery in the future. Randy tries to talk to Frankie, but he roars at her to get out of the room! Angie and Jesse hear him yell behind Brot over the computer! Frankie tells Randi he no longer has a life, as they all listen. Brot signs off, and Angie tells Jesse she has to go - she knows what to say to Frankie! Jesse suggests she let Randi 'rescue' Frankie.

Liza phones Adam's place. He answers and calls her a pathological liar and hangs up on her! Adam then hears a noise behind him and turns - it's Zach. Adam brings up Ian - he never intended for his son to be at risk. Adam claims he had been in a drug-induced fog, in case Zach hadn't heard. Zach merely stares. Adam tells him not to bother trying to scare him - just do whatever he's going to and get it over with! Zach says he came to kill him before, but someone beat him to it. Now, they're going to solve that mystery together! Liza walks in and tells Zach to leave, she'll never mention she saw him here. Adam laughs, and says he's helping Zach - he then accuses Liza of being the shooter. Liza says she can't deny she wanted to kill him, but more than that, she wanted the letters! He denies remembering any letters. Liza tells him he should tell it to Colby - she's read them all! Liza tells him he must have wanted to be caught - otherwise he would have burned them! Liza says he put the letters in his pocket the night Stuart died - she watched and wanted to kill him. She says she took off and wandered around the grounds - that's when she heard the gunshot. She came back and saw the body on the floor and took the letters out of his pocket before leaving. Adam notes that it's all such a haze, but he remembers seeing the letters and the gun. Zach marvels that it was him that Liza saw then. Adam says he felt hot and dizzy and took the jacket off - Stuart must have put it on. The only other thing he remembers is seeing Annie and Emma in the attic. Adam explains that David had been drugging him, adding that he wasn't in his right mind when he okayed the heart valve for Ian. Adam takes a call and leaves the room. Zach asks Liza if she actually saw Kendall or not. She did, but didn't see her pull the trigger.

In her jail cell, Annie rants about Kendall being charged with murder as she looks at a newspaper. The woman in the next cell tells her to shut up. When she doesn't, the woman reaches over and hits her! When the officials come in, they realize Annie has actually been stabbed in the back!

In court, Kendall sits with Ryan and Jack. They try to reassure her. The judge calls Jack into his quarters, and Kendall hugs Ryan. She then asks why David would have been at the back of the courtroom?

Randi sits at Frankie's bedside, trying to convince him that he can diagnose patients, even if he can't operate. Frankie rages that he thinks with his hands! Soldiers died because of him! In the hallway, Brot is approached by an injured soldier in a wheelchair who wants to thank Frankie for saving him. Brot says he's not in a good place right now.

In Ian's hospital room, Kendall again asks Ryan why David would have come to the courtroom. Ryan says David should be at the top of the suspect list! Jack comes in and says that the judge has set trial for six weeks from now - time to start building a defense. Ryan exits and Jack asks Kendall what she hasn't told him yet! She says she was standing outside the terrace door with a gun, but she couldn't go through with it. She dropped the gun and ran, but she tripped. Jack asks what she tripped over. She can't remember. He says maybe that's because she tripped over a moving human being who didn't want to be seen - perhaps the real shooter?! He heads out to take another sweep of the grounds.

In the hospital, Jake and David have a brief run-in. Jake accuses him of being the one who killed Stuart! Out in the hallway, Ryan and Jake chat. Jake fills Ryan in on how David was drugging Adam, and it was Annie who performed the CPR. Jake moves off, and David appears. Ryan asks why he was at the courthouse. He says he was worried about Kendall, musing that it's too bad she didn't cover her tracks. Ryan replies, "Cover her tracks? You mean, like you did!" As they continue to trade barbs, Ryan gets the call about Annie.

Annie is brought into the hospital. Jake meets her and asks what happened. She wants Ryan - and Adam Chandler! Ryan comes into Annie's room and Jake informs him that she was stabbed. Annie wakes up to see David standing over her. Jake chases him off, then tells her and Ryan that the stab didn't hit any organs. Annie tells Ryan that seeing David just then made her flashback to the night of the murder! As Ryan presses her to remember, Adam comes in and tells him to leave Annie alone!

Randi contacts Angie and Jesse on the computer at their house. She says Frankie has completely shut down - nothing she can say will bring him around! Behind her, Brot tries to talk to Frankie, saying the damage to his face is like the damage to Frankie's hands. Frankie continues to feel sorry for himself. Brot reminds him that he felt that way once too, and Frankie helped him. Randi, meanwhile, asks Jesse and Angie if they can come to help. Angie says she was going to - but she doesn't think it's a good idea - Frankie needs his wife! Randi says he's not hearing her. Angie tells her to fight for Frankie as hard as he fought for her! They disconnect, and Angie tells Jesse she hopes he was right. Jesse says, if not, she can pack up and go. Angie cries over Frankie's hands. Meanwhile, Randi tells Brot that Angie won't come - she thinks she can handle this on her own - but she doesn't know if she can!

David comes in to check on Ian. Kendall asks him where he was when the shot rang out the night of the murder. He mocks her for trying to pin it on him like Ryan - they're not going there! Zach walks in and says, "That's exactly where we're going!"

Next on All My Children:

Adam and Annie form an alliance!

Frankie continues to push his wife away!

More people point the finger at David!

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