Liza works to convince Colby, at the Chandler house, that she has always loved her and that she didn't kill Stuart. After she leaves, Petey sits down beside Colby and tells her that the blood on the letter was, in fact, Stuart's! He says Liza had motive as well - she must have killed Stuart! He wants to tell the police. Colby says she believes her mother is innocent - there's no way she's turning her in!

At the hospital, Kendall and Zach continue to watch over their son. Zach eventually tells Kendall that if she is worrying about Ryan, she should go see him. Kendall doesn't want to leave Ian, but Angie comes in and together, she and Zach convince her to go. Kendall leaves the room and encounters Erica out in the corridor. She tells her she had come to relieve her and Zach, so they could go home and spend some time together. Erica tells Kendall that she knows for a fact that Zach still loves her! Erica is astounded that Kendall doesn't seem to care that Zach was willing to go to prison for her! Kendall says she appreciates what Zach did, but she loves Ryan, and nothing she can say will change that!

Tad and Krystal sit together at the restaurant. Marissa comes over to talk to Krystal about David - she wonders if maybe she could fill the void for what he's missing - all she'd be doing is getting to know her father! Krystal warns her against getting sucked in - like she did! She tells Marissa that she reminds her of Babe. Marissa smiles and says that they're twins so it's not surprising. Krystal again warns Marissa about trying to save David. She leaves, and Krystal tells Tad about the two of them, and her leaving David... Tad cuts her off and says he doesn't want to talk, he just wants to dance, and let the music carry them away! Later, Tad jokes about what a good tipper he is, and gets Krystal laughing. He notes that it's nice to be out like this, isn't it? They head home.

Angie and Zach talk in Ian's hospital room. She tells him how brave he is, and how not many fathers would marry their ex-wives. Zach says it's all over - he's out of Kendall's heart, and she's out of his!

Ryan pays a visit to Adam, wondering if he remembers seeing Annie the night of the shooting. Adam says he was under the influence of David's drugs, but he remembers seeing her. Ryan asks if he saw Annie with a gun. Adam accuses Ryan of trying to pin the murder on his lunatic ex-wife in order to get Kendall off! He then says Annie is innocent - he'd stake his life on it!

Stumbling around Wildwind in a drunken state, David is stunned to see Babe standing there asking him why he's so sad - is it because of her? He says everything fell apart when he lost her. She's seen the things that he's done - it's wrong to treat people that way! David says it was all for Little Adam. She urges him to be a good man - it's in him! He talks about how he came back to town to explain, but it was too late, she was gone. Babe tells him that Amanda loves her baby. David shouts that it's his baby too - is he to be alone the rest of his life?! Suddenly, Marissa is in front of him, saying, "You have me." She offers him aspirin, and he asks why she's doing this. She wants to understand him - there are enough people judging him. As Marissa talks about David manipulating the people he cares about instead of letting them in, he sees Babe again briefly. He asks Marissa how she knows all this - she says she's not sure - she just does!

Kendall arrives at Ryan's place, saying that she wanted to see him. He didn't expect to see her tonight - he thought she'd be with Zach. Ryan says maybe she should be. She knows it's weird, her marrying Zach. Ryan agrees - a little bit! She tells Ryan that she wants to be with him. He says as much as he wants her there with him, she needs to be at the hospital with Zach - her son needs her. Kendall says she loves him. He says he loves her too.

Liza encounters Zach in the hospital. She is looking for Kendall. He says she's not there. Liza says things would never have happened between them if she'd known he was Kendall's ex! She says it's all screwed up - Colby, Stuart, Adam...and every time she sees him she wants to rip his clothes off! As she reaches toward him, Zach says, "I wouldn't do that! I'm a married man!" Liza is taken aback, saying she didn't realize guys like him still existed! As Zach walks away, Kendall returns. Liza apologizes to her for telling the police she saw her with a gun, saying she recanted her testimony. Kendall isn't impressed, saying it must have been a heck of a one night stand to make her do that! Liza says she didn't do it for Zach - she's protecting her baby.

Liza and Erica have a run-in at the restaurant. Liza says for the first time in a long time she's connected with her daughter - she's getting Colby back! Erica caustically wishes her good luck with that!

At home, Ryan watches as Emma speaks with Annie on the phone. Annie tells her daughter she's thinking of her every minute and loves her.

Kendall rejoins Zach in the hospital room. She asks if he'd like her to take this shift. He says that would be great. He seems happy as he watches Kendall settle in.

Next on All My Children:

Liza vows that she is innocent.

David appears guilty.

One suspect remembers something important about Stuart's murder.

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