In the hospital, Jake asks Liza if she has any dizziness. She says she's not really pregnant - he says she's about to be! He pulls out her records from when she carried Colby - he will change the dates. He says he'll take Amanda to Barbados for a c-section and Liza will lay low for a few weeks, then return to Pine Valley with her new baby. They look at an ultrasound photo of Colby at 23 weeks - he thought the baby was his then. Liza tells Jake he'll be a great dad someday. Amanda comes in and sees the picture and asks if it's a boy or a girl. Liza says it will be a surprise, then leaves. Amanda and Jake discuss the adoption again - she asks, "What if something goes wrong?" Jake reassures her.

Colby asks Erica what she's doing in Liza's room! Erica says she's looking for evidence to prove that Liza was lying to the police - and that she is the guilty one! Erica thinks Colby believes her mother killed Stuart too. Colby said she did think that, but Liza said she didn't do it. Colby refuses to help Erica nail her mother for murder. As Erica goes back to searching, Colby finds a stack of letters under the bed - addressed to her! She slips them in her bag.

At Wildwind, Krystal tells Scott she could've killed David! He says just like he killed his father! Stuart calls the police and says he has new information about the murder of his dad. Krystal thinks Scott may be right! When David comes to, Scott tells him he will watch him day and night until they lock him up! The police arrive and Scott points to David as the murderer. Krystal tells Jesse that he was at the house that night - and nobody wanted Adam dead more than David. Rolling his eyes, David hollers, "Cuff me!" He explains that Krystal is obviously going to do him in so she can reconcile with her ex with a clear conscience! Jesse isn't prepared to arrest him yet, but Krystal says Marissa called her and told her David was saying the wrong man died - it was supposed to be Adam! David says everyone feels that way! Jesse won't arrest David. Scott vows to prove that David did this! Jesse warns Scott to let him do his job - if he did it, he'll get him! Scott leaves. Once alone, David tells Krystal that she had every reason to believe he shot Stuart. He did want Adam dead. He even pointed a gun at him, but he couldn't do it - his children stopped him!

In Ian's hospital room, Zach and Ryan deliberate over who Kendall should marry so as to avoid testifying against one another. She can't believe they're serious - she has to choose one of them to marry right now? Ryan says it's the only way. Zach agrees. Ryan feels it should be Zach - it will be much more difficult to explain away his confession. Kendall agrees to marry Zach. Kendall asks Ryan if he's sure he's okay with this - he is. Zach wonders if Ryan believes he's innocent. Ryan says he doesn't think Zach did it. He leaves so as not to witness the wedding.

Colby arrives home and sits down to go through the letters. She reads them all and realizes that Liza had been sending her letters from three days after she left to come to Pine Valley. Colby realizes that Adam kept the letters from her. Petey comes over and commiserates with Colby. He asks which is the last letter Liza wrote - they realize there is blood on it! Petey says it could be Stuart's blood and takes the letter to test it! He passes Liza on his way out, stuttering that he's late for a comic book convention! Liza watches him go, then asks Colby what she was doing in her room earlier - the concierge told her she'd been there! Colby and Liza wind up having a heart-to-heart about the letters. Liza tears up as she tells Colby she never stopped loving her - ever. They embrace tightly! Colby wonders how Liza got the letters back from Adam, then realizes she took them. Liza didn't tell her about them because it would prove she was in the house the night Stuart died! Liza says she took the letters and left. Colby says, "Liar." Just then, Petey calls - it's human blood on the letter! Colby accuses Liza of killing Uncle Stuart!

Ryan talks to Erica on his way out of the hospital. He explains that Kendall is going to have to marry Zach. He says it's tearing him apart, but he can handle it if it means she'll be protected. Erica says okay, and goes to find Kendall. Erica tells Kendall that she hears she's getting married - if Ian knew, he'd be happy. Kendall says it's just on paper.

Ryan returns home to Emma. Opal says they happened upon a childbirth video - who does those close-ups anyway? Ryan changes the subject, and Emma leaves the room. Opal gives him a drawing that Emma made - she thinks he should see it! It's a picture of a male person pointing a gun! Ryan calls Emma and asks her who it is in the picture. She says she can't tell - mommy made her promise not to!

In the hospital waiting room, a hastily pulled-together wedding between Kendall and Zach takes place. Zach surprises Kendall by producing rings. They are pronounced husband and wife. When the minister tells them to kiss, Zach walks away.

Zach and Kendall are back in the room with Ian. Kendall is crying softly as she thinks about good memories of Zach and Ryan. When he asks if she's alright, she tells him she was just thinking of Ryan.

Ryan has taken Emma's drawing to show Annie. He says it's her in the picture, and asks her who she was pointing the gun at?! Annie sighs, and says, "Okay. I'll tell you."

Next on All My Children:

Krystal warns Marissa to stay away from David!

Annie makes a deal!

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