At the Chandler Mansion, Colby and Scott read the paper and marvel that Kendall got out on bail. Scott tells Colby that Kendall isn't the reason his dad's dead - he is! Scott explains that he is the one who brought the heart valve to the company - he has guilt he'll live with for the rest of his life!

David answers his door - it's Marissa. He tells her Krystal left him and invites her in to hear all about it! His house is in disarray. He says that Babe left him, and now Krystal. He muses that she was right to leave - she gave up so much to be with him. He goes on drunkenly about Krystal, and starts to ramble about how a good man - Stuart - is now dead! Marissa asks what he's getting at - he says Stuart wasn't supposed to die - Adam was!

At the restaurant, Erica spots Liza seated at a table. She warns her that if she slaps her again she'll press charges! Suddenly Jack appears. Erica is floored to discover he's there to meet Liza! Erica goes to sit down elsewhere, and watches Jack and Liza as they discuss the Stuart murder case - they establish that she's going to have to take the witness stand and say she saw Kendall on the scene with a gun in her hand. Erica comes over and confronts Jack about Liza causing trouble for Kendall. He tells her she should stay out of it - she says she won't - not until Kendall is cleared!

Kendall is at the hospital with Ian, when Ryan appears. She tells him that Jack is arranging her bail, and that Zach should be out soon too. Ryan wonders if she's sure Zach isn't the killer. Kendall is sure, saying the police will find out who really killed Stuart. She then trashes Liza, who she says can't be trusted, and has been sleeping with Zach! Ryan asks why she cares? She denies being jealous, but says it's the whole pregnancy thing - she wonders if Liza and Zach were together when she was in a coma. Ryan urges her to ask him if he's the father.

In jail, Zach is grilled by Jesse and the D.A., Henry North. He tells them that neither he nor his ex-wife, Kendall Hart, killed Stuart Chandler! Zach contends that Kendall isn't capable of murder, but Henry points out that Zach immediately assumed she'd done it and confessed to protect her! As the D.A. vows to investigate everyone who was on that property, Jesse tells Zach he's free to go!

Krystal is with Jenny at the Martin house when Marissa calls and says that David is flipping out. As David pounds loudly on the piano in the background, she tells Krystal that he's completely lost it - he keeps saying that Adam should have died instead of Stuart! Krystal says she can't come over and talk him down - it's over.

Colby meets with Petey at the restaurant and tells him how weird it is seeing her parents interacting in the same room - as much as they hate each other, they had a 'moment'! Petey can relate his parents are similar. They discuss how ruthless Adam is. Colby says he's the kind of person someone would want to kill. Colby tells Petey about Liza, and about the sperm donor situation with Jake Martin. Petey says Adam must have really loved Liza to go to that extreme. Colby's sick of extremes - she wants normal. Petey urges her to give her mom a chance. Petey says he's been studying all kinds of relationships - it's all about chemistry - the right ones go 'kaboom'!

David continues his drinking and ranting at Wildwind - Babe is dead, Little Adam is out of reach, Stuart is dead, and Adam just keeps on keeping on! He smashes a whiskey bottle against the wall as Krystal arrives! She chastises him for dragging Marissa into this and sends her away. David tells Krystal he knew she'd come back - she loves him! Krystal reads David the riot act for letting Marissa see him like this. She tells him he is pathetic and prepares to leave. When he realizes she's staying with Tad he goes ballistic. He grabs her and says, 'There's no way you're walking out on me again!" He apologizes for everything he's done, but she says he never loved her - he used her! David says she walked away from safe and chose passion - she yells that she chose wrong! David becomes enraged as he tries to jam her wedding ring back on her finger!

As Kendall is explaining to Ryan that it would have been tacky to ask Zach if he fathered Liza's baby while he was in jail on her behalf, Erica walks into the room. Kendall fills her in - Zach's been sleeping with Liza Colby! Erica says this explains why Liza lied to the police - to get Kendall out of the way! Ryan leaves, telling Kendall they're okay. Erica then tells Kendall it's obvious that Liza killed Stuart - they just need to find the evidence that nails her!

Marissa turns up on Scott's doorstep and tells him everything David was saying at Wildwind. She thinks her father killed Scott's father!

Liza is at the hospital looking for Jake when she runs into Zach. She tells him she recanted her statement, and he tells her not to worry - he won't expose her belly to the world. Zach then goes in to join Kendall and Ian. Zach promises Kendall he will find whoever killed Stuart and places a reassuring hand over hers.

Erica goes to where Liza is staying and convinces the maid that she needs to get into Liza's room, by saying it's hers. She takes a photo with the maid, who then lets her into Liza's room. As she rifles through drawers, the light comes on - Colby asks her what the heck she's doing!

Ryan catches up with Jack and asks what happens now that Liza has recanted her testimony. Ryan says he wants to help. Jack warns him not to do anything crazy! Ryan then goes back to the room where Kendall and Zach sit with Ian - he tells them that there is one thing they can do - get married!

As David continues to manhandle Krystal at Wildwind, Scott appears and punches him out!

Next on All My Children:

Ryan confronts Annie!

Colby accuses Liza of murder.

Jake has a plan.

Krystal accuses David of murder!

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