It's Josh's first day at Chandler Industries. JR wants to talk personnel matters, but Josh is more interested in personal conversations--especially the subject of Babe. JR says that there's nothing to discuss. As they're talking, Bianca shows up to talk about the New Beginnings party and the Chandler Industries donation to the Miranda Center.

Bianca can't understand why Josh is working at Chandler, and he explains it's a way to keep Babe safe.

Josh is ready to tell JR about him and Babeand Bianca warns him to be ready for the consequences if he does that. She'll be on his side, no matter what he does.

Adam confronts Babe with the truth, but she tells him it's none of his business. Adam demands to know if it's over. She says her presence is proof that she's committed to JR. Adam says he will keep his promise to Krystal, as long as she stays away from Josh.

Krystal comes in after Adam leaves, and an angry Babe asks how she could have told Adam. Krystal apologizes, but says she couldn't lie to Adam about this. Babe admits that she's guilt-stricken and can't stop thinking about Josh.

"Keep your mouth shut" is Krystal's advice. Put Josh in the past, and let her mistakes stay buried.

When Adam arrives at work, he's surprised to see Josh, and flabbergasted when JR announces that he's hired Josh. "He came after your wife," says Adam. JR says he'll keep his "friends close and enemies closer."

Babe and Josh are having a very personal conversation in Josh's new office--and JR overhears.

Emma is still at David's house. She doesn't seem upset, but mentions that she "wants her Mommy." David is loving with her, feeding her breakfast, and reminiscing about his own childhood.

There's a stalemate between Annie & Ryan and Tad & Dixie about Emma's whereabouts. Annie is getting agitated, but Dixie insists she knows nothing. Aidan has searched all night, but has come up dry. While they're talking, Dixie takes off. Annie wants to rush off after her; Ryan convinces her to stay at home with Erin and Jonathan.

Tad and Ryan come to Zach and Kendall's, searching for Dixie, but she's at David's, talking with Emma/Kate. Then she turns to David and asks if he has any idea of the chaos he's caused. He tells her there's a private jet waiting for her, along with new identities, ready to take her anywhere she chooses. She doesn't want to leave Tad; David says the only way she can have a future with Kate is to forget about him. From this moment on, it's entirely her choice. And surprisethough he did this for her, he's not coming with her.

At the airport, Dixie's having second thoughtstelling David that Annie insists that Emma is her daughter. How can she believe her, counters David?

In the morning, at home with Kendall and Zach. He hasn't been able to sleep, worried about their future. They express their love for each other. After Ryan and Tad leave, he assures her that she and Spike are his prioritynot Dixie.


JR overhears Babe and Josh in his office.
Tad confronts David about Dixie.