In jail, Zach tells Jesse that he misses his kids. Jesse tells him that he just arrested Kendall! Jesse calls him on covering for Kendall - saying now they're both locked up and no one can take care of their little boy. Zach won't be intimidated - he doesn't think Jesse has enough evidence. Zach asks about Jesse's son, and tells him to go see him instead of wasting time with him!

Kendall is in the police station. She tells Jack that her kids should be able to have their mother tuck them in tonight - this is ridiculous! Jack has a soft spot for the Cane women and pulls some strings - he thinks she's innocent. Kendall thanks him.

At the funeral, Colby overhears Liza and Jake discuss how Adam switched the sperm samples. Liza tells him that she wishes he had been Colby's dad - not Adam! Colby is stunned!

At Adam's house, he and Erica flirt as they discuss the nature of their feelings for one another. He says she was missing him desperately when she thought he was dead - she says she pitied him! She says she sees the regret in his eyes - he isn't an ogre who would want to profit from a faulty heart valve! He admits that he is re-evaluating a few things in his life. Adam asks Erica where they stand - she assures him she will never really know what's on her mind. He laughs and they embrace. Just then, Colby comes in! Erica goes to make calls in the study. Colby blurts out what she overheard Jake and Liza saying - he's as cruel as Liza always told her he was! Colby won't listen to Adam's protests, saying he wanted control over Liza and he used her to do it! Adam waxes on about what a great future they have, and how much he needs her right now - he asks her forgiveness.

Krystal takes off her wedding ring and hands them to David before leaving the house. He stops her in the doorway, where she says she sees nothing in his eyes anymore!

At the hospital, Liza and Jake discuss the situation with David. Liza wants him to swear that someday he and Amanda won't change their minds and take the baby back. Jake promises. Liza warns him that he'd better not mess with her - this is her last chance!

David comes upon Amanda in her hospital bed. She tells him to get out, but he muses that he hasn't treated her very well. She notes he's been drinking and asks what he wants. He says they liked each other - what happened? Amanda says that he wants to take her baby - and he hurts people! David says he has hurt others, but he's not a sadist. David likens himself to a coyote that has to chew his own paw off to get out of a trap - he used to step in traps until he realized that in this life you've got to set your own traps to avoid stepping in someone else's! Amanda wants him to leave her and her baby alone - if he promises, they can work something out.

Tad and Opal are at the house competing in a video game. They joke around and Tad goes to get her a pill. The doorbell rings - it's Krystal! She tells Opal she's left David - she came by to tell Tad he was right! Krystal assures Opal she's only there to partake of Tad's friendship. He appears in the doorway and they embrace! Tad invites her to stay with them. Opal flips - they've been down this road before! Tad insists - in fact, they should wake up the girls and celebrate! Opal nixes that idea, but Tad tells Krystal she needs a safe place to stay - even if Opal will be giving her the fish eye! Krystal agrees.

Kendall goes down to visit Zach. He asks about Ian, and she asks him if he killed Stuart! Kendall says she had the gun, but she couldn't do it - she thought he did it! Zach says Stuart was shot from the terrace - he was still inside - he's not the shooter and they both know it! He saw him fall and went out on the terrace. He looked for her, but only saw the gun. He says he covered for her because the boys need her more. She is stunned that he doesn't believe her - he still thinks she killed Stuart! She swears on the lives of their children she didn't do it. He says he believes her - they're going to have to work together on this.

Jake arrives at the house to see Tad having a picnic outside with Krystal and Jenny. Jake rolls his eyes as Tad fills him in on the latest developments. Back inside the house, Jake confronts Krystal who tells him she couldn't forgive David after he tried to buy Amanda's baby. Jake is skeptical, and Krystal warns that David will never give up where Amanda's baby is concerned. Jake tells her if she hangs around there, Hayward won't be the only doctor she'll need to fear!

Liza gets to Adam just as he's telling Colby he wanted to make sure she was his daughter - not Jake Martin's. Liza accuses Adam of telling Colby, but Colby says she heard her talking to Jake. Liza apologizes. Colby wonders why she never told her. Liza admits she once loved Adam - she married him three times! Colby asks what happened. Liza says they're too much alike. Adam says it was good Liza took her - he meddled in his children's lives. Erica comes back into the room as Adam and Liza make nice, saying, "Isn't this a happy family gathering?" Liza excuses herself. Colby tells her she forgives her for not telling her this sooner - they make a lunch date. At the door, Erica and Liza exchange catty words!

Amanda comes home to Jake, who tells her that Tad invited Krystal to move back in, and she tells him that David visited her in the hospital. Jake says he's trying to keep her off her game. She is worried about the plan, but he promises her it will be fine. She heads up to take a bath, and Jake looks at families wanting to adopt on the Internet! Still outside, Tad wants Krystal to wish on a star. She says it's enough to be there right now.

Next on All My Children:

Several suspects hatch a plan.

Liza seems guilty.

Scott continues to blame himself.

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