Del shows up at Kendall and Zach's with his book proposal, accusing Zach of murdering Madden in order to protect Dixie. After he leaves, Zach is afraid he's gotten to Kendall. He wants them back the way we were. That'll happen, says Kendall, but it will take a whilebut don't give up on them. Zach broaches the subject of them buying a new house, and Kendall describes her dream house. His dream house: anything that contains her and Spike.

Josh tells David he's poisoned his Scotch. David claims to be ready for death, and to be reunited with Leora. He insists he did what he did out of love for Babethen says Josh is too "gutless" to poison him or save Babe from JR. David says Babe loves Josh, not JR. He gave him an opening when they were at the inn to tell the truth to JR, but he didn't take advantage of it.

Josh admits he loves Babe, but that she wants JR. David insists JR is tightly wound and will eventually crack and kill her. If Josh really loves his daughter, prove it!

Back at home, Babe is upset, and JR tries to comfort her, urging her not to allow David's lies to make her happy. He says he loves and trusts her, and knows Josh is not a threat.

Colby claims she's been accused of stealing an antique egg. JR reads her the riot act, and lets Adam know how Colby sided with David, saying Babe and Josh were having an affair. She insists it's true, and asks Adam if he believes her. He doesn't, and he demands she have nothing more to do with David, and show loyalty to the family.

JR announces that he and Babe are looking for their own house. Adam doesn't want them to leave, but Krystal thinks it's a good idea. After they leave the room, Adam asks her it it's true that Babe slept with Josh. Krystal says it's not true, but Adam asks again. Krystal finally admits that they were together onceand that Babe regrets it. It's over, and Babe loves JR. She begs him not to tell JR. He agrees and tells her how much he loves her.

Later, Adam asks Krystal to assure him that Babe is over Josh,and how he and JR are the same, and could never bear the betrayal of the women they love.

Babe and JR are in bed, talking lovingly about their idyllic futureJosh is outside the house, eavesdropping. He hears Babe tell JR how much she loves him and wants to be with him for the rest of their lives. Josh leaves.

Tad urges Dixie not to give up homeRyan and Annie burst in and tell her that Emma is missing. "They've taken my little girl?" says Dixie.

Annie thinks Dixie has stolen Emma, but she denies it. Tad suggests that there's a plot between Ryan, Annie, Erin and Jonathan to spirit Emma away.

Annie swears she'll never give up Emma to anyone.

Emma wanders out of David's guest room, asking if her mommy is there yet.