JR doesn't believe Krystal's excuse of needing to pick something up from David's or that the roads were bad. He orders David to leave. When they are alone, JR tells Krystal she can't see David again! He demands to know what she is doing with David, worried that David is fooling Krystal just like he worked over Dixie! Krystal says she knows what she is doing and reminds him that she has no interest in David. JR isn't so sure. Angry, Krystal says her life is over because of Babe's death. JR says David could take away the rest of her life – Tad and the girls! She reminds him that Tad has abandoned her but JR says Tad will be back soon and tells her to lean on him instead of David. He insists that David is doing this to get to Little A; Krystal defends David, saying it isn't so bad that he wants to spend time with his grandson. She realizes what she just said and is stunned. JR says David is manipulating her grief to get what he wants. She insists that David has changed and is her friend. JR brings up Tad; Krystal says Tad won't understand and JR will only make things worse if he tells Tad. JR says he won't tell Tad – but Krystal better!

Rebecca asks why they are all there. Angie tells her what happened as Frankie tells a waiting nurse that their coma patient just woke up! Natalia thanks Frankie and Angie for helping her get ready to let go; she is even more thankful that Rebecca woke up. She is certain that Rebecca will survive. Randi mentions her photo shoot; she and Frankie leave. Rebecca's doctor says they can see her now so Jesse and Natalia go inside. The doctor tells Angie that Rebecca has some time left. David sees her and asks what happened; she explains. David reminds Angie that she violated Rebecca's wishes and warns her that she will lose her license if she does something like this again. "You will not destroy me or my career. Stay out of my way," Angie says and goes into Rebecca's room. Angie brings up the treatment options. Rebecca says she wants to go back to Denver but Angie won't hear of it.

Annie looks at Aidan and tells him to leave her alone; she says she wants her dad. Aidan says Ryan isn't her dad – he is! "You don't have to be afraid, I'll never leave you," he says! Aidan says he knows her favorite ice cream flavors, how she likes to make up fairytales and calls her 'Princess' just like her father did. Annie still doesn't trust him so Aidan says he'll protect her from the green-meanies and the bad people. She gets cold as they are playing cards so Aidan leaves – and runs into Annie's doctor! He makes up a story about aliens and invasions; she is about to find his psychiatrist when a doctor comes up and says he is Aidan's doctor! She leaves. The doctor tells Aidan to be more careful and then asks why he is really there. Aidan returns to Annie's room and gives her a blanket. He tells her a fairytale – someone records the visit!

Miranda takes more pictures of the tree and then Bianca begins cleaning up the ornament mess. A nurse at the hospital calls and says that the coma patient woke up. Zach hangs up, tells Bianca and they run from the house. Reese is alone when her father arrives and asks to see her! Reese is standoffish; he says Bianca invited him and asks if he can see Gabrielle. Reese introduces him to Gabrielle and tells him she is marrying Bianca. "How do you like Pine Valley?" he says, skipping over the wedding announcement. Reese calls him on it and he sadly says he isn't proud of how things have gone between them. He asks her to understand where they are coming from but she angrily says he should have stood up for her. He says he was afraid she would be hurt by the prejudice. "I wanted to spare you that," he says and she says he hurt her more than anyone else could have. Crying, he hugs her and apologizes. He reminds Reese of her plans to join his firm; she says things have changed. Forrest asks her to come home over New Year's to be with the family; Reese isn't sure that is a good idea. She asks if Bianca is invited and he gets quiet. She tells him to leave.

Zach and Binks get to the hospital, excited, and are crushed when they learn that Kendall isn't the patient who woke up. David watches from the hall and then continues. The nurse comes in to apologize for the misunderstanding. He tells her to look for another job and he'll make sure she has no future in medicine! Binks tries to calm him but he won't listen. Zach walks into the hall and angrily overturns a cart! Jesse arrives and tells Zach to calm down. Angie and Frankie come along and try to talk to Bianca but she returns to Kendall's room. Zach is there and she says if another patient woke up, Kendall could, too. She wants to tell Kendall about decorating but Zach wants time alone. Zach imagines that Kendall did wake up and then watches as the ventilator breathes for her. David comes in and Zach demands that David give Kendall the same miracle that Rebecca had! David says there is no miracle for Kendall because Kendall won't survive any life-saving surgeries. David says he understands Zach's pain but there is nothing he can do. Zach orders Kendall to wake up but she doesn't so he makes a lot of noise, trying to rouse her. Security comes in to calm him down and he shoves them away before storming out. Zach slugs the wall!

In the hospital hall Taylor tells Jake how frustrating it is to talk to Brot over the phone. He tells her to be patient. She changes the subject to their relationship and asks if things are over for him; he says he can't forget her. An orderly comes by and Jake has him take Taylor to her room.

Bianca returns home and tells Reese about Zach and Kendall. Reese doesn't say anything which upsets Binks. She begs Reese to be in this moment with her but Reese can't. She tells Binks about her father's visit. She says it didn't go well and it's all Bianca's fault!

Amanda is setting up a Valentine's Day shoot at Fusion. She describes the romantic feel she wants for the shoot and tells the photographer to be patient with Randi because this is her first shoot. As she is describing the shoot she imagines making love with Jake! Frankie and Randi arrive and the photo shoot begins. Amanda tells Randi what a great job she did. The photographer asks Amanda out on a date but she turns him down; he leaves. David calls for a progress report and Amanda tells him to back off and hangs up. Amanda asks Randi if she can borrow her dress! When they are alone, Frankie kisses Randi. She says she still isn't ready to make love and he says he will wait as long as she needs.

Jake goes to ConFusion and orders a strong drink. He talks to the bartender about his Taylor problems, upset because she is back with Brot. Amanda arrives and Jake rages about Valentine's Day when she tells him about the shoot. JR arrives and Jake calls Amanda JR's hooker! JR punches him.

Next on All My Children:

Amanda ups the ante with JR - by trying to get him to drink!

Bianca is surprised by Forrest's words for Reese!

Taylor talks to Frankie about Brot.

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