At Tabitha's, Paloma puts the cuffs on Spike. He turns and begs Norma and Edna for help but they won't. Paloma and Noah go outside to wait for the squad car leaving Spike inside with the ladies. He tells them that he'll do anything, and he means anything, that they want if they'll just help him out. Edna likes the sound of that; she hasn't had a good massage since Precious left. As he tells them how much they have 'going on' and how sexy they are, he begs them to take off his cuffs so that they can have some fun. Resisting temptation, Edna calls Paloma in just as the car arrives to take Spike away. As the cop drags Spike along to police headquarters, he fakes sickness and drops to the ground. When the cop kneels down, he head butts the cop, grabbing his keys and his gun before running off.

Back at Tabitha's, after Spike's gone, they all eat and drink. Edna asks Noah and Paloma when they'll actually finish their wedding. Endora wants to see it happen tonight and, despite her mother's protests, snaps her fingers to take care of it. She sends them all to a heavenly place where they stand on clouds dressed in their finest attire. Paloma assumes that she's dreaming. Noah's just happy to be somewhere so perfect, a place as perfect as their love. They start to dance before she wishes for a fountain of chocolate and strawberries. Edna's gleeful that in a town with so much grief, love can remain alive. Tabitha's proud that her daughter has made Noah and Paloma so happy. As the couple dance, Paloma tells Noah that he always makes her feel like she is dancing on a cloud. Even if they wake up from this dream, they will never wake from the dream that is their love.

At the mansion, Theresa and Ethan thank Gwen for all of her help. She urges Ethan off to finish the wedding arrangements. As he rushes away, Pilar worries about what is really in store for her daughter and Rebecca smiles deviously. Ethan returns with Jane and little Ethan dressed for the ceremony. Gwen offers to pick the kids up after the ceremony and bring them home. Ethan is thrilled with that, happy that the three of them can finally have a clean slate and get along. Rebecca assumes that her daughter just said this to put Theresa is prime position for destruction, but Gwen still doubts that she can do that. She doesn't feel like she can destroy Theresa right before her children's eyes. Rebecca offers to get the children out of the way; they need to get even before Ethan is finally stolen away. Gwen is convinced. Meanwhile, Theresa, Ethan, Pilar and the children arrive at the justice of the peace's. Looking in her eyes, he swears that once they say their 'I dos' he will never leave her. As they kiss, Gwen and Rebecca arrive. 'You took away all my hopes and dreams, now I intend to take away yours,' Gwen promises.

Walking into the pool house, Luis and Sheridan discover a body floating in the pool. Assuming it's Pretty, he jumps into the water and fishes her out. To his surprise, it's not her, it's her sister, Pretty. He starts giving her mouth to mouth as Fancy walks in, shouting at him to save her. As he tries to revive her, Sheridan asks how she ended up face down in the pool. Fancy says that she just fell in when they were talking and must have hit her head. Pretty can still barely breathe on her own. As they wait for Eve to arrive and check her over, Luis talks about how beautiful she is. Sheridan pulls back her niece's hair and reveals the scar on her face. Luis is shocked. Sheridan tells him that someone did this to her on purpose. 'What sort of monster would do that?' he asks. Before he can get an answer, Eve arrives and starts to check her over. Sheridan pulls Fancy aside and warns her that this reprieve is only temporary: Luis will soon know the truth. She's drawn away when Spike calls her for a meeting. She makes an excuse and runs off. Pretty slowly wakes up and Eve asks her how she fell in the pool. Pretty glares over at her worried sister, but doesn't say anything. Luis walks Eve out and Pretty threatens to reveal how she really ended up in the pool. When she tries to go out after Luis, Fancy grabs and tries to muffle her. Pretty breaks away and vows to reveal everything tonight.

When Sheridan gets to the mansion, she finds Spike waiting for her. She tells him that there is nothing he has to say that she wants to hear. He tells her that he just broke out of police custody and needs some help from her. She doesn't want to be seen anywhere near him and refuses to take any of his threats to expose her seriously. Despite being in a panic, he takes the time to ogle her and offers to get her the thing she wants the most in the world, but only if she helps him. Although she toys with him, she's skeptical, but he's sure that he can get her Luis. As he reaches out and touches her face, Luis walks in. 'What's going on here?' he asks.

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