David calls a colleague in Africa to ask about Jamie and Jeff; the colleague says they are in a bad area, but the whole area is dangerous. David asks the man to help him convince the people in Pine Valley that the Martin's are in real trouble.

Krystal goes home and Tad asks where she has been. She says she spun out in the snow; she is about to tell him she stayed at Wildwind when a doctor from Jamie's unit calls. He says Jamie and Jeff are missing and he is concerned for their safety. Tad tells Krystal everything. He leaves the house. Krystal thinks about what David said – that he would take care of her. Kathy comes downstairs, excited because of a snow day and no school.

Angie gets Rebecca to the hospital; she has revived her even though Rebecca signed a Do Not Resuscitate order! Natalia is grateful but Angie takes Jesse aside and says she shouldn't have done it. David overhears them and says Angie is in big trouble! David asks Jesse to leave so he goes to check in at the police department. David reminds Angie of the DNR form; Angie says she couldn't just let Rebecca go. David says Angie has to take Rebecca off of life support; Angie says David can't make her do anything. David says he'll bring Joe in on it. Frankie tells Natalia that there is a chance that Rebecca will come around. Natalia hears David and Angie arguing and goes to the hall. David walks away and Angie tells her that they have to take Rebecca off of life support because those were her wishes; Natalia cries that she can't do that and goes back to Rebecca's room. Jesse returns and says he'll deal with Natalia. He asks Angie to buy them a little time. David returns with Joe; Angie says she was just giving Natalia time to say goodbye. Joe backs up David and tells her she has to turn off the machines. He leaves. David offers to 'help' Angie! She tells him off.

Joe meets with Tad; he tells Joe about Jeff and Jamie, says he has a suitcase filled with cash and is going after their family. Joe tells him to be careful. David listens from the hall. He continues on when Tad leaves and tells Frankie to stop working on Rebecca's chart! He walks away before Frankie can reply. Randi arrives and Frankie tells her about Angie's upcoming decision. He says Rebecca isn't in pain but she may never wake up. This makes Randi think of her mother's death. They watch as Jesse tells Natalia that she has to let Rebecca go now. Natalia cries. "We have to respect her wishes," Jesse says. Natalia says she can't say goodbye and Jesse holds her. Frankie asks about Randi's mother. She says her mother had breast cancer and was in terrible pain; she died when Randi was seven. She says she blamed herself for her mother's death because she prayed for the pain to end; she suggests that Natalia may be afraid of the same thing. Angie finds them and tells Frankie they have 24 hours. Jesse comes out and says Natalia can't let go. Angie goes inside to talk to Natalia. Natalia begs Rebecca to come back to her; Angie tells her she has to say goodbye because they can't change things. Natalia accuses Angie of wanting Rebecca dead!

Tad returns home and tells Krystal he has to leave so he can help Jeff and Jamie. Krystal asks him to stay and let someone in Africa do this. He says he has to do this. Scared, Krystal says she can't do this. Tad says she is strong and she'll be fine. He goes upstairs to pack. Tad tells Kathy goodbye, says he'll be home soon and leaves. Krystal sags against the door. Kathy asks about building snowmen; Krystal agrees. They are outside for a while and then come back inside. Kathy goes to pour juice and then Krystal has another panic attack. She calls David for help; he offers to come over and reminds her of her deep breathing exercises. David gets to Krystal's and finds a broken coffee cup. He cleans up the mess and offers to make her some warm milk. She tells him about Jamie and Jeff as David drugs more milk.

Bianca finally makes it home and finds Ryan caring for the kids! Ryan tells her that Rachael was there all night and no one has heard from Zach or Reese; Binks tries calling them but can't get through. Ryan promises to find them.

At the cabin, Reese asks Zach how he is doing now. Zach says he feels better now and he knows that Kendall is okay. He apologizes for asking Reese to keep his secret but she says she can do it. Reese tells him it is good that he has someone he can talk to openly. Zach finally gets through to Bianca and tells her they are stuck because of the snow.

Zach and Reese finally return home with the tree. Reese tells Binks about the cabin and then kisses her. Bianca is thrilled with the tree. She tells them about her adventure at Wildwind. Zach asks if they'll watch the boys while he goes to see Kendall. At the door, Reese says she understands why he wants to keep the secret; Zach leaves. Bianca realizes Reese is distracted about something and asks what is going on. Reese says she is worried about Zach but Bianca believes there is more and accuses her of lying!

At the hospital Greenlee runs into Aidan and tells him about Kendall. As they are talking Annie is brought out of the elevator in a state. She says she won't go anywhere with the orderlies. She repeats over and over that she needs Emma and Ryan; Greenlee asks what is going on. Aidan says Annie is seriously ill and will have to be restrained. The orderlies move on with Annie; Aidan leaves, too. Greenlee wonders what to do. She calls Ryan to tell him about the transfer. She then finds Aidan, who tells her he is going to Washington D.C. to do some work for an old colleague. She apologizes for not being able to make things work. He wishes her the best with Ryan and hugs her. Ryan gets off the elevator with Emma and sees them. Greens hugs Emma and then announces that Aidan is moving to D.C. The men wish one another luck and then Aidan hugs Emma and leaves. Greens asks why Ryan brought Emma along; he tells her about Zach and Binks and asks Greenlee to care for Emma while he deals with Annie! Greenlee takes Emma to the cafeteria. Ryan finds Annie's doctor and asks what is going on. The doctor says the police instructed him to move Annie immediately. Annie is wheeled out, under sedation, and calls Ryan 'Daddy'! She asks him to come with her to school because she is afraid; Ryan plays along.

Greenlee asks a nurse to help them clean up from a hot cocoa spill. The nurse mentions Annie's transfer; Emma overhears and runs to find her mother! Greenlee tries to catch up but Emma gets to Annie. Emma hugs Annie and Annie looks at her strangely.

Zach gets to Kendall's hospital room and watches her.

Next on All My Children:

Annie is committed to Oak Haven.

Zach and Reese are keeping secrets from Bianca!

David asks Krystal about her marriage to Tad.

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