At the hospital, Jake brings Taylor a fancy dress and her wheelchair so they can attend the benefit. She says she isn't dancing with him; he says she will dance or else! She doesn't want to go because this is the anniversary of the day she met Brot. She tells Jake about their first meeting – a food fight in the lunch line at their camp. Jake takes her hand as she talks.

Angie brings Rebecca a stunning gown for the benefit. Rebecca is surprised and says she doesn't have the energy for a big party. Natalia and Angie, already dressed, convince her to come along.

Randi surprises Frankie at the hospital, asking if he is ready for the benefit.

At the penthouse Emma asks Ryan when Annie will be home. Ryan says Annie is sad but she'll be home soon. He says they can help Annie get better when she gets home. Jesse stops by but doesn't have any news about Annie. Ryan sends Emma upstairs to get ready for bed so they can talk.

David shows up at the yacht as Amanda is dressing for the benefit. He asks how things are going with JR; she says things are fine but their deal is off! David ignores her. Amanda says they can't keep messing with JR's mind; David says JR is crazy and is going to hurt Little Adam – and her! – if they don't take him down. He reminds Amanda of the money she'll earn; she ups the stakes. She says she will only do this if he pays her $6 million and leaves her to do the dirty work on her own! David accepts her new terms and she tells him to get lost.

At the Canadian hospital, Kendall's doctor tells Zach they can't do any more for her! She says Kendall will be better served back in Pine Valley! Zach objects and asks if she is sending Kendall away to die! "These things happen," she says, angering Zach even more. He tells her to get out.

Greenlee talks to a friend and says she isn't worried about Annie – she's worried about Ryan and Emma!

At ConFusion, Bianca and Erica put the finishing touches on their outfits. Greenlee arrives and nixes all of the preparations because the place is filled with Erica's picture all over the Fusion posters. Reese asks Bianca what is going on and Greenlee tells her to get lost. Bianca introduces Reese and Greenlee apologizes. She turns back to Erica and says they don't need her! Erica says she would have known about the party if she weren't traipsing around the world with Ryan and ignoring her company! She, Bianca and Reese leave to talk to the DJ's. Tad and David arrive; Tad tells David to leave his family alone. They see Jake and Taylor arrive; David says Jake nearly killed Aidan. Binks and Erica welcome Jake and he introduces them to Taylor. Amanda arrives with JR; he says she is too good for Jake when she gets nervous. Colby arrives and tells Petey that Brot is leaving the next day. Petey says it is for the best but Colby believes Brot should stay with the people who love him. Adam arrives and compliments Erica's party. He asks if she planned the 'Win A Dance With Erica Kane' for his benefit; she says he better have deep pockets. Jack arrives and Erica focuses on him. She asks him to bid on the dance and he says he loves a good cause. Greenlee catches up with Jack and tells Erica to go practice her Rumba! She notices Jack's admiring look and tells him not to fall for Erica again. He asks about Aidan; she says he is recovering and he says she needs to stay away from Ryan! Greenlee says she'll be fine. The Hubbards arrive; Angie introduces Rebecca around. Greenlee asks why Jesse is there when Annie is on the loose. "How hard can it be to find a crazy woman?" she asks. Jesse says Annie will show up sooner or later and then is called away on police business. Bianca comes back over and Greenlee apologizes again. Binks defends Erica and says Greenlee should give her a chance. Greenlee says Erica isn't doing this for Kendall – she is doing this to get Fusion for herself! Angie and Frankie look for Jesse; Frankie says she is being too nice to Natalia and Rebecca! Krystal orders a drink at the bar; David sees her and follows her around, asking why she won't talk to him in public but will come to his mansion at night! She says she doesn't need him and he walks away.

Colby finds Taylor and Jake but if stiff around them because of Brot. Jake asks what is wrong but she says she has low blood sugar and then asks if Taylor is happy; she says she is and Colby hurries away. Zach arrives and tells Erica that Kendall's condition is the same. Erica says they'll pray harder and hugs him. Reese spots him and asks about Kendall but Zach brushes her off and walks away. Jesse sets up police officers at all the exits; Ryan walks in. Greenlee asks what is going on and Ryan tells them about the phone call. Randi takes Frankie aside and tells him not to be so hard on Natalia and compares her background with Natalia's. He says he doesn't judge Natalia because she is illegitimate. Erica opens the official benefit; she and Zach tell the gathering about the damage to the town and how hard it is to rebuild. "Our job is to rebuild lives and families," Zach says and encourages everyone to give generously. He hands Erica a check and then walks out. Erica continues on, telling everyone that they can help – by bidding on auction items like her dance! Tad bids $5,000 and Jack tops that with $10,000. Adam pipes up with a $25,000 bid; David tops that by bidding $50,000! "Going…going…gone!" Erica says and they dance. Adam tries to cut in but David turns him away. Erica tries to play nice, saying she'll dance with him again later. She excuses herself and leaves. David watches Tad and Krystal dancing; Tad notices and asks Krystal what is going on. She says nothing is going on; he asks if she saw him again. Annoyed, Krystal breaks off their dance and leaves the party! Jesse catches up with Angie, Rebecca and Natalia at the bar. Natalia tries to set Rebecca and Jesse up on a dance but Rebecca objects. Jesse takes Angie aside and asks why she brought Rebecca along; Angie says it was Natalia's idea and she was just trying not to make waves. He tells her he loves her, kisses her and returns to the other cops. Jake convinces Taylor to dance with him.

Zach goes to the roof; Reese follows him upstairs and asks if he is okay. He tells her what the doctor said.

Annie puts on clown makeup in the basement bathroom and declares herself beautiful as she says her wedding vows. She calls Ryan and says she is waiting for him. "You don't get to see me before, but I'm almost ready," she says. He asks where she is and what she means but Annie keeps talking in circles about their friends waiting and they love. She manages to get to the main bathroom unseen and begins getting ready – for her wedding! She puts a flower aside as something borrowed, finds a blue ribbon in a flower arrangement and pulls an old pocket watch from her jeans. Then, she opens a bag, caresses a knife and says, "Something new!" Annie exits the bathroom with makeup running down her face and the stolen flower arrangement. She sees Ryan and asks if he is ready. "For what?" Ryan asks as Jesse and the cops approach. She gets nervous and Ryan makes them back off. She pulls a bloody knife from the flower arrangement! "This time no one will interfere with our wedding," she says! He asks what she is doing and Annie rambles on about this being her wedding day; Ryan plays along. There is blood on the side of her dress and she starts humming the Wedding March. She says she has done all of this for him! She says her wedding vows! Ryan asks who she hurt with the knife.

Erica is on the bathroom floor, bleeding!

Next on All My Children:

David believes he is in control of JR!

Frankie finally tells Taylor that Brot is alive.

Zach turns on Reese!

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