On the yacht, Amanda and JR nearly kiss. Both pull away and apologize. Amanda tells JR about her problems at work.

Colby finds Brot at the pond and tells him that he has to go to Taylor so that she can fully move on. Brot says Taylor has already moved on and doesn't need anything from him but Colby disagrees. She says he has to go to Taylor or he won't be able to move on, either. "The man Taylor loved is dead and buried," Brot says and tells Colby to leave him alone. Upset, she runs off. Brot tosses stones into the water. JR walks through and he hides while JR looks for spare parts. Colby arrives a few minutes later and he tells her about fixing the yacht. Brot listens. JR starts talking about Babe and wonders if she would be disappointed in him because he feels so weak.

Bianca and Reese put the finishing touches on ConFusion with Petey's and Randi's help. Zach arrives, annoyed because the city fathers are going so slowly with the renovations to the town. Reese tries to comfort him but, frustrated, Zach says when he wants her help he'll ask for it. He walks away. Bianca comes over and asks what happened; Reese says he caught her off-guard. Binks defends him, reminding Reese of the stresses Zach is under. She says she understands. Colby and Amanda arrive to help finish up the preparations. Petey asks how long Colby is going to keep hiding Brot; she says as long as she needs to. Amanda asks what is going on after Colby walks off and Petey says she is his world. He asks Amanda about making Colby a Fusion intern; she likes the idea. Colby returns and asks what they are talking about. Amanda mentions the internship and Petey says she needs to stay away from the hospital because of Brot. Amanda overhears and asks about the mystery man but Randi calls her away before Colby can answer. Colby disappears a while later. Randi tells him to give up on Colby because she isn't interested in him. Zach, Amanda, Bianca and Reese talk about the plans for the night; Zach is short with Amanda, too. Binks apologizes to her and worries that Zach is losing control. She calls Rachael to check in on the kids. Amanda and Reese talk about the tornado; Amanda says Kendall isn't a saint. "Kendall and Erica are one in the same," she says. Bianca overhears and angrily says Kendall and Erica saved Amanda's job! Reese defends Amanda but Bianca tells her to butt out! They go to the bar; Reese says Amanda didn't mean anything. They make up.

In the hospital halls, Jake and Taylor run into David; he is pompous about Jake's medical skills. Taylor tells David that his revenge tactics won't work! David ignores Taylor and turns on Jake, asking if running off to Africa was his way of coping with loss. Jake tells him to back off. David walks out. Taylor apologizes for going off on David but says he deserved it. Jake walks Taylor back to her room and asks what she wants for the future. She admits if she was called back to fight, she would go to help her men but says she doesn't want to go back anymore. She talks about Brot a little bit and wonders if he would have reacted to her death the way she reacted to his. Jake says Brot would have stood by her. Taylor compares the men – both are strong and loving. She says she is lucky; Jake says he is, too.

Ryan tells Greenlee to call the cops when they look over the railing and see Annie running the other direction! Ryan follows but Annie clips him with a car. He goes back upstairs as Jesse arrives. They tell him that Annie confessed to everything; he says a signed confession or a taped confession is the only thing that will put Annie away. Greens says Aidan will back them up but Ryan thinks Aidan is lying about his involvement! Jesse says if they had trusted him from the beginning none of this would have happened. Ryan says they have to find Annie and get her help before Emma knows just how sick Annie is. "I pressured Annie into marrying me," he reminds her but Greenlee insists none of this is his fault. A cop calls and reports that they have found Annie's car near the hospital. Ryan and Jesse leave.

At the hospital, Jesse seals off the exits. Ryan asks about Aidan and a nurse points them to his recovery room. David is checking over Aidan and tells them to leave. Jesse insists on talking to Aidan but David says they can't disturb him. "I didn't pull this man through surgery just so you could kill him. Leave. Now," he says but Aidan wakes and asks them to stay. He tells them the same thing he told Greenlee. Jesse asks about the rest of Annie's plans but Aidan says her only plan was to get her family back. He says Ryan should look at the last place they were all happy. Ryan angrily asks why Aidan didn't come clean earlier; Jesse sends him away. He questions Aidan but he sticks with his story. Jesse tells him not to leave town. A nurse comes in and Jesse leaves. Aidan asks for a phone. He calls Zach and when he arrives says Annie is up to something!

Greenlee arrives and says she called Corrinna to watch Emma. Ryan doesn't like that but Greenlee says the cops are still standing guard, too. He angrily goes off on a tangent against Aidan but Greenlee defends her husband. When he begins blaming himself, Greenlee says again that Annie is the only one to blame. She says he has to stop blaming himself because he couldn't have known how sick Annie was. Ryan asks if she will feel the same if it turns out that Aidan only went along with Annie to get her back; she says there is no chance of that. They try to figure out where Annie would go; Ryan decides she may have gone to Wildwind. Jesse hasn't found her. Ryan says he might have a lead and all three leave.

Annie goes to Wildwind. Crying, she looks in a mirror and says, "The guests will be here soon." She sets the table and imagines Emma waiting, Ryan in a tux and her in a designer gown. Ryan tells her that she is special. Zach arrives and asks if he can stay for the celebration. Aidan and Greenlee arrive, too, and thank her for helping them find their way back to one another. Annie fills the table with a full Thanksgiving dinner as everyone toasts her. They bless the food and then Greenlee apologizes for nearly ruining her life. David arrives and interrupts Annie's delusion. Ryan arrives and finds David, unconscious, on the floor. He comes around and calls Annie a crazy woman. He says she was hosting an imaginary dinner party. Jesse asks if she took anything; David doesn't know but says he'll check. Jesse calls for backup. David asks why they didn't tell him Annie was running rampant at the hospital but Jesse doesn't reply. Ryan asks what Annie said but David doesn't know anything.

Annie is in a bathroom, applying makeup. She paints her face heavily and says tomorrow will be the best day of her life.

Next on All My Children:

Jake confesses his feelings to Taylor.

Amanda tries to change the rules on David!

Annie finally loses it!

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