Krystal wakes up, gasping. She tells Tad that she had a dream about David! Unsettled, she says David just shows up in her dreams and it doesn't make sense. Tad says it does make sense – because of their bond over Babe! Krystal says they have no bond, just a common mistake. She says the dreams she is having feel like premonitions. Jake calls and asks Tad to come to the hospital because of Aidan. He says Tad might be able to convince him to undergo surgery.

At Wildwind, David tells Amanda that she has to stick with the plan because Little A is in danger as long as he is with JR! He says he only wants the best for Little A but Amanda doesn't believe him. He tells her to get out and keep quiet; she leaves.

Bianca and Reese run into JR at ConFusion; Bianca says JR is out of control because of what he did to Amanda. He says he was angry and it wasn't Amanda's fault; he walks away. Reese asks what is going on with her. Bianca tells her about the incident with JR in the past; Reese can't believe he is walking the streets. Binks says it could have been an accident but JR knows how to push her buttons. Reese says the buttons JR pushes aren't just because of the past. Randi arrives with Petey and they begin putting party plans together. Reese and Bianca dance, too.

Tad and Krystal arrive at the hospital; she sees Angie and goes into the waiting room. Angie tells her about Rebecca and says she didn't realize how hard this would be. She admits she feels jealous. Krystal says it is understandable even though Jesse didn't go looking for Rebecca. Jesse arrives; Krystal leaves. She tells Jesse how she feels. He says it is understandable. "I feel like I don't have you back anymore," she says. "It's tearing me up." Jesse tells her that he loves her and she has to let her feelings out. Crying, Angie says she knows he loves her but that doesn't fix things.

JR finds Amanda at the yacht; he apologizes for the way he acted. She says she is just as much to blame because she wore Babe's dress. He asks about the yacht and she says it was badly damaged but she's on a long waiting list to have repairs. JR looks at the engine and discovers the problem. He offers to rebuild her engine; she wipes his dirty face and both of them pull back.

At the hospital, Aidan tells Greenlee that he was in on Annie's kidnapping plan from the beginning! He says Annie played on his anger and convinced him to go along with her plan. "She swore Emma would be safe and she would get Ryan and I would get you," he says. Greenlee is shocked. He says he planned to tell them everything but then the tornadoes hit and he saw them together and decided to play along with Annie. Greenlee asks why he didn't tell them sooner; he says he played along to find out where Emma was and keep an eye on Annie at the same time. "I thought I could bring Emma back safe," he says. Greenlee says she believes him and Annie will pay – but he has to have the surgery first. Aidan tells her to leave. Tad arrives and asks why Aidan isn't having the surgery; he says there are too many risks. Tad says risks have never been a problem before! Aidan decides to go ahead with the surgery. Tad finds Krystal in the halls and fills her in. David sidetracks Jake and says he is not cleared for the surgery. Krystal, Tad and Jake tell David to back off. Jake says David is welcome to scrub in and continues down the hall.

At the penthouse, Annie pulls a gun on Ryan and says he can't take everything away from her like this! Ryan says she can't shoot him because it will hurt Emma. Annie says Emma needs both of her parents back; Ryan agrees. Annie insists that everything is Di's fault. "Then why do you have a gun?" he asks. Annie says she has the gun because of Greens! She says Greenlee is taking everything from her but when Ryan says he will always be part of her family she lowers the gun and admits she came up with the kidnapping plan. They sit down and she says the stalking and the attack were real but no one believed her; she says the kidnapping sprang from that as a way to get him back and stop the attacks. She says it would have worked if Greenlee wouldn't have tricked him about being in love. She says everything was fine until Di turned on her. "She would have killed me, that wasn't an act," Annie says. She says she knows he still loves her and demands he admit it. Greenlee arrives. Ryan tells her to leave but Annie tells her to stay. She compares her kidnapping of Emma to Greenlee's kidnapping of Spike! They argue. Emma wakes up and comes downstairs; Ryan gathers her up and returns her to bed. Annie turns to Greenlee and says she is going to win. She starts to leave and Greenlee pulls Annie's own gun on her! "Oh, I guess I lose, then," Annie says sarcastically. She turns away from Greenlee and says her only fault is that she loves too much! She walks to the terrace – and jumps over the side! Ryan comes down just in time to see her.

Jake is about to begin surgery on Aidan when David walks in and says he is there to assist – and make sure Jake doesn't do something stupid.

Next on All My Children:

Aidan tells Zach that Annie is up to something that could ruin all of them.

Ryan and Greenlee question Aidan's motives.

Brot refuses to go to Taylor.

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