At the hospital, Greenlee sees Jack; she updates him on Aidan and he tells her about Kendall's move and Erica's take-over of Fusion. Greenlee can't believe it.

In another room, Annie says things will be fine now; Ryan reminds her that Aidan is in bad shape. Emma is brought in and Ryan promises no one will hurt her again. They leave for the penthouse.

Erica arrives at Fusion just as JR tries to rip Amanda's dress; she tosses him out and tells Amanda that she doesn't deserve to be treated this way. She tells Amanda to call a meeting. When Randi, Petey and the other workers are gathered, Erica gives them her I'm-Taking-Over speech but promises that Kendall will be back soon. She introduces two new staffers and her personal assistant Val. Petey welcomes everyone and Amanda calls him a brown-noser. Petey offers a few suggestions but Erica tells him to come back later. Erica says she wants Randi to be the new face of Fusion! Amanda says Randi isn't interested but she says she has changed her mind! Greenlee walks in, angry, and asks what is going on. Everyone leaves and Greens confronts Erica. She says she deserves thanks for stepping in and saving Fusion – and her! She tells her about the dropped lawsuits, the FDA and everything else she fixed. Greenlee tries to kick Erica out but she says Kendall gave her proxy and she will remain in charge until Kendall returns! Amanda, Randi and Petey listen at the door as Greenlee goes off on Erica; she says she can run the company herself. Erica says Fusion is Kendall's – not hers! She reminds Greenlee of how she left the company in limbo with Babe and how she abandoned Fusion for Ryan just a few days ago.

In the main office Amanda asks Randi why she has changed her mind; she says she wants another challenge and with Fletcher gone, she feels like she can do this. Greenlee comes out. She tells Amanda to keep working and answer only to her! "I'll let my roots grow out before I let that diva take it from me," she says and stomps off.

Jesse arrives home to find Rebecca there. She tells him about Angie's idea but says she can leave; he tells her to stay. Angie arrives home soon after. Jesse kisses her and says she is amazing. Angie starts on dinner and talks about Jesse's favorite meal – spaghetti and meatballs. Rebecca says pot roast was his favorite until his high blood pressure diagnosis. Angie is stunned. Jesse reminds Rebecca of a few bad meals she made; Angie throws out the salt. They sit down to eat and Jesse says the blessing; Rebecca thanks Angie for allowing her to move in. Jesse and Rebecca talk about Natalia's eating habits. Angie becomes uncomfortable and makes an excuse about forgotten hospital files. She leaves. Rebecca apologizes and tells him to go after Angie; he doesn't leave. She says she has known she was dying for a long time and that is why she pushed him to go back to Angie. He is shocked. She says she put his contact information in a safe place for Natalia to find after her death but she found it too soon. She apologizes, saying she wanted the best for everyone. Jesse says dying alone wasn't for the best. Jesse cleans up their dishes. Rebecca says he belongs with Angie.

At the hospital, Angie sits alone in a waiting room.

JR gets back to the mansion and tells Adam he wants a drink. Adam says he had the alcohol taken away, which angers JR. He says he isn't going to drink it, he wants to smell it. "Maybe if I can stop myself, I can control something. Anything," he says. Adam asks what is wrong and he says Babe. JR says he hears and smells Babe everywhere in the mansion and it's killing him. Adam reaches out but that just makes JR more crazy; he says Adam killed Babe by bringing them back. Adam tells him to let the grief out but JR can't. He goes to the terrace. Erica arrives and demands to see JR; she tells Adam about JR's 'attack' on Amanda. JR defends himself but Adam blames everything on Amanda. He says Amanda is after JR's money!

At Wildwind, David tells Krystal she wants him; she pulls away and leaves. When he is alone, David lights a candle beside Babe's picture. He takes several prints and kisses Babe. Amanda arrives, throws the dress at David and says it didn't work. She says she is done but David won't let her walk away.

Krystal gets home and Tad is waiting. He apologizes to her but she says it is her fault because he was trying to help her. She sits on their bed and tells him how miserable she is. He promises that the grief won't last forever; she says her loss is different than the losses he has faced. Tad asks what he can do for her; she says there is nothing he can do. He takes her hand and says he is there for her; she cries and he kisses her. "Kiss me again," she says when he stops, "kiss me like you mean it. I need this." They make love but Krystal still feels bad. Tad tries to get her to talk to him; she asks him to make love to her again – and then sees David in their bad! Krystal wakes up from the dream, breathing heavily.

Ryan, Annie and Emma arrive at the penthouse; Ryan says this is her home – forever. He says they all live there, as a family. Annie smiles at him. Emma asks why Di left her in the church; rather than answer, Annie talks hypothetically about unhappy people and jealousy. She says Di wanted Emma to be her family. Ryan tries to stop Annie but she just keeps telling Emma what a horrible person Di was. Ryan says none of it matters because she is safe now. After Emma falls asleep, Annie asks if Ryan really meant it when he said they were a family. He says he did and from now on, he only wants to think about their future. Annie is thrilled. She opens a bottle of wine for them and Ryan toasts to Emma. She pulls him closer and he says he knows she kidnapped Emma! "You framed Di to take the fall," he says. Annie pulls back and says he is crazy. He says he understands why she fought so hard for him now. He asks where the money is; she says she doesn't know and walks away from him. She says she won't admit anything and then pulls a gun from her bag! "You could have had everything but now I'll make sure you end up with nothing," she says.

Greenlee returns to the hospital. Jake says Aidan has stabilized but they still need to do surgery and she has to consent to it. Greenlee wants to wait but Jake says they don't have time. She wants a guarantee Aidan will live but Jake can't. She is ready to sign when Aidan wakes briefly and tells her not to sign!

Next on All My Children:

Angie's emotions run rampant.

Aidan tells Greenlee everything.

Annie makes one last move.

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