At the Canadian hospital, Zach visits Kendall and tells her how the boys are doing. The doctor stops by; she says Kendall is holding her own but they aren't seeing strong progress just yet. Zach asks if she will be home for Thanksgiving; the doctor doesn't think so. He returns to Kendall's side and plays a tape from Spike, singing 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star'; he leaves – and Kendall opens her eyes for a second!

Erica calls the mansion to tell Adam to have her things sent to the Valley Inn; he mentions her staying there and she says he knows that was a one night only deal. She says she has too much to do with the upcoming christening to move her things herself and hangs up. Adam pours coffee as JR walks in, still tired because he can't sleep in his old room without Babe. Adam tells him to pick another room and asks what he can do. "Nothing," JR says as Little A walks in. They leave.

Tad brings Krystal breakfast in bed. She doesn't stir. He says he understands her grief and how upset she is but then tells her she has to let go of her fears about Little A. He promises her that the boy and JR will be fine; she can't believe she suggested the move to JR. He mentions their friends and The Comeback. Krystal angrily calls him a fool and says she can't just forget about Babe! She says he is a hypocrite for telling her to get over Babe when he still isn't over Dixie! Tad says he is just trying to help her but Krystal angrily gets dressed and walks out.

David finds Amanda and says if she wants to take the seduction of JR to another level she needs a makeover! He pulls out a dress – one of Babe's! – and tells her to put it on! David admits it and says it was a dress he saw when she first returned. He says they have to use the dress to get JR. He tells her to get to work. Krystal arrives a while later, still upset with Tad. She asks why she keeps running to him; he says he is there for her and asks what happened. She tells him about the fight with Tad. "I can't just move on," she says; he says he can't either and holds her as she cries. David says he is having the same feelings she is, which makes Krystal take a step back. She tells him to leave her alone; he says he is the only one who can understand her. She sits down heavily and asks what she is supposed to do now. "I'm drowning," she cries, "I can't stop it." David says she can cry or talk with him whenever she needs to. They hug. He reminds her of the time he found her at Stanford and calls her beautiful. He caresses her face and says he knows her.

Erica calls Fusion as Randi is getting things going. She asks for Amanda; Randi makes excuses as Amanda walks in. She accuses Amanda of skipping out on work and then gives Randi the party-planning position that Amanda had! Amanda and Randi both object but Erica plows forward. She tells Randi to plan a party to raise money for the tornado victims and tells Amanda to start answering phones! Randi tries to calm Amanda down as she rages about Erica and her plans. Amanda says she needs her power back and that means money. "In this economy? Good luck," Randi says and returns to work. Amanda calls David and says she wants more money to wear the dress; he says she can have the same amount as before. She goes for it!

At home, Bianca calls Reese's parents about the christening. Reese comes in and they talk about the day. Bianca is worried about Gabrielle but Reese isn't; she mentions having more kids and says it is her turn next time! She goes to get ready. Bianca picks up the phone and stares at it. Erica arrives just before the minister arrives. She introduces Binks and Reese; he asks to speak to Erica privately. She says he can talk to all of them and he says he can't preside over the christening because Gabrielle has two mothers! He tells them to postpone until Father Fleming returns. Erica turns on him and angrily throws him out. "We are all God's children," she says as he walks away. Reese and Bianca are stunned; Erica apologizes to them and promises to find another minister. Binks hugs her. Reese takes Gabrielle to get dressed. Bianca is weepy, worried that the day won't be perfect for Gabrielle. They talk about Kendall; Jack and Zach arrive. Zach says there is no change in Kendall yet. Erica thanks Jack for coming; he tells her that Emma has been found, safe and sound. Miranda and Spike walk out; she tells Jack that Erica is beautiful as Reese brings out Gabrielle. A new minister arrives and begins the christening. Bianca and Reese pledge to bring up Gabrielle, surrounding her with love, faith and spirituality. Zach makes a pledge; Erica makes a pledge in Kendall's place, both saying they will encourage, teach and protect Gabrielle throughout her life. Reese puts Gabrielle down for a nap. Erica asks Bianca what is bothering her; Binks tells her about Reese's family. She says she called them but Mrs. Williams hung up on her. Erica says they will be the family Reese needs now. Zach finds Reese, upset, in the hall. She tells him she is scared about being a parent. Zach reaches out to her and says her feelings are normal.

JR arrives at Tad's with Little A. They talk about Di; neither believes that Di kidnapped Emma. Tad tells him about the fight with Krystal; he wonders how to reach his wife. JR says he can't do anything. Amanda calls, upset, and says she can't work because she sees Babe everywhere at Fusion!

JR goes to Fusion and finds Amanda wearing Babe's dress; she says Babe gave it to her and she feels closer to Babe in it. JR angrily grabs the sash and rips the dress off of her!

Next on All My Children:

Ryan confronts Annie.

Amanda wants out of the deal with David but he won't let her go.

Greenlee and Erica butt heads over Fusion's future.

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