At the chapel, Ryan searches through the smoke, calling for Emma. He comes out with her wrapped in his arms! Emma coughs; Ryan and Annie hug her. She keeps coughing; the paramedics arrive. Jesse tells Ryan they have to talk – now! He says Annie has to be part of this but Ryan won't listen to him. Annie takes Ryan's hand and thanks him for saving Emma.

At the clinic, Aidan is about to tell Greenlee that he was in on the plot but then his pressure drops and he grunts in pain. Greenlee calls for Jake and he says Aidan may not make it! They rush him into surgery. Ryan and Annie arrive with Emma. The police try to arrest them but Ryan fights the cops off! Jesse defends Ryan and tells the cops that he'll keep an eye on things. Greenlee takes Ryan aside and tells him her feelings about Aidan's involvement; she says he wanted to tell her something but then passed out. Then, she tells him about the phone call. He says Jesse is suspicious of Annie, too. Jake returns and says things don't look good. He says Aidan's only chance is back in Pine Valley so they had to stop the surgery. Annie returns and says Emma is doing well. Ryan tells her about Aidan's injuries. Jesse returns with the chief of police and tells Ryan and Annie that they are being extradited back to the States as witnesses in a kidnapping and murder plot. He tells Ryan he owes the police department a $10,000 donation. Ryan tells Greenlee that Aidan will be fine. Greenlee says they can't let Annie get away with this and Ryan swears she won't. Annie comes back with Emma and Ryan hugs her. He reaches out to take Annie's hand as Greenlee watches; they walk away.

In the hall, Colby is trying to sneak Brot out when they see Frankie – talking to Brot's mom! Frankie asks if she knows about her son! Colby is shocked that he hasn't even told his mother that he is alive. Frankie realizes that Brot's mother doesn't know he is still alive and changes the subject to Taylor; he tells her about Taylor's injuries. Mrs. Monroe asks to see Taylor. Frankie leads her away; Brot tells Colby that his mother has to keep believing he is dead. Adam calls; Colby says she is spending the night with a friend.

Taylor dreams of Brot. She wakes and calls Jake to check in; he doesn't answer so she leaves a message. Frankie comes in with Brot's mother. She says she is sorry for not realizing who Taylor was when they visited her home. She says she was afraid she would lose Brot all over again if she accepted Taylor in her life; crying, Taylor says she understands. Mrs. Monroe gives her pictures and letters that Brot wrote about her. "Thank you for loving my son so much," she says. Taylor hugs her. She leaves. Frankie takes the picture and struggles with what he knows. Taylor gets weepy because she knows how empty Mrs. Monroe feels; she realizes that getting back to Iraq wasn't the answer to her problems. She says she can feel Brot around her now. "It's like he's so close I could touch him," she says and tells Frankie about her dreams. Frankie asks about Jake; she says she feels good about Jake and might even love him. Frankie gets quiet and she asks what is going on with him. He says he has been thinking about the old days and brings up Jake and the future. Taylor asks what he is hiding but he will only tell her to focus on the future. "Don't let the memories keep you from moving forward," he says and leaves to answer a page. Taylor holds the picture of Brot and hugs it close to her body.

Zach, Reese and Bianca talk about their meeting in Paris. Bianca was drunk when she asked Zach to be their donor; he refused at first but after she returned upstairs, Reese and Zach continued talking. She convinced him to donate his sperm. Talk turns to Gabrielle's christening and Binks asks Zach if he and Kendall will be the godparents; Zach says he is honored and Kendall will be, too. Binks goes to bed. Reese asks Zach what is on his mind. He thinks back to the night he accepted their proposal. Then, he was thinking about Ian; he told Reese about Ian's birth. Reese reminds him of how they stayed up all night talking. He says the wine made him say yes; Reese says it was his love of children. Gabrielle cries; Zach picks her up while Reese goes for a bottle. He tells Gabrielle that she is surrounded by love. Reese feeds the baby and brings her to Bianca and Miranda in the bedroom. They all snuggle together.

Zach brings Ian to the family room and talks to him about Kendall. Ian cries and Zach comforts him, staring at a picture of Kendall.

At the Chandler manse, Petey tells Adam about his declaration of love at the hospital and says it didn't work. Adam says Colby is simply uninterested in him and tells Petey to keep up his Fusion work – by spying on Erica! "I want dirt," he says. Petey says he'll do it if Adam gets Colby a job at Fusion, too, so that she stays away from the hospital. He goes on and on about how much Adam needs him until Adam gives in. He sends Petey away. Adam goes to bed – and Pete sneaks back inside! Colby and Brot come in and Petey hides. Brot looks around and Petey confronts Colby about his 'competition'. Colby turns on the lights and Petey sees Brot's scars. He asks what Colby is doing; Brot turns to leave but Colby stops him and tells him he can stay and no one will know. She tells Petey to get out! Colby returns a while later and Pete is still there; he demands to know what is going on and won't leave Colby alone. She orders him to leave and he storms out. Colby goes to the terrace and watches the sky. Petey and Brot stare at the moon from other areas of the house.

Next on All My Children:

Bianca reaches out to Reese's parents.

Amanda pushes JR too far.

Krystal asks David to help her.

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