David grabs Krystal and tells her to listen to him. He says there is no way Little A can live at the mansion because it is too dangerous. She says Little A misses his home and his grandfather; she says this is the only home Little A has known. David says it doesn't matter and the boy can't stay here. David tells her that JR isn't strong enough to stand up for Little A around Adam. Krystal says he is jealous! He looks inside and they watch JR and Amanda; David says JR is making moves on Amanda but Krystal keeps sticking up for JR. David tells Krystal she better keep Amanda at a distance. She asks him to go and he leaves. She joins JR and Amanda inside; they are talking about Babe. The three of them talk about Babe's importance in their lives. She asks if JR is moving back to the mansion; he says he'll do whatever Little A needs. Krystal leaves. Amanda tells him how much she misses Babe and says Babe was the only person who believed in her. JR wonders if he'll mess up Little A's life. Amanda becomes uncomfortable and walks to the door. JR thanks her for coming to talk to him and she leaves.

Di is brought in to the clinic, dead. Greenlee sees her and calls Jake. Aidan's monitors begin to buzz and she rushes to his side.

Brot hears Taylor tell Jake she could fall for him and leans heavily against the wall. Jake brushes Taylor's hair from her face and Brot walks away. Jake jokes that all of his patients fall for him sooner or later. A nurse comes in and tells him that Greenlee is on the phone. She begs him to come to Puerto Rico to save Aidan's life. "He's lost so much blood," she says. Jake says he'll come.

Tad stops by Taylor's room looking for Jake. She says he was called away and shows him Jake's gift – a potato to remind her not to become a couch potato. Tad laughs. Taylor says Jake has been really hard on her but he was exactly what she needed! She apologizes for the way she acted during his last visit and they talk about Jake for a while. Tad says she snapped Jake out of a painful past as much as he snapped her out of paralysis. He leaves. Taylor dreams of Brot and cries.

Brot returns to the storeroom where Colby is waiting. He tells her to get out; Colby asks if Taylor is his ex but Brot won't tell her. Frankie knocks on the door after hearing them yelling! Colby opens the door after Brot hides and tells Frankie she was napping. He says he heard voices and she explains that she talks in her sleep. Frankie leaves. Colby returns to Brot's side and he admits that Taylor and Frankie were in his squad. He says he needs to get away from there but Colby says he has to stay and fight. She asks again why he is in Pine Valley but Brot won't tell her. She keeps pushing and he admits that Tad found him at the VA Hospital; he tells her about Taylor. Colby says he has to talk to Taylor but Brot refuses because of his injuries. She says Taylor deserves to know he is alive but Brot refuses. Colby asks where he will go but Brot doesn't know. He says he'll find a place to live away from Pine Valley. Colby reminds him of his family and Taylor but Brot won't give in. She leads him into the hall and says she has a place for him to stay.

Natalia helps Rebecca pack and Angie comes in. Rebecca is worried that Jesse won't like the idea of them all living together. Angie says Jesse will love the idea and goes to get a wheelchair. She runs into David, who says that releasing Rebecca is a mistake. He tells Angie that Rebecca has to sign a Do Not Resuscitate order; she says again that Rebecca is none of his business. David reminds her that the board hired him to look into all of the open cases. Angie tells him to butt out and walks off. Angie returns to Rebecca's room and gives her the form, since Rebecca had already asked for it. Natalia angrily objects to Rebecca signing it but Angie explains that the order is only to make Rebecca's wishes known. Frankie takes Natalia outside so they can talk. Angie apologizes to Rebecca but she says Natalia had to know. "It's best for everyone, especially her," Rebecca says.

In the hall, Frankie says the document gives Rebecca all of the control over her situation. Natalia believes her mother is giving up but Frankie says she has to be supportive of Rebecca's wishes. Natalia returns to Rebecca's room and says she supports her. They leave and Angie runs into David. She shows him the DNR form and sarcastically asks if he is happy. He says he is worried about her because she is taking her work home with her!

Greenlee returns to Aidan's side and tells him to hold on. The doctor says again that they have done all that they can. Greens keeps talking to Aidan, telling him to hold on. Jake finally arrives and goes over Aidan's prognosis and charts. Greenlee begs him to save Aidan. Aidan wakes for a moment and says he needs to tell her something.

Ryan tells Annie he will go find Emma; he says she needs to stay put but she refuses. He says this is the only way he will know she is safe. She says she can help and he asks what she is keeping from him – and Jesse! She swears she doesn't know anything more. "I know Di better than you," she says and convinces him to take her along. Ryan unlocks the door with the pilfered key and they run.

Ryan and Annie arrive at the hotel and hear Jesse leading an officer away; Ryan and Annie begin searching the room. Annie freaks out. He finds a rosary – and Jesse walks in! He says they have 20 minutes before the guard returns and offers to help. Ryan shows them the rosary but then the officer walks in! Ryan grabs his gun and demands to know where all of the local chapels and churches are! The cop says there is a chapel nearby and agrees to show them the place.

Emma, meanwhile, is alone and sleeping in a chapel. She wakes and calls for Di but no one answers. She walks around, looking for a way out but the chapel doors are locked up tight. Emma remembers Di telling her she would be back soon and wonders where she is. She sees a window. She climbs up a railing but knocks over a candle and a fire starts. Ryan, Annie and Jesse arrive as smoke pours out of the building. Emma calls out to them. Ryan breaks in the door but Jesse holds Annie outside the chapel.

Krystal returns home and tells Tad about JR's decision to live at the mansion. She is conflicted about the decision but says it's the right thing to do. Tad asks what else is wrong and she says she is worried about JR and Little A. Tad reminds her that even if they live at the mansion, JR still has the Martin and Carey families to lean on. He kisses her.

Next on All My Children:

Ryan is positive that Annie planned the kidnapping.

Adam asks Petey to spy on Erica for him.

Colby tells Brot he can live at the mansion!

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