At Fusion, David tells Amanda she has screwed things up and needs to get sober so she can keep working JR! Amanda wants to quit but David reminds her of the money and she gives in. She feels guilty about ruining JR's life but David says JR deserves nothing less.

At the hospital, Rebecca's doctor tells Angie and Frankie that she has refused chemotherapy treatments and all they can do is wait for her to die. They go to Rebecca's room; she tells Natalia she wants to go home; Angie says that is what they will do then! Angie takes Natalia into the hall to finish Rebecca's paperwork. Natalia asks about Jesse; Angie says he is out on police work and offers to talk if Natalia wants. She leaves, instead. Frankie comes over and she asks what he would think if she moved Rebecca into their home! Frankie says she is a strong woman. She returns to Rebecca's room as she and Natalia are talking about hotels. Angie asks them both to move into her home! Rebecca objects so Angie sends the kids out. She sits with Rebecca and says staying with them would be a gift for her and for Jesse; she says it would also help Natalia. Rebecca cries.

JR goes to the mansion and finds Krystal and Little A there; she convinces JR to let Little A spend the night because he wants his own bed. Adam takes the boy upstairs. JR turns on Krystal but she remains firm, saying that the kiddo deserves some peace and familiar surroundings. JR says Little A just needs him but gives in to Krystal anyway. David and Amanda arrive and watch JR through the terrace doors. She has second thoughts about their plans and David says she probably isn't up to the task anyway. He says they need someone who is a good listener with a big heart. "You mean you want me to be Babe?" she asks and David says yes! He says she has to become Babe, which means not letting anyone walk all over her and she can't do it. Amanda gets angry and says, "Watch and learn." David smiles and peeks back in the window. Krystal sees him! She doesn't say anything to JR, who is still talking about Little A. She says he did the right thing by letting the boy stay at the mansion. JR finally agrees with her and goes upstairs. Krystal grabs her coat and goes to David. She threatens to call security but he stops her.

In the foyer, Amanda comes in and apologizes to JR for kissing him. She says she was out of line and will understand if he never speaks to her again. She turns to the door and JR asks her to wait.

Colby returns to the storeroom at the hospital. Brot is dreaming of the last firefight in Iraq and jumps at her when she wakes him. She offers him lunch from the cafeteria and jokes with him about the bad taste. He says hospital food is much better than Army food; Colby starts questioning him and Brot quiets down. She says if he doesn't talk, she'll get security. He tells her about his squad and the fighting they did.

In her hospital room, Jake pushes Taylor to work harder. She laughs at him, asking when he turned into a tough Army guy. Frankie comes in and watches her progress. Jake has a gourmet dinner delivered. They keep teasing one another as they eat and watch another telenovela. Colby walks by and hears them talking about Taylor's time in Iraq; she wonders if Brot and Taylor could be connected somehow. She leaves. Brot walks by and watches Taylor and Jake from outside the door. Taylor tells Jake how dark things have been for her and thanks him for helping her. Jake tells Taylor she is a strong woman, made even more beautiful by her vulnerability. "I could fall in love with you," Taylor says!

Colby goes back to the storeroom but Brot is gone. Frankie sees her and questions what she is doing there. She says she was checking on supplies. He leaves.

Jesse arrives in Puerto Rico and demands that a police officer tell him where Ryan and the others are. The officer doesn't know but then a call comes in about Americans running rampant at Pine Key hotel.

At the hotel, Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan rush into the room and find Di on the ground! Annie says Di took Emma; Ryan rushes to her side and tries to get Di talking. She tells Ryan to ask Annie where Emma is; Annie says she was trying to get Di to tell her the truth when the gun went off. She says she saw Di in the lobby and followed her to the room. Aidan and Greenlee question her. Annie tells them that Di is the only one who knows where Emma is. Aidan looks back, sees Di point the gun and pushes Greenlee out of the way. Di shoots and Aidan is hit! Di collapses and Ryan says she is dead. He and Greenlee try to save Aidan but Annie is frozen. Just then Jesse and several police officers burst into the room. He tries to talk to Greenlee but Annie gets nervous and tells him to rest. The paramedics give Aidan more medications. Two officers question Ryan but when he explains that Di was the bad guy, they don't believe him. Greenlee tries to go with Aidan but the officers stop her. "Not until you are interrogated," the officer says. Ryan goes nuts, yelling at the officers but Jesse shuts him up, saying he'll handle it.

Ryan, Annie and Greenlee are jailed at the police station. Jesse questions them, specifically Annie's motives. Ryan says Annie was desperate. Jesse returns to the officer at the desk and Greenlee asks why Ryan didn't tell Jesse his suspicions. Annie, meanwhile, is being interrogated; she tells the man about following Di and the shooting. "This is a person I thought was my friend. How could she take my daughter?" Annie says, leaving out her part in the kidnapping. Nearing hysteria, Annie begs the man to find Emma. Jesse goes through Di's bag but doesn't find anything; Greenlee tries to convince Ryan to tell Jesse about Annie. Ryan says he doesn't know anything and reminds Greenlee that Di has a criminal past – not Annie. Annie is brought back to the cell. Jesse comes over and says there is no evidence that might tell them where Emma is. An officer comes by to tell them Aidan is in grave danger. Greenlee begs them to let her go to Aidan; they release her but not Ryan or Annie. Jesse leads Greens away. Annie yells at the officer, who sits down casually. She turns to Ryan and cries about Emma. She gets one of the men to open the door and runs for it; Ryan runs, too, but they are both caught. They are locked back up but Ryan pulls a set of cell keys from his pocket!

At the hospital, Aidan's condition worsens. The doctors and nurses work on him but his condition keeps worsening. Jesse and Aidan arrive and the doctor says Aidan is out of surgery but isn't stable enough to have the full surgery. He says they don't have the equipment to do such an operation, which means Aidan is going to die! Greenlee goes to his side and orders him not to die. The doctors say there is nothing more they can do. Greenlee says she'll bring in help and tells the doctor to keep Aidan alive!

Next on All My Children:

Colby tells Brot to come clean with Taylor.

Amanda talks about Babe with JR to manipulate him.

Ryan and Annie race to find Emma.

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